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President Donald Trump on Thursday posted the full and uncut video of an interview with 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl after cutting the hit job exchange short earlier this week.

Trump posted the video to Facebook and shared it on his Twitter account, preempting the Sunday program on CBS after complaining about how he was treated by host Lesley Stahl, with multiple reports confirming he did not return to do a “walk and talk” with Vice President Mike Pence afterwards.  Why should anyone continue with an interview that was purposed to insult them?

“Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS,” he wrote.


Trump did what he always does. He took it right to the American people without going through the media bias filter. You know they would have edited down the interview to make it appear that Stahl was fair to him and anything else they could do to trash the president. He didn’t allow that to happen by releasing his video of the whole interview. CBS has already complained but how can they argue that Trump edited anything? It was the full, uncut raw interview. They just don’t like that Stahl was exposed for her bias.

At the beginning of the interview Stahl asks Trump if he is prepared to answer “tough questions.”  Who talks like that to the president of the United States?  She said it as if he ever gets fair questions from anyone in the news media.

The president responded saying, “You’re gonna be fair… just be fair.”  When she came back with the “tough questions” talk again, he said, “You don’t ask Biden tough questions.”  And he would be right.  While Trump gets politically-motivated questions based on false narratives normally found in the basement of social media, Biden gets asked what flavor milkshake did he pick?  I bet reporters made a 500 word fluff-piece story out of that.

The host first asked Trump why he wants the job after pointing out that COVID-19 came on his watch, racial strife, etc., with an air that it was all of his doing.  Next, she asked him what his main domestic priority was, and the president responded that he wanted to get the economy roaring again the way he did prior to the Chinese virus pandemic hitting our shores.

Trump said, “We created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” only to be interrupted by Stahl saying, “You know that’s not true.”  Actually, Lesley, it is true.

Trump replied, “It is totally true… best unemployment numbers, best employment numbers,” while she peppered in “Noooooo.”  Trump then pointed out that Stahl would have never said what she just said to him if it were Biden and he had a great economy.

Okay, it sounds like he’s whining, but it is 100 percent true.  There is no way anyone who is not completely biased would say that the Trump economy, prior to the Wuhan virus, was anything but the strongest our country has ever seen.  Economists everywhere and from all sides of the aisle admit it.  Yet, there’s Lesley Stall calling the president a liar on a national TV show.

The 60 Minutes host’s response?  “Well, I’m not going to fact check you.”  What is there to fact check?  Unless you’ve been living in a cave you know that the Trump economy was the best this country has ever seen, bar none.

Stahl pressed the president on the Chinese virus, spending most of her time asking him on why he did not wear a mask or order his supporters to wear masks at his rallies.  Mainly because he believes in freedom and the fact that every adult is a rational thinking human being, and we take risks with our health and welfare numerous times each and every day.  Trump has always said if you wanna wear a mask then wear a mask.  He has never told people to not wear a mask, and the way Stahl and other cretins in the media make their statements it’s as if Trump told people to not wear masks.  The president is right, she would never have done that to Joe Biden.

She also continually challenged Trump on the question of health care, asking him for exact details how he planned to protect pre-existing conditions for health care if Obamacare was overturned.  It almost seemed like she did a focus group to see which issues Democrats hated most and she studied how they spread lies about Trump for those issues.

The 60 Minutes host also complained when Trump referred to the Hunter Biden scandal and the evidence that former President Barack Obama’s administration spied on his campaign.

“There’s no real evidence of that,” she repeated. “No. … Sir, this is 60 Minutes, we can’t put on things that we can’t verify.”  Who does she think she’s kidding?  She was asking Trump questions about things that were not ever verified.

Stahl added, “All these things have been investigated and discredited.”

“It’s incredible the way you can try and say this and sit there and look me in the eye and say it,” Trump said.

Throughout  the interview Trump wouldn’t let Stahl get away with her nasty digs into him.  For example, when she mentioned suburban women, she said that the president just the other day was saying, “Please love me,” to suburban women at a rally.  I watched that rally and he did nothing of the sort.  Trump told her she was full of it, and said he was saying in a joking manner that suburban women should love him, because he’s providing them security and he stopped a Democrat program that Biden said he will implement, that will destroy the suburbs by building low-income housing projects in the middle of suburban neighborhoods and implementing rules that would work to end single family homes.  The president pointed this out to her and let her know that the little stunt she just tried to pull is why people call her and others like her Fake News.  “That is such a misleading question,” he told Stahl.

Trump would give her facts to refute her setup questions, and she continually ignored what he was telling her.  It’s no wonder he had enough and wanted to get out of there.  There was no fairness in her agenda, and she wasn’t listening to him.

When Trump pointed out that Obama and Biden spied on his campaign, Stahl responded saying that none of that has been verified.  Has she been living in a cave?  Does she think Clinesmith pleading guilty to altering documents as part of Spygate wasn’t verified?  It has been fully verified that the FBI lied to the FISA court judge when they applied for a FISA warrant, and a judge made a statement about it.

“I did not want to have this kind of interview,” she said around the 36 minute mark.

“Of course you did,” Trump replied.  “You bought up a lot of subjects that were inappropriately brought up,” as she continued to speak over him saying, “I asked tough questions,” and he repeated, “They were inappropriately brought up.”

When a producer chimed in and asked if they could prepare for a walk and talk camera shot with Vice President Mike Pence, Trump said no.

“I think you’ve had enough,” he said, ending the interview.  The press is trying to make it appear that Trump stormed out of the interview and even that was a lie.  He calmly told the producer that he thought they had enough, and he wished to speak with him afterward.  There was no storming out.

Pence later did his interview separately in a change of plans, according to CNN and The New York Times.

The interview is a prime example of why Trump supporters love him as much as they do, because he doesn’t take crap from the Left.  He gives it right back to them, and he points out how dirty they are and low they go, which is exactly what he did with Lesley Stahl.


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