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I hate to say it, but I do think that President Trump may have something to be worried about now.

I’ve seen and heard multiple sources say that there is enough evidence against him to indict him. If there isn’t enough evidence already, then as former Attorney Bill Barr says, the Department of Justice is “getting very close” to having enough evidence against President Trump to issue an indictment for the classified documents that were found at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

“As I’ve said all along, there are two questions,” the ex-AG said. “Will the government be able to make out a technical case? Will they have evidence by which they could indict somebody on, including him?

“That’s the first question, and I think they’re getting very close to that point, frankly.”

“At the end of the day,” Barr said, “there is another question. Do you indict a former president? What will that do to the country? What kind of precedent will it set? Will the people really understand that this is not failing to return a library book? That this was serious?

“And so, you have to worry about those things, and I hope that those kinds of factors will incline the administration not to indict him because I don’t want to see him indicted as a former president.”

Now, I’m sure that neither you or I am a fan of Bill Barr, but we can’t just disregard what he says because we don’t like him.

If indeed President Trump is indicted this would definitely be a historical and unprecedented event. I do believe that if the tables were turned and Republicans were in charge of Congress and the White House and we were talking about someone like Barack Obama, there would be no indictment. I think what we would see is exactly what we saw with Hillary Clinton and the email scandals. The FBI admitted that she committed several felonies and had classified documents on her server.

I will say that I do believe one thing is for certain at this point. President Trump will not be the Republican nominee in the 2024 election. I’m willing to bet money on it now.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Bill Barr…Is a very poor excuse of humanity, much less an political appointee! How could Trump, have been so wrong…about this scourge of an Attorney general?

    Barr, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Strozk, “Wray”…[ corruption personified}…Benedict Arnold, *Lizzard Cheney, *Nasty Pelosi, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Killery, & “Slick perverted Willie”, et al…..What do they all have in common? { Sub-Human qualities, of untrustworthy, un-patriotic, & simply cannot be trusted! { Bag-em, & dump-em!]

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  • The snake in the grass is always ready to strike, the Democrats have something on him, it will come out one day as it always does!

  • You guys are right this creature is nothing but a Benedict Arnold piece of swamp material from the very bottom of the barrel, whose just playing the game with the rest of the filthy rotten turncoats!

    “Will the people really understand that this is not failing to return a library book?”

    This former whatever has got to be delusional or thinks he is funny! Oh no, the people are all dummies and not rocket scientists like you and your inner circle Mr. Traitor; who will answer to God for his Sins! Trump declassified his documents just like all presidents have done and this is a fat “nothing burger’ that you clowns are manufacturing into some giant catastrophe for political “Agendas” and any Judge or Top Law Enforcement Official knows that is one of the first questions they must ask in any potential case before a court; is whether there is an “Agenda” at work such as political or seeking ill-gotten gain or motivating the action!!!

    But now let’s talk Hillary and how much she and Comey colluded to dispense with an actual treasonous and criminal case of using a personal server in her home for Classified State Department privy information! That along with tampering with and destroying said evidence to evade prosecution when said information was put under court order and DOJ jurisdiction to be turned over; but as usual the Swamp Members Skate! Hey Barr you want to talk “unprecedented;” this whole government presently running Washington is so unprecedentedly corrupted and treasonous, that it’s actually beyond dysfunctional and for all intent and purposes is actually “Kaput!”

    LOST CAUSE; because of lying dirt like you!

    • Handling of the Hillary “matter” was pure theater. First, when Hillary said she turned over ’33K pages’ of emails, it was exactly that. The State Dept let her print 33K pages and stacked them in two basement conference rooms. She did not turn over a hard drive which would have allowed digital search. Any attempt to search 33K printed pages would require sorting them by hand.

      Second, Dems and the DOJ knew the tarmac meeting would get out. Lynch would step aside and take the unprecedented action of rendering the whole DOJ useless, so Comey could rewrite the law let Hillary walk.

      In legal scenarios, the Deputy steps in when the top person is compromised. Hmm. Did the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein suddenly cease to exist?
      In this case, the MSM focused on Comey instead instead of asking that question. That was the goal.
      Note: Bill Clinton brought Lynch into his 1992 campaign, to bury Hillary’s conflicts of interest. In the process of establishing the questionable charter for Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan to facilitate White Water, Hillary got approvals from the financial regulators appointed by her husband. (it’s in the congressional report on White Water.) Later, Bill appointed Lynch as a federal prosecutor in 1999.

  • No one ever Pays the Price for their Crimes unless you are a Law Abiding With No “Connections”! The only difference between the French Aristocracy(which did Pay the Price) and Our Government, is they spoke French. Now We the People must make sure that Criminal Members of Our Government PAY THE PRICE like the French did.

  • There is no indictment nor will there be!! Barr is full of hot air and nonsense! To do so is suicide for them at this point!

  • Trump is at the mercy of a grand jury in D.C. They would indict him for over cooking a hotdog. The low life deep staters are allowed to harass, leak and slander with all the support of the MSM. Now, fatso turns on him. Where was he on the issue of the Hunter laptop? How about the declassification and release of the Crossfire Hurricane documents.

    • Dems and the MSM are desperate to get an indictment before November. It doesn’t matter of they indict Trump for having two scoops of ice cream while others had one.
      They just want something to screech about, and beat up Republicans with.
      The Hunter laptop is a perfect example of Democrats, FBI, and MSM doing a slow roll to ignore an explosive story.

