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Harris County, Texas has been caught approving voter registrations even when individuals say they’re not US citizens, according to a lawsuit announced Monday that found some of these people managed to cast ballots, too.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation stated it uncovered dozens of examples of people who registered in Harris County over the past 20 years who both admitted they weren’t citizens or left the box blank, yet were registered anyway.

The Public Curiosity Authorized Basis said there are others it didn’t catch, including new applicants.  This is yet another tactic for how the Democrats plan to win.

It asked a state appeals court in Houston to order Harris County to reject any applicants who don’t affirmatively check the “YES” box asserting citizenship, or at least to investigate each case before approval.

“Individuals claiming to be foreign nationals should not be registered in Harris County,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams. “These failures harm citizens, but they also put those immigrants into serious jeopardy with federal officials.”  If we can’t even get Democrat election officials to check to see that the person attempting to vote is an American citizen, then this election is nothing but an academic exercise.

The lawsuit includes registration forms showing the citizenship box checked “NO” and includes voter registration records displaying that those individuals were still signed up. In every case, they were expunged because officials decided they weren’t in fact citizens.

What they need to do is publicly arrest illegals registering to vote and sentence them to 25 years in prison.  And do it all in a day.

PILF says it usually happens after someone responds to a jury summons by saying he or she isn’t a citizen or requests a subsequent voter application.

Harris County’s registrar said in a statement that the issues identified by PILF have been small compared with the 2.4 million voters registered and that the registrar is taking steps to “assure the integrity of Harris County’s voter records.”  So, because there aren’t a lot of them, in their words, the cheating doesn’t matter.  Unbelievable!

The office additionally suggested that PILF had other motives for the lawsuit.

“Tellingly, the organization demands $210,000 in attorney’s fees, despite failing to uncover any evidence that there are currently any non-citizens registered to vote,” the office said.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign along with the RNC and other Republican Party officials in North Carolina sued the state over new lenient vote-by-mail rules written by the Board of Elections.  There seem to be no standards in Democrat-run jurisdictions.  The Trump team has now filed lawsuits against state or county officials in a minimum of six states.

Trump attorneys accused the North Carolina board of reaching a “backroom deal” to permit voters who cast deficient ballots, such as lacking the right signatures, to “cure” them by signing an affidavit rather than casting a new ballot correctly. The rules additionally permit ballot harvesting, or collecting of absentee ballots by non family members.  That’s how Democrats have abused the votes of the elderly for years.  They promise to take their votes and deliver them for them, but no matter how the senior voted, it always ends up going to the Democrat.

Trump’s lawsuit says the state legislature considered and rejected all of those ideas when it wrote new election laws earlier this year, but state officials have now embraced them.

“North Carolina law specifically prohibits the practices now promoted by the Board of Elections,” the Trump team said in its lawsuit.

Trump’s attorneys requested a temporary restraining order.

On Monday, North Carolina’s Attorney General Joshua H. Stein replied saying the claims were “factually and legally baseless.”  Of course, he is a Democrat.

And he didn’t stop there.  He accused the Trump team of court-shopping by filing their lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina while pointing out that other challenges to the state’s election process were dealt with in the Middle District, however those rulings haven’t been to the Trump team’s liking.  Democrats are famous for judge shopping, and they don’t apologize for it.

North Carolina Eastern District Court

North Carolina is the fifth state Team Trump has sued over voting rules.  Everyone one of them a rational case for a lawsuit.  Democrats cheat in every election, and they will cheat on steroids for November 3rd.  The other states are Montana, New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  I live in Pennsylvania, and I can tell you they’re sending my house dozens of ballot requests and ballots.` Team Trump also sued some Iowa counties.

Republicans won challenges in Iowa, however, their lawsuit in Nevada got tossed out by a federal judge who said the claims were too “speculative” at this point.  I wonder who appointed that judge?

Many of the challenges are over procedures for mail-in ballots, which Trump says opens the door to more fraud than in-person voting.  If you disagree with his premise, then I would love to know what color the sky is in your world.

This is especially true for states trying to adopt all-mail systems in a hurry, where each registered voter will likely be mailed a ballot.  It’s never been done before at this scale, but we have evidence that on a much smaller scale it’s been a disaster.  New York, New Jersey and other states have had mail-in voting that were chaotic and some still don’t know the outcomes of the elections.  Most states use an absentee system where a person has to request a ballot, and give a valid reason why they can’t vote in person in some states.  This is the very reason why Democrats and their allies in the leftist media have tried to frighten Americans about the Chinese virus to the point where they can stand in line at the supermarket every week, but they’re terrified to stand in line to vote.  It’s a scam that they’re doing to defeat Trump.  By creating a fearful hype about the virus, they will have the cover to bring in thousands of fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden to win important states.


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