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I’m so sick and tired of the cancel culture. Thankfully, most of it is sort of fallen to the wayside and you don’t really hear about it as much anymore. However, it still pops up every once in a while and it recently did once again with someone that we all know and love.

The social justice warriors on Twitter, if you can even call them that, have decided to attack his 75-year-old man by the name of Pat Sajak.

That’s right. The Twitter Gang has decided to attack Pat Sajak because a photo recently surfaced of him posing for a picture with congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Also in that photo was reporter Brian Glenn from Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Personally, I really don’t think Pat Sajak gives a crap what Twitter or liberals think about him. We know that say jack is not a liberal in that he is actually a conservative. And if he’s a true conservative then just like the rest of us he doesn’t give a crap no more than we give a crap.

Regardless, Twitter attacked him anyway. The Daily Wire reported,

Critics immediately attacked Sajak, accusing him of posing with “Nazis” and vowing to never watch “Wheel of Fortune” again. One even brought Sajak’s longtime cohost Vanna White into the conversation as he referred to Greene as “Vanna Whitesupremacist.”

“Marjorie Taylor Greene: I’d like to buy a K. Pat Sajak: There are 3 K’s!” @OhNoSheTwitnt tweeted.

Jeremy Newberger added, “I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat Sajak.” He also included a picture of the “Wheel of Fortune” game board, with letters turned to reveal the phrase, “posing with Nazis.”

“It’s only been 8 months since Marjorie Taylor Greene gave the keynote at a Nazi rally where the organizer praised Adolf Hitler. So by all means, Pat Sajak, take some selfies with her. Looks like the Wheel of Fortune is morally bankrupt,” Newberger said in a second tweet.

“Pictured: Pat Sajak and Vanna Whitesupremacist,” @cpoliticditto captioned the photo.


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