  • Bill Barr is full of you know what. On a search this important the FBI brought about 30 members of their Evidence Response Team (ERT). These people spend most of their time executing searches and seizing material covered by the warrant. They should have reviewed each document on its own and made a determination if that document or item was covered by the warrant. They didn’t do that. Instead they seized just about everything that saw without bothering to determine if it was allowed to do so under the warrant. This ERT executed this warrant as if it was general in nature and that is unconstitutional.

  • IF that was so unprecedented then why the hell have they NOT gone to raid OBAMA! HE is a guilty as sin! HILLARY CLINTON needs the same! This is simply to keep Donald Trump from running for President in 2024! WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to sit quietly by and allow this! THIS WILL BECOME CIVIL WAR!

    • I hope you’re right, Okie Woman. We have been patient in hopes this would get resolved peacefully and it’s gotten us absolutely NOWHERE. It’s time to stand up and let this corrupt dictatorship feel our anger before they completely destroy the USA as we know it.

  • The DOJ and the FBI are busy altering and making up “documents” because the actual documents they seized were not to their benefit. Obviously the documents had been safer in Mar-a-Lago than in D.C. Hopefully there are photo-copies or duplicates of all so that whatever the DOJ/FBI say they have can be compared to an original. ….. Not that the DOJ/FBI can’t be trusted you understand!
    On second thought, maybe they snooped through Melania’s and Baron’s underwear because they thought Sandy Berger was stuffing docs in his pants again.

  • Ok Daniel I will take u up on ur statement that u would bet money that Trump won’t be the Republican Nominee. There is nobody in the Republican party strong enough to really challenge Trump. There is no Republican currently that has more clout, influence support and base then Trump. U may say DeSantis but DeSantis has said 4 different times he is not gonna run in 2024. 71% of Republican/Conservative voters and 26% of Independent voters said they would choose Trump of any other Republican candidate.. So let wager $10k cash. I’m calling u out on ur blanket statement of u will to bet money on, that Trump won’t the Republican nominee.. So either put up.or shut up!!!

  • I’ve heard it said an attorney can indict a ham sandwich if the conditions are right; an indictment is not the end of the world. If Trump hires the right counsel a trial may be when the real fun begins!

  • Barr is a useless son of a bitch that thrives on his own power gains. He throws anything that gets in his way under the bus. His is corrupt, arrogant and has zero credibly. He, and all his associates should be tried, and convicted for treason and get confined in the worst hell hole prison without any means of parole.

  • Barr is part of the big cheat! He like his Democrat buddies know if Trump gets back in that they will all be in jail for life! There is just to much proof now of the big cheat! And if they go after Trump! The People may just go after them! The Media ,Corrupt courts! The FBI! CIA! NSA! IRS! all of them ! Any judge that refuse the people to check their vote All of them ! All the corrupt lawyers that fought to keep the people from looking! Every RINO! They will all be hunted by the people! And at the very least get a good helping of the Maxine Waters treatment for them and their families!

  • the traitor barrr is a communist dictator that ruing every conservative life and his a disgusting person hope his going to jail after the best president Donald j Tmayors rump wins the election and we win the congress the senate and governors and

  • It’s all bulls***t they have nothing – bring RINO Barr out of hiding and start rumors that Trump will be indicted (right before mid-terms) uh huh nothing fishy about that !

  • Wanna bet ME a million of your ill-gotten, Soros gains, Billy boy? It’s impossible for Trump to have committed a crime, because HE, and he alone in the entire government, had the power to DE-classify EVERY document he left with. And, while president, there was no one above him who could say what IS and IS NOT classified. All the FBI wanted was the dirty Dem-implicating, AND FBI-implicating ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ documents, anyway. This whole ‘nuclear secrets’ and ‘national security’ BS is just that…BS.

  • After all the abuse by Democrats and their biased minions both in broadcast “journalism” and in what should be unbiased government, I think former President Trump is a shoe-in to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024, and I think Trump is a huge favorite to win that election. Democrats with Joe Biden have proven themselves not responsible to be trusted with running this country in three key areas: 1) International politics. Afghanistan and Ukraine have been terribly damaged by Biden policies, and China has been given free reign to expand its influence in the US and around the world. 2) US economy. America’s middle class and working class people are being destroyed by raging inflation, energy prices, and product shortages; income disparity has risen badly under this Democrat regime. 3) US rights and freedoms. The US Department of Justice and its FBI are wantonly performing illegal acts and are being used to control US politics in favor of Democrat candidates; US citizens are being imprisoned like political prisoners in third world countries. Americans are seeing this, though it is not well publicized in popular media, and will aggressively vote against these policies.

  • No BILLY BOB BARR, just more propaganda from your CIA MOUTH!! You complete jacka**!!! DID YOU THINK THAT WE DON’T KNOW YOU WERE aka “ROBERT JOHNSON” of IRAN/CONTRA running the MENA DRUG CARTEL with OLLIE NORTH aka “JOHN CATHEY”??!! BILL BARR IS A SLIMEY CRIMINAL who helped run the DRUGS AND GUNS during bill Clinton’s term as Gov of ARKANSAS. How DT ever managed to appoint this TRAITOR as ATT GEN without knowing that BARR is a completely compromised AHOLE IS JUST INDICATIVE OF DT NOT DOING HIS OWN HOMEWORK!!!



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