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On the day of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, Democrats falsely claimed that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick had been murdered during the chaos. However, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently has reviewed nearly 41,000 hours of never-before-seen raw footage of the incident which showed that Officer Sicknick was not killed but rather died from natural causes. This evidence was initially suppressed by Democrats and only provided to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) three weeks ago.

In addition to this false narrative regarding Officer Sicknick’s death, the Democrat-run January 6 Committee also deceptively edited some footage in order to support their claims of an “insurrection.” The full video footage, however, demonstrated that while there were certainly a number of people who acted violently, the majority present at the Capitol were peaceful and believed they were protesting legally due to apparent cooperation by some Capitol Police officers.

The truth surrounding Officer Sicknick’s death is particularly concerning given his political leanings as a Trump voter and how his body has been used for political gain by those in power. In fact, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) had falsely stated that rioters engaged in “savagely beating and killing law enforcement officers”, despite evidence to the contrary.

Furthermore, Carlson also released additional footage which debunked other claims about members of Congress such as Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) running away from the Capitol in fear; Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) guiding some rioters on a reconnaissance tour before the event; as well as witness Ray Epps misleading investigators with incorrect texts he reported sending from within the Capitol building.

Make no mistake about the, the Democrats have been doing what they’ve been doing with the Jan 6 Committee to purposely deceive Americans. Never before has a Minority Leader not been able to appoint those whom he wanted to be on the committee; Democrats got to choose which Republicans could serve on the committee, that’s why they picked RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The truth shall set you free! Not if the Democrats have their way.
    Nor will shadow Republicans such as Mc Connell., Chaney, and the rest of the RINOS root for the truth. I find myself yearning for a Republican party that is sincerely Republican and not content to live under the thumb of heated Democratic rhetoric. We are at a crossroads. Will Republicans bow to the Socialist Sanders, Globalist Biden or continue on the path to recognition of our evolution? Can gender dystopia really take over common sense? While it is fashionable to have a gay child, designed or evolved, shouldn’t common sense rule the day.

    • The new democrats are socialist/communists with blinders on. They have no idea what they are doing and causing. When the dust settles and they find there is no way back to Constitutional Freedom, when they are rounded up and put away someplace, when the USA is gone as we knew it from WW2 to year 2000, they will finally wake up and say, “ahhhh what happened to the utopia we thought we were being paid to create?”

  • You know, I’m just ole farm boy but why is the Jan. 6th committee dragging this on and on? What happened to the rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, right to a quick trial and why no bail? Seems to me this folks are being held by the foxes in the henhouse.

    • Nancy Pelosi has had a hard on for Trump since he was in office. Anyone who supports him will pay her price. She is pure evil.

  • For this clown Bennie Thompson to admit that they (Jan. 6 com) didn’t even attempt to watch the video is testament to the fact that they had NO intention of finding the truth. It was a kangaroo court all along. Cheney, Kinzinger and the rest were all collectively obsessed with hatred towards one man. They were so filled with vitriol and resentment that they couldn’t even chair an honest committee. They violated all the civil liberties of those at the rally. Insurrection my ass. How many insurrections have you witnessed where the insurrectionists have NO weapons? The murderer who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt should be held for manslaughter.

    • It was a fully orchastrated chit show and run by no other than the Democratic Leadership of Nancy Pelosi. Her hatred of Donald Trump pushed her over the edge when he told her she was a two bit politican. She took her revenge way too far with 4 years of harassent and obstruction.

    • Instead they gave that cowards a medal! I will never vote for another democrat. I see people who used to be friends turning a blind eye from the truth. They believe MSNBC and CNN. I watch them myself but then always watch FOX, Forbes, and Newsmax for the truth. I have never seen this country as divided as it is and it’s because of the corrupt FBI, DOJ, HLS and IRS. These agencies need to have the heads cut off at the top (Wray and his second in command, Garland, Mayorkas

  • This is so pathetic it’s hard to listen to. When she said Sicknick was hit with a fire hydrant, really, it was downhill from there. Are they ever going to release the undercover federal agents’ names that were causing and encouraging violence? The truth will never be told. Be diligent people. Brandon won the election too. Whatever you believe. This is simply another entertainment platform seeking relevance. Good luck with that.

  • Chief, I recommend you stay far away from the Department of obstruction of Justice, the FBI or any of the Clintons, And keep that Glock handy.

  • Democrats have been struck with the POWER to run our country. They are willing to go to any lengths -even those things which are illegal-in order to stay in power and increase their power. That includes the power over our Supreme Court. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS ARE REALLY NEEDED TO KEEP OUR DEMOCRACY SAFE from the true hidden insurrectionists.

  • And the leaders of the Demcratic Deception Gang were the same people who harassed Trump for 4 years and now we know placed 2 false evidenced impeachments against him. Nancy Pelosi, her cadre of cheating and lying members of the House plus Chuck Schumer and his members of the Senate are the ones guilty of Treason aginst a sitting POTUS. You may want to knock Trump and defend the Democratic actions but tell me, after eliminiating all the stuff Trump did while not POTUS, what did he actually do wrong that any other POTUS may have done as well, duing his time as POTUS.



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