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Things are about to get a lot worse for Crooked Joe, as the US Secret Service has recently exposed that they are willing to release records of visitors who have come into contact with his private Wilmington residence.

This residence was where personal attorneys for the president were able to uncover several confidential documents. It’s clear that the Biden camp doesn’t want people to know what is going on behind closed doors.

The Secret Service initially stated that they do not keep track of individual visitors who enter the private residence, however, now it appears that they are changing their stance and giving up information on those “who come into contact” with this location.

This suggests they have something concrete to hide, an indication as to why they haven’t been transparent in providing crucial information until now.

According to Anthony Guglielmi, the agency’s communications chief, “The Secret Service does not maintain visitor logs at the private residences of protects. While the Secret Service does generate law enforcement and criminal justice information records for various individuals who may come into contact with Secret Service protected sites, we are not able to comment further as this speaks to the means and methods of our protective operations.”

White House spokesman Ian Sams asserted that Biden follows similar precedents as past presidents in maintaining a privacy barrier within his home. He said “Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal.”

The House Oversight Committee is asking for a full list of visitors to Biden’s residence due to potential national security implications posed by access to classified documents within Biden’s home. Representative James Comer wrote a letter addressed to the White House saying “Given the serious national security implications, the White House must provide the Wilmington residence’s visitor log. It is troubling that classified documents have been improperly stored at the home of President Biden for at least six years, raising questions about who may have reviewed or had access to classified information.”

The Washington Post reported that both the White House and Justice Department had agreed before it went public that they would downplay any incident related to classified materials found in Biden’s house despite promises of transparency from both parties. There has also been speculation concerning why exactly Biden’s personal lawyers were looking for these documents in his home but there has yet been no clear answer from The White House regarding what their initial cause was when searching for them.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 60 percent of Americans believe Biden handled confidential material wrongly with regards to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom which makes it all more pressing for The White House and other public officials involved to deliver more clarity on this issue.


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  • The dumb ass had his own lawyers look through the shit. NOT. I’m sure their all clean and shiny. They have visitor logs, and also the place has cameras on every inch of Jack’s shack. I’d like to see the invoice for the fence around the compound. Who’s cousin got that job? What’s Jack’s take on that? Next Case.

    • Steve — only the Chinese and Iranian and Russian names. Nothing to be alarmed about. HA Do you think those lawyers are all going to do the right thing for America ?? Of course they think the Socialist path for this country is the right and only path so??

  • They have a lot of explaining to do but nothing but spin (lies) will be forthcoming!!!!! The scope of the TREASON in the entire devildemocommiecrat party is appalling!!!!!!!!!

    • Consider the Secret Service’s lie about the list of visitors?? No list . But, hey, guess what?? More lies by the Legal Eagles



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