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Just a little over one year ago we had the incident which occurred at the Capitol in Washington DC.

This article isn’t me reiterating my thoughts on what happened that day to any lengthy extent. However, I do want to address one thing that did take place that day.

A man by the name of Derrick Vargo is now suing the Capitol Police for what they attempted to do to him on January 6th.

Video footage clearly shows that during that day, the Capitol Police tried to murder him. When you see the video, there is no argument about it. Liberals may try to justify it in some way, but there was no threat and what they did is inexcusable.

This is why Vargo decided to sue them. Here’s what he said about it all:

“I want to announce that I am going to sue Capitol Police. I’m not here for any sort of money, the only reason I am suing is to hold Capitol Police and all police involved accountable. My big reason about why I so badly want this to happen is I want an investigation and I want it to happen now. I want to have text messages from all Capitol police and anyone that was on duty that day- their emails, social media…I want to know who was in buildings possibly watching the whole thing…everyone in the surrounding area…big names in hotels… they should all be under investigation- not just the American people. All I care about is starting to put a crack into the wall of lies and shining some light onto January 6th. I want to know who was responsible for giving orders that influenced that police officer to brutalize me.”

What they could have and should have done if they were going to do anything at all was pull him over the ledge and handcuff him and take him to jail. Now, I disagree with that measure, but like I said, IF they were going to do something, this is the way that they should have gone about it.

But it appears as though they were charged with orders to be ruthless and violent. I really think that there was some funny business going on that day because we have seen video footage of police moving barricades out of the way as well as opening doors and letting protesters walk right by them.

If this was some sort of insurrection, then why did they allow this to happen? Why did they not try to stop them? Why did they wait?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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