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Cannibalism in nature happens. Certain animals will eat their own kind, even their young. Of course, the notion of one human eating another is rather extreme, but it happens in the animal kingdom. Apparently, it’s sort of happening in the jungle of the radicalized far-left wing the Democrat Party.

We certainly don’t want to associate such Neanderthal political thinkers with any member of our beloved animal kingdom. However, the way these progressive sheep are starting to turn on one another, there is an eerie correlation between the two.

Anyone paying attention knows full well that the mainstream media is totally in the tank for the progressive left. Nevertheless, as Joe Biden’s approval rating with Americans continues to plummet, even the liberal news sources are beginning to turn on him.

This isn’t just happening at liberal newspapers or on the far-left cable news sources. It’s happening at the very core. The Democratic Party’s most progressive leftists are turning against themselves. While it seems strange, it’s a welcome and refreshing situation to watch.

As an example, the Urban Empowerment Action political action group (UEA) is as liberal as they get. One would think that Rashida Tlaib would be a darling of such a progressive action group. She’s not anymore.

The UEA’s motto says the PAC is “dedicated to the educational empowerment and economic uplift of Black communities.” Apparently, like many within the Democrat Party, Tlaib’s vocal anti-Semitic rhetoric is sitting well with the movers and shakers in the UEA.

Likewise, they’re having problems with Tlaib’s open support for terrorism in Palestine. Now, the far-left caucus shares anti-Semitic views and supports many terrorist activities. However, they don’t like it when someone openly exposes these unpopular anti-American beliefs.

Tlaib has also been at constant odds with Joe Biden. This irritates the entrenched left-wing establishment. It’s like Tlaib is turning on the very core within her own party. She is now a two-term congresswoman who may not be re-elected for a third term.

The UEA has a great deal of influence in Michigan’s 12th Congressional District. Most UEA members are Black and Jewish. Henceforth, the PAC is trying to steamroll Tlaid right out of office. They’ve placed their support and money behind Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

Campaign finance documents show the UEA has put over $1 million behind Winfrey already. Tlaib herself has voted against more than one Joe Biden policy. She’s insisted on taking an even more radical stance than many of her far-left cronies.

But what’s happening in Michigan is not an isolated incident. Democrats are panicking. They’re turning against each other. As they stare down the shellacking about to happen in November, they’re becoming increasingly hysterical. It’s amusing to watch these whackos turn on their own.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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