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There has been enough cheating and lying surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic to last a dozen such worldwide health crises. The number of reports of people lining their own pockets or bureaucrats hoodwinking people for power and control, is astonishing.

With more than 800,000 people dying in the United States alone, such lack of human integrity is disgusting. The pandemic has exposed the ugly underbelly of human character. The latest reported COVID scam involves a pair of trusted healthcare workers.

Two New York nurses have been arrested and charged with a fake COVID vaccine card scheme. The scam is said to have made the two crooks over $1.5 million. The nurses forged COVID vaccine cards, plus entered false information into the state’s vaccine database.

Julie DeVuono owns Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville. The 49-year-old is charged, along with her employee, Marissa Urraro, with one count of second-degree felony forgery. The two nurses are accused of forging and manipulating COVID vaccine documents.

If this scheme wasn’t nauseating enough, DeVuono’s husband is an NYPD officer. Derin DeVuono is currently being investigated for possibly being part of the scam as well. The Suffolk County District Attorney issued arrest warrants for the two women.

The warrant alleges the two nurses were charging $220 for forged adult COVID vaccine documents and $85 for children. It doesn’t take a masters in mathematics to realize that to net over $1 million, there had to be a lot of forged vaccine documents floating around New York.

There is still some confusion as to what the actual New York state law is regarding COVID scams. New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new law last month. It’s a class A misdemeanor to possess a forged COVID vaccine card.

However, tampering with COVID database records is now a class E felony. Faking a card could receive a maximum of one year in jail. Tampering with COVID computer database records in New York could receive a much harsher penalty.

Upon conviction, COVID database tampering carries up to four years in jail. We wonder how former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feels about these laws. The disgraced governor might be looking at a lengthy prison term if the whole state wasn’t so corrupt. Too bad.


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