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Well, it’s exactly what a lot of us were expecting. All of those billions of dollars that we have been sending over to Ukraine are just getting p*ssed away just like it does here. Government is almost entirely corrupt and it doesn’t even matter where it is. They waste money like it’s endless and as though we don’t actually have to work for it.

Ukraine is amidst yet another corruption scandal as several of its highest-ranking officials were discovered to be indulging in lavish lifestyles, purchasing expensive sports cars, mansions and taking luxurious vacations, while the rest of the population faces ever-increasing difficulties amid the war with Russia.

This news came on the same day that it was announced that the United States and Germany had agreed to provide Ukraine with even more tanks for military use.

On Tuesday, multiple high-ranking members of Ukrainian government confirmed their resignations due to widespread allegations of graft and corruption. This has been labeled as the biggest mass resignation since Russia’s invasion began, with a total of twelve officials quitting their posts in light of accusations ranging from bribery and embezzlement, to mismanagement of aid funds dedicated to food provisions, as well as using expensive cars while other citizens continue to suffer in wartime conditions.

Notably among these resignations are a top presidential adviser, four deputy ministers, including two defense officials, as well as five regional governors; all overseeing various regions where intense fighting has recently occurred such as Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.

Particularly, attention is being drawn toward Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov who resigned following accusations that he had signed contracts for inflated prices for food provisions for soldiers. As this was his role within the ministry responsible for managing billions of dollars worth of authorized defense aid from both the US and European taxpayers’ pockets, his resignation is seen as especially significant. Additionally, Oleskiy Symonenko (Deputy Prosecutor General), Ivan Lukeryu (Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories), Vyacheslav Negoda (Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories) and Vitaliy Muzychenk (Deputy Minister for Social Policy) have also resigned their posts alongside regional governors from Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy and Kherson regions.


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  • Why is our government allowing this to happen? I know, Biden is compromised by Ukraine along with others in top administrative positions. When are the people of the United States going to wake up and vote these evil morons out of office?

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    • This is not our our problem nor our fight. This is Biden family playground and piggy bank. They’ve been fighting for millennia going back and forth. We have no business being involved. Our industrial military complex and corrupt elites need another conflict as their new piggy bank. We’ve lost in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We have more fake generals and JAGs than entire world combined. We can’t win anything anymore.

      • I’ve got a couple of questions for you. Is it of concern to the US and the West if Putin accomplishes the historic Russian goal of conquering all the countries between it and the Black and Baltic Seas to as to get warm water ports for its navy?

        Also, what is a fake general? Either they’re appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress or they’re not. Shouldn’t we call them incompetent and politically corrupted senior officers?

    • It is not just the Ukraine, if you examine the last two bills passed by the democrats you will find lots of pork [paying off supporters with tax dollars] and is inflationary. There are greedy selfish people everywhere. You do know it is claimed biden got 31 million dollars from China alone. More from The Ukraine through his son hunter who was paid $50,000 a month for being on a job he nothing about, and money from russia. It is suspected the documents found are part of the influence peddling and goes back to when he was a senator.

    • When they stop Voting for Liberals and Rino’s. !! Which seems to be Never. They are sending them more money to Waste as well. We need All our Money her in the USA. 30 Trillion in Debt and those Fiscal retards are sending money to Other Countries? I say Let’s get rid of the Federal Government

  • At the way this government is operating, it will result in this country being taken over without a shot being fired!!!!

  • Way to go Joe, now our tax dollars are buying mansions and luxury cars for your corrupt counterparts!!!!! Republicans want to reduce social security and raise the age of retirement because of a short fall. Social security would never run out if we put some or the money King Joe is sending to all these other countries. It would also benefit if we eliminated the cap with which people pay all year!!!!It would also benefit if we stopped giving it to people who never paid in to it IE illegal immigrants!!!!!

    • the Republicans are not trying to take Social Security, that’s what Joe & the Democrats are saying and you fell for their lies.

    • Ron read yesterday’s news. McCarthy is taking social security and Medicare off the table talk. You watch the wrong news channel. How can you possibility believe what the Democrats say. McCarthy never said he was going to do something with these two services. Please do not post something that is not true. Do your home work before posting.

  • Hey it just makes as mad as hell to see my taxes going to a country spending our tax dollars on themselves. Where is the accountability. What a waste of our tax dollars. It is time for the politicians to come to the table and say not another penny until a system is set up to track every tax dollar the usa sends there. We have a lot of problems here in the usa and those dollars could be used to help Americans citizens.

    • The Republicans in Congress tried to oppose any more money to Ukraine until/unless there was some actual accountability of the money that was already sent, but the Democrats refused and passed the bill to send all the additional funding with no accountability. If you read the attached article you can see how this all works. The guy in charge of buying food for the military agrees to pay 2.5 X the current price for the food. The people supplying the food “kick back” some of that extra money to the guy granting them the order. Now just take this up to the next level… The people in this country approving the money (with no accountability) get their “kick backs” as well. The only thing that is uncertain is how many levels does this go on both here and in Ukraine? None of the people involved care what shit costs, because it isn’t being purchased with “their” money. At this point it isn’t even being purchased with “our” (current taxpayers) money….. It’s being paid for with borrowed money, so actually the people paying the bills will be our children and grandchildren…. If that doesn’t piss you off there is something wrong with you! Of course that is just my opinion.

  • the Republicans are not trying to take Social Security, that’s what Joe & the Democrats are saying and you fell for their lies.

  • This makes me sick! We have Americans starving and living under bridges, in tents, if the are lucky enough to have one. They are freezing to death because the lost everything because of the Plandemic!! Started with losing their jobs and then their homes, then even their cars, so they don’t even have that, to use for shelter.
    I’m sick of hearing that so much of our hard earned tax dollars are going to greedy, and selfish countries, where the poor there, get NONE of it!!!
    Well I of “We The People” Say NO MORE!!

