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Just a few weeks ago, we told you about a major land purchase near a U.S. military post in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Many people are concerned about the 300-acre-or-so worth of land parcels that a Chinese corporation bought. In reality, the FBI contacted Jodi Carlson when she responded to this by posting something from the Declaration of Independence.

I had expressed my personal concern about the subject, stating that I was quite suspicious of the transaction and uncertain that I would have initially sold the properties to them. Something like this would be the first step in any Chinese infiltration of our country.

Well, believe it or not, President Trump actually warned us about this years ago. President Trump actually put the company Huawei on a blacklist after learning more about them. They responded by stating that this would slow down progress and development of 5G technology in the United States.

Well, guess what is being placed on that property that was just purchased? Yep, Huawei equipment is going in on top of cell towers near these military installations. This equipment also has the capability of disrupting service and even capturing signals coming from the military bases.

Even CNN reported,

Since at least 2017, federal officials have investigated Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructure, shut down a high-profile regional consulate believed by the US government to be a hotbed of Chinese spies and stonewalled what they saw as clear efforts to plant listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities.

Among the most alarming things the FBI uncovered pertains to Chinese-made Huawei equipment atop cell towers near US military bases in the rural Midwest. According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, the FBI determined the equipment was capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons.

We’re literally just letting China spy on us and pretending like it’s not happening. It’s so ridiculous. We need a strong leader and not a feeble and frail geriatric patient.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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  • Both the Chinese and Bill Gates need to be investigated over the purchase of large acreage of land that has been used for food production all these years. Some sort of adaption or change in the radio equipment that will jam the frequency to the Chinese installation and maintain our ability to protect our military and nuclear installations. We also need to know what Bill Gates plans to do with the land he has purchased or it all needs to be zoned as grazing andor crop land to prevent any type of development he may have. If we are to remain as a country that is able to feed the nation while also exporting some crops, we cannot let either China or Gates to continue destroying America. It just seems that every day we find ourselves facing some new disaster.

  • We are so stupid, the ones we elect to represent us do a crappy job and we keep giving them a job one that they set their pay and they do what they want. Some are even in bed with our enemies, how dumb are we. No foreigners should be able to own anything in the US, invest OK own NO.

    • Well, except we did NOT elect these VERMIN who have stolen control of our country and proceeded to sell us out to anybody willing to pay them. What’s more, the way they have corrupted the elective process, I am afraid we will not be able to rid ourselves of them by voting them out.

  • If America had a real honest government, instead of an inherently corrupt govt., they would tell communist China to divest itself from American Farmland and food processing companies like Smithfield. Smithfield is processing pork, and sending it to Communist China, causing a food supply shortage in America. If Communist China doesn’t divest itself from America’s Farmland and food processing, America should just take it back, that also goes for elitist snob, Bill Gates. Divest himself from American Farmland or else. Weasel Gates is the one pushing for people not to eat meat, that cow farts are destroying the atmosphere.

  • The Communist Democrats and Rinos new all along the Communist Chinese Party’s intentions, when they were allowed to purchase that much land in America.! A foreign spy should be arrested and charged in a military tribunal and Shot.! The Communist Democrats and Rinos should be charged for conspiracy and be removed immediately from holding office.! Their selling America out to China and the American citizens will pay the price if this isn’t done NOW.!!

  • One makes out like we can’t do anything about it. Send in special ops with C-4 take down the tower, rebuild the cell tower with American Equipment. If America had a real leader, America wouldn’t be having this problem. A real leader wouldn’t let Communist China buy up our farmland, and food processing plants. Lying corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is a compromised president. Corrupt Quid Pro is owned and beholden to Communist China corrupt Quid Pro is scared of Communist China. corrupt Quid Pro is already blackmailed by Communist China. What do I mean by already blackmailed? Corrupt Quid Pro received a lot of money under the table from Communist China, Hunter was the bagman. Corrupt Quid Pro has to walk a straight line with Communist China. Communist China has nothing to lose. communist China knows exactly how much money was given to Corrupt Quid Pro. All Communist China would have to do is release the amount of money given to Corrupt Quid Pro over the internet and to the public, and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and the liberal commie Democrats will be moot.

  • It is Treason to allow any country to buy property in America rent or lease maybe but NEVER own and know were near any sensitive military, factors, common sense

    • I would just take the land back. PERIOD!! No way should we allow foreign governments to buy American land OR American companies!. I was mad when I first learned that they bought a pork farm and processing plant. But now I find out it’s not just one. Get CHINA out of the country!!!!!

  • I would just take the land back. PERIOD!! No way should we allow foreign governments to buy American land OR American companies!. I was mad when I first learned that they bought a pork farm and processing plant. But now I find out it’s not just one. Get CHINA out of the country!!!!!



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