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As soon as the Joe Biden administration reversed course on his campaign promise never to issue vaccine mandates, liberal bureaucrats have doubled down with his policy. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional in many experts’ eyes.

However, the threat of legal retribution is not stopping Biden or his cast of liberal cronies. One of the biggest liberal train wrecks is the calamitous administration running New York City into the ground. The blundering Bill de Blasio is engineering this out-of-control locomotive of destruction.

His inept handling of America’s largest city is destroying this once proud part of our nation. People are moving away from all over the state, but the exodus from “The Big Apple” is especially heavy. Some may have gotten out just in time, before New York City burns.

The corrupt New York City Mayor is following the failed policy of his liberal counterpart in Washington, D.C. Like Joe Biden’s insistence on federal vaccine mandates, de Blasio has ordered many city employees to be vaccinated or else.

Well, the “or else” is now the problem. This radical policy, one that foolishly insists everyone gets “the jab”, whether or not they need it, is producing dangerous ramifications. Because of this liberal government overreach, 26 NYC firehouses are closing due to shortages.

Natural immunity is never part of the conversation. Some places have even removed the constitutional right to exercise a religious exemption. However, these shortages in New York City may trigger even more widespread and serious consequences.

Besides the fire department shortages in New York, the consequences of the vaccine mandates are creating trash pile ups. There are over 400,000 NYC city workers who are unvaccinated. Many of these people are sanitation workers as well.

Garbage pickups are being dramatically delayed. This is creating both unsanitary and unsightly conditions across the city. Protestors have piled garbage up in front of de Blasio’s Gracie Mansion. These are the byproducts of ineptitude.

However, it’s the shortage of firefighters that has many people most alarmed. FDNY spokesman Jim Long stressed that the closing of stations is not permanent. This didn’t sit well with one retired New York electrician.

The 63-year-old Vinnie Agro bemoaned, “We’re f***ked. We are going to toast like marshmallows.” “It’s another sad day for New York City.” Others pointed out the building structure of many areas in the city. New York has hundreds of semi-attached frame homes.

These homes will burn out-of-control if a fire starts and there is not an immediate response from firefighters. With dozens of closed firehouses around New York, residents are expressing both their fear and anger over the vaccine mandate policy.

Vaccine mandates are clearly bad policy. All sorts of city employees are calling off sick, or using other ways to take a leave-of-absence. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro feels he knows exactly what’s behind these unusual absences. It’s pushback over these crazy mandates.

The evidence is supported by the protests happening across the city. The FDNY is still trying to negotiate a postponement of de Blasio’s deadline. In the meantime, garbage is continuing to pile up around the city, and residents are growing increasingly fearful for their safety.

Law enforcement shortages are adding to the angst. However, without firefighters readily available, we may watch as one of our greatest cities burns. If someone loses their life in an unnecessary blaze, worsened by these shortages, will Democrats take responsibility?

We doubt it. They’ll find someone to blame it on. Maybe it’ll be like every other blunder Joe Biden’s Democrat Party has made. It’ll somehow be former President Donald Trump’s fault. What a demented excuse that has become. The American people are no longer buying it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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