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President Donald J. Trump sat down for a Town Hall style event with ABC’s Democrat George Stephanopoulos who took questions from the audience. Stephanopoulos is a well known far-left radical pundit, showing that Trump is bold and unafraid of the left.

“Trump demonstrated enormous empathy while he debated the show host, handing a win to Trump. He was debating the moderator, getting great practice for when Biden is there, because most people accept that is how the media will get him by forcing him to debate the moderators. Trump was great at reaching out past his base. He needs to do these kinds of events,” John Mclaughlin, a pollster, said on the Laura Ingram show after the Town Hall.

Ironically, the name of the show was “The President and the People”.

A Black man who was hostile wanted to know about when America was ever great for Blacks who lived in ghettos and had terrible lives.

“In the Black Community we had the highest homeownership, highest employment, highest pay right before the Pandemic, “Trump said. The questioner pushed him on when was America ever great for Blacks? You say make America great again, where do we go back to when America was good for us?

“It is getting worse,”Stephanopoulos jumped in and said.

“I can only go back to the Pandemic, we were doing great before that,” Trump said. “That is when Blacks were making half of what Whites made,” Stephanopoulos said.

ABC was making an obvious attempt to discredit Trump to his radily growing base of BlBlack

A Black woman, who seemed very hostile and even barked at Trump, asked about pre-existing conditions for health care insurance. “It is not my fault I was born with this illness and I want to know what you are going to do about it, ” she said.

Stephanopoulos interrupted Trump to promote Obamacare and to aruge with him.

Trump showed extreme constrain and respect to Stephaopoulos who was rude, condescending and unable to tolerate Trump speaking at his own Town Hall.

A man who identified himself as a Trump voter asked why Trump couldn’t spend more time being nice, and Trump responded,”I have a lot of forces against me and I have to make decisions fast. We do a lot of things and we are getting a lot done. I could spend a lot of time being Presidential, which is easier to than what I am doing. Thank you for voting for me, and I hope you will do it again, “Trump said.

The night started with hostile questions, the host was rude, and Trump answered politely and clearly.

A hostile woman, shaking her head and saying she “unfortunately voted for Trump” and sounding very scripted, asked him how people could support him after he was upset by John McCain and that veterans were losers.

Stephanopolus said, “you said he wasn’t a war hero”.

“I wasn’t a fan of McCain, and that was a made up glove. I never respected Biden greatly. It was disinformation. The one who started was a friend of Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.

Stephanopoulos, attempted to pile on and agitate Trump said opponents of Trump’s have said that Trump was unfit. Trump answered very calmly that most of the people Stephanoplous mentioned were people Trump had let go for not working well.

Stephanopolus jumped in again and interrupted Trump and whined, “Look what you said about Mattis.”

Trump said “look, you are going to have peace in the middle east without war. I have sat with the moms and dads of our young men, whose kid has died and no one knows why.”

So much for disrespecting our military, Trump said, “Rarely have I met a soldier who says we should be in the Middle East,” Trump said. “I want them to come home.”

Stephanapolus gaslighted the viewers with the favored Democrat claims that while Trump ran as law and order, that he is President over Democrat towns where Democrat are rioting.

“You are a Democrat, George,” Trump said. “I know you are a Democrat but Democrats are doing a terrible job in their cities, I can only do what I can do. I have offered help and they won’t take it even though where they have taken the help we have helped very quickly to get things under control,” he said.

“We have to go to a quick break,” Stepanapolous said.

A Hispanic woman, who spoke broken English and was crying, delivered a message from her Mother to Trump, who would have thanked Trump, and would have asked about Immigration, her daughter said.

She asked,”What would you do about Immigration?”

“We want people to come into the country, like you and your Mom. We want a lot of people to come through our system, who love our country. We are working hard, we think it would be popular. You Mom gave us a great daughter. The Vaccines will make a difference. We are going to announce some new therapeutics.

Stephanopoulos jumped in quickly to interrupt and said, “But the question is, are you doing that safely? And we have to go to break.” And as they were panning out to go to break, Trump jumped in and “Yes”, and then the commercial came on.


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