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The process leading up to the 2024 U.S. presidential campaign is going to be exciting. First, no one is certain that the worst president in U.S. history will attempt to win a second consecutive term. Joe Biden has been such an abysmal failure; his own party doesn’t want him to be the Democrat’s nominee.

But after Biden, the stable of possible Democrat presidential contenders doesn’t have anyone with a remote chance of exciting the party base. But that’s not the case with the Republican side of the ticket. There are already three announced candidates for the Republican nomination. One of those is the clear frontrunner.

It’s the former president, Donald Trump. After having the previous presidential election stolen from him, President Trump feels he is primed to retake the White House. Many experts believe he has a solid chance of doing just that. The other two announced candidates don’t appear to have any shot at overtaking the most popular member of the Republican Party.

There really aren’t any other names in the Republican stable that have much of a perceivable chance of beating President Trump, except for one. That man is successful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. But Governor DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy. Most believe it’s not a case of if he’ll run, but when he’ll announce.

If President Trump’s comments directed at the successful governor are any indication of his feelings, the former president is convinced Ron DeSantis will be his most formidable foe. President Trump has already given the governor his own unique nickname: Ron “DeSanctimonious.”

But DeSantis, with a coolness quality that doesn’t always seem part of the former president’s personality, just shrugs off the attention. Since he hasn’t officially announced his intention to run for president, the Florida governor seems quietly resigned to not engage. With President Trump’s ability to shred his opponents, it’s probably a good idea.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the former president from continuing to be on the offensive. Despite DeSantis chastising the Manhattan DA, who is bent on indicting President Trump, the fiery former president dismissed DeSantis’ comments. In fact, the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 nomination threw another shot across the bow!

President Trump made some “not-so-subtle comments,” about potential scandals that could surface about DeSantis. Trump posted, “Ron DeSanctimonious will probably find out about FALSE ACCUSATIONS & FAKE STORIES sometime in the future, as he gets older, wiser, and better known, when he’s unfairly and illegally attacked by a woman, even by classmates that are ‘underage’ (or possibly a man!)”

That’s a rather bizarre way to accept support for a fight against liberal corruption. But that’s the playbook President Trump has used and used successfully. But will it work this election cycle? Is Ron DeSantis the right man to go toe-to-toe with in a battle of words? Every political expert acknowledges that President Trump is one of the best in history at winning such battles.

However, he’s potentially going to face someone far different from any other. DeSantis is as intelligent as they come. He will not be tricked into a senseless battle of slurs. There’s also not a lot of ammunition to attack how the Florida governor’s policies work. He has laid the foundation for success.

Continuing to hurl little league catcalls across the diamond at the opposing dugout may prove futile this time around. Ron DeSantis, no baseball reference intended, was one, a ballplayer that is. President Trump needs to be cautious because good baseball players respond to little league catcalls by smacking the ball out of the park.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is the very reason that I will not vote for Trump this time. All Trump does is scream and scream at anyone he sees as a threat. He defeats anything good he can do with a mouth of hate. Who needs another president that is out of control.

    • Mary I agree Trump needs to stop bad mouthing people, just because everyone else does doesn’t mean he needs to. He needs to show he’s a better man than they are.
      But, saying that I tend to look at what people accomplish rather than what they say. Most politicians lie. They all promise thing they can’t give you. Trump’s the only president that gave us what he said he would.
      I was born in 1942 have seen many presidents come and go.

    • Mary, tell your concerns to the next woman who screams bloody murder claiming she’s been raped, claiming the most important thing in her life has been stolen from her, that her life has been ruined by criminal assailants, the main stream media, and deep state, foreign, and domestic political operatives. I hope YOU will be the first to stand up and deny her any justice, no standing in any court of law, telling her not to be such an emotional and hateful harpy. Life comes down to substance or style. Seldom can you have both in a leader. You choose which you would prefer. In the process, think about the rest of us as well. We too have to endure your choices.

  • And Biden has to have an adrenochrome infusion every three days and it’s horrible when he doesn’t get one on time. That is, if that’s really Joe Biden, which it isn’t. You can go online, search and find a photo of Biden’s gravesite. He was executed and did NOT become POTUS!

  • It’s time for the Republicans to come together and quit acting like children. Donald Trump and Ron Desantis are unquestionably front runners and possible Republican candidates for president. They both have qualities but as long as they keep shooting stupid remarks at each other we’ll never have any satisfaction as to a Candidate. They need to come together and work as a team not as opponents. How about looking at a Trump/Decantis ticket for 2024.

  • If I were a Democrat I would not give up hope. No matter howw strong the Republican position is, they are geniuses at snatching defeat from hte jaws of victory. If Republicans were half as diligent in opposing Democrats as they are at opposing each other Democrats would not have a chance. Republicans are masters of ‘Divide and conquor.’ Unfortunately their mastery is limited to dividing and conquoring themselves.

    Democrats are trying to find a gentle way to keep Biden from running and an incumbent because he has an almost unblemished record of incompetence. A large number of Republicans are concerned because tehy cannot find a sure fire way to defeat one of hte most successful presidents in recent history. The Democrats support the worst president in history becausde of party loyalty. Many Republicans oppose one of hte most successful presidentss in recent history because he was – successful. The Democrats are deceitful. The Republicans are stupid (or like McConnel, power hungry RINO’s.

    Fortunately for the Left, American voters vote for what you promise, not what you deliver.



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