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Has the notion of a “great reset” ever triggered your curiosity? These are words spoken by Barack Obama multiple times, even since, thankfully, he departed the White House. What is this so-called “great reset”? Well, if you pay close attention, it’s happening right now.

In lockstep with his former boss, Joe Biden is continuing the liberal left’s push for a “world reset.” What that means isn’t actually what you might assume. They’re not “resetting” anything back to a particular point in time. What liberals mean by this “reset” is a resetting of the world order.

Corrupt bureaucrats rely heavily on the economic structure to accomplish this goal. Liberals are using money laundering to orchestrate their schemes. There are dozens of examples happening right now. So-called “stimulus payments” have been rocked by fraud.

The U.S. Fed has handed over billions of dollars in free money to Ukraine. Joe Biden has been signing executive orders, many of which include healthy payment checks. These checks are for installing solar panels, plus the endless pit of money handed out for experimental vaccines.

Liberals control both Houses of Congress and the White House. They are essentially “cashing out” while they have control. Republicans do not have a mechanism to challenge them. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are in charge of the political narrative in both chambers.

There are literally no “checks and balances” to keep the crooks in line. What this allows is radical liberals to burn the economy to the ground in preparation for the “great reset”. In an effort to slow the rise of “Bidenflation”, the FED has jacked up interest by a full three-quarter point.

This is the largest single increase by the FED since the Bill Clinton era. The hike in interest rates has had zero effect on skyrocketing inflation. If things do not improve in the very near future, Americans can expect another increase. Many experts do not believe things will get better.

Most insist that a recession is already here. Some think the recession could gradually worsen, bordering on another cataclysmic depression. It’s all being done on purpose. Liberals must burn everything to the ground before they can trigger their “great reset”.

But this reset will produce a world that looks far different from what we see today. There will no longer be a middle class. There will be a small percentage of wealthy ruling-class elites. The rest of the working world will pay taxes to keep them in power.

Government handouts will help sustain the working class, but they will also give the government a method of control. They will keep the majority bordering on poverty. But there’s another suspicious outcome of the poor economy and the FED’s hike in the interest rate.

There are roughly 108 depositors who hold assets in a “reverse repo program.” No one really knows who these 108 beneficiaries are. We might hazard a guess that they’re all conveniently tied to the liberal left within the Democrat Party, or at worst, the crooked D.C. political machine.

But the problem is what the FED’s rate hike did to the payments made to these depositors. The interest paid to these few dozen unknown depositors has skyrocketed since the .75 rate hike. The total of these payments is now over $100 million a day. Who’s getting all this money?

That’s an awful lot of federal money paid to a suspiciously small group of depositors. Again, who are these lucky ducklings who have essentially uncovered the “goose that laid the golden egg?” No one knows.

Rest assured, another proