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There are people who would refuse a visit to the “Big Apple”, even if they won a free all-expenses-paid trip. However, to millions of New York City residents, our country’s largest metropolis is the “apple of their eye”.

Big cities are like that. Their appeal is often in the eye-of-beholder. Nevertheless, no matter if you live in a massive metropolis, or a sleepy little rural community, you aspire to live in a safe and secure environment.

For decades, New York City, and to be fair, dozens of other liberal-run U.S. cities, has been anything but. During the last two years, crime in the Big Apple has skyrocketed. The insane “defund the police” movement and liberal policies by former mayor Bill de Blasio’s are to blame.

When you handcuff your law enforcement officers and refuse to crack down on criminals, this is the logical result. However, like most liberal-run states and cities, logic seems to elude these people. Their logic is fewer police officers will make the bad guys repent their evil ways.

Common sense points to the exact opposite. Bill de Blasio is no longer the Mayor of New York City. Many are thankful “Comrade Bill” and his fanatically liberal policies are gone. However, New York City is still “solid blue” when it comes to its political colors.

Despite suffering through de Blasio’s abysmal liberal policies, especially those on crime, New Yorkers still seem bent on electing a Democrat to run their city. Eric Adams is the latest Democrat to basically run away with the election.

Adams buried his Republican, Curtis Sliwa, by nearly 40 percentage points. The 2021 New York City Mayoral Election met the definitive definition of a landslide. In sports jargon, it would be deemed a blowout.

Adams won in no small part because he is a Democrat in a heavily liberal city. However, the newly elected mayor of the Big Apple ran on a bunch of promises as well. Eric Adams ran on his strong ties to law enforcement.

In a city befallen by skyrocketing crime, being a retired police captain was a huge plus on Adams’ resume. Having political experience as a former NY State Senator, Adams seemed to possess all the tools to lead the country’s biggest city.

Likewise, Adams has developed the “art of the good political speech”. He seemed to know how to push all the right buttons with New York City voters. In one of the most crime ridden cities in the nation, Adams mentioned all the right talking points when addressing the crisis.

But now that he’s swept his way into office, some are insisting it’s time to “put up or shut up”. As New York City mourns yet another slain police officer, New Yorker’s say it’s time to stop talking about crime and do something about it.

With the freshness of the slaying of NYPD Officer Jason Rivera fresh in everyone’s mind, Adams has vowed to “roll out a real plan”. Nevertheless, this proclamation, however wonderful it sounds, still doesn’t offer a single strategy for ending a wave of violence in the city.

These “proclamations” of “I have a plan” have a nice ring to them on social media, but they’re little more than idle fodder. What bothers people the most is, despite all the talk, Adams hasn’t mentioned a single strategy.

Radical liberal policies within the city and across the state of New York have fueled the crisis. Albany, New York, is where the pitiful bail reform legislation was approved. In addition, New York City’s streets are full of neglected people.

Inside this wave of mental illness and depravity is a criminal element that the system keeps replenishing. An alarming number of New York law enforcement officers have either quit or retired in disgust. Bill de Blasio even shut down some critical NYPD departments.

New York City has a worsening public homelessness crisis. In addition, they approved laws that drop dangerous criminals back on the street within hours of arrest. Incorporate a reduced number of police, no one should be surprised.

The city has turned into a real-life version of the fictional “Gotham City”. However, there is no “Batman” ready to fly in and save them. New Yorkers are counting on newly elected major Eric Adams to do that. Understandably, it’s his job.

Eric Adams is also a politician whose secondary job is to talk a lot. He’s obviously got that aspect of being mayor down. Nevertheless, it’s time to put up or shut up. But in a city as dysfunctional as the Big Apple, no one should be holding their breath.

In a city where liberal Democrats have a stranglehold on political offices, the prospects are bleak. Adams, despite all his noble rhetoric, must contend with a radically liberal state capitol. The New York City District Attorney has already gutted prosecutorial powers.

In light of the recent police officer death, Albany legislators are screaming the famous old fallback “gun control”. They ignore the fact the gun used to kill Rivera was stolen. Eric Adams may really want to curb violence in his city.

However, he better not expect much help from his radical liberal cronies. Maybe it’s time to cast an ominous winged shadow across the New York City skyline. Perhaps it’s time for Gotham to summon a “real Batman”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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