    • I agree whole heartedly, but our criminal government doesn’t give two craps what the working poor think and either do the courts! You vote against them and they just cheat the elections and hire armed gunmen IRS agents to after us, with the courts blessings!

  • All govt employees shall take 2/3rds pay cut until this boondoggle is paid back to the USA citizens., from the president down!!!!!

  • In Ukraine corrupt officials have the class and decency to resign. Here in the US, political leaders like Biden and Pelosi make millions from their corrupt acts and nothing happens to them. Which country is more corrupt?

  • This war does not concern us. We have no business in the Ukraine. Our country is rapidly turning into crap, and that braindead bastard in the White House does nothing but piss away our tax money. We better start making friends of the Russians, we will need them when the war with our REAL enemy, Communist China, finally comes.

  • I wonder how much of that money found its way to the Biden’s??
    Old Quid Pro Quo Joe bragged (on TV) how he got a former corrupt President of Ukraine to END an Investigation involving his son by threatening to withhold Billions of dollars in Aid!

    Ever wonder how Our Civil Servants become Multi Millionaires?
    Our Civil Servants ONLY SERVE THEMSELVES!

    • We hear from him all the time, he keeps telling us he needs more money! And weapons that they are selling to terrorists.

  • The US and Ukraine have been money laundering for years. The US gives them money and they filter it back to the US criminals. Biden, Obama and others. I believe this event taking place is Ukraine blackmailing Biden. They have the goods on many American politicians and it is pay up time and of course the US taxpayers get screwed. Anyone that supports Ukraine is totally uninformed and brainwashed by the bought media pushing the lies.

  • Ukraine has been corrupted for a long time. Biden is their buddy wonder if money laundering is going on too? Whatever not one more cent to Ukraine and get back our equipment for sure and as many of our taxpayers $$$ as possible

  • I wonder if Ukraine is still paying Hunter Biden out of the money the US Government is sending them to help with the war.

  • In light of this information,…ALL AID should be terminated immediately. Any aid going to any foreign country should be accompanied by a U.S. CITIZEN, familiar with distribution. These individuals must also be closely monitored for malfeasance and if any detected would face serious prosecution. As Americans we have big hearts and are willing to help but we are also being grossly taken advantage of and with politicians that do not care.

  • This is why we need to stop funding these morons and think about our own. Sending money and weapons as well as tanks and aircraft to support their war is the worst idea ever. We need to make them accountable for any and all that has been contributed to the war effort and stop funding these communist country’s. We need to take care of our country and stop sending aide to foreign country’s . They do not care about our country they use it for their own purpose and that is it they need to take care of their own business. It is not our problem .

  • The good news is that the shenanigans were uncovered and that the corrupt officials were booted out. Can’t count on that in states with Democrat governors in our country.

  • Eff these Communist mobsters.
    It’s time for, “accountability”.
    President Trump, 2.5 terms!
    No FreeSpeech for Communists, DemocraCommies and their WOKE-ss terrorists.
    Dems Fightin Woids

  • from one corrupted person to another, biden and the ukraine are the two most corrupt ones to date, and they make hillary look like a school girl.

  • Which is worse? Ukrainian corruption in high places, or dishonest headlines about Ukrainian corruption?

    I say it’s too close to call.

  • With all this said, I think we should just back off and let Putin take Ukraine… No need sending all our tax dollars to fund anymore of their lifestyle and those in office like the Biden family…

  • Don’t forget the “Big Man” gets his cut on all this loot. The Russians must be very pleased that less then 30% of the money sent Ukraine ever gets to the battlefield. This war has devolved into a proxy war between the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and Russia which is determined that no Russians will be forded into the conforming with the woke fools who run the West.

  • Tell Ukraine to fight their own battles! The Ukraine wiped out 300 Jewish communities between 1648-1657 and captured between 15 to 30K Jewish people (God’s People) and took over their businesses and forcing them to leave w/nothing but the clothes on their backs! The leader of this slaughter was a man named Khmeinytsky. there is a statue in Kiev named after this man! The same thing happened in 1919 -22 when many Jews were again slaughtered, as well as 1941 in WW2. But this man was against GODs word which says, in Genesis 12:2-3 That GOD will bless those that curse Israel/Jews will be CURSED and those that Bless Israel/Jews, will be blessed! God does NOT forget what HE said in His word! The world needs to leave Ukraine alone, and let GOD use Russia to do what HE is doing, then GOD ALONE will deal w/Russia for doing what they do to Ukraine! The U.S.A. needs to mind its own business as George Washington said in his departing speech as President! GOD Almighty will NOT forget!!

    • The working citizens agree with what you are saying, but the criminal government works with Satan and doesn’t give two craps what the citizens want! They stay in power with fraudulent elections and with the court’s blessing!

  • Okay and why no mention of the kickbacks the swamp creatures in Washington DC are receiving? And that includes the Big Guy? It is nice to say the hard working citizens won’t except this waste of their money, but who says the working poor have a say about what the criminals in our government do? We sure cannot depend on law enforcement or the courts, they are all too busy harassing the citizens!

  • So ,,,,, Perv Biden is allowing the U.S. taxpayers to pay for expensive cars , mansions and vacations for officials in Ukraine ???? I hope anyone who voted for democrats in 2020 , have their hemorrhoids blow out tomorrow !!!!!!!

  • Remember when Rand Paul asked for an Inspector General to oversee the funds going to Ukraine. He wanted accountability for our money. Congress didn’t approve it. I wonder how much of our money ended back in our politician’s coffers. I would be highly suspect of anyone pushing this funding.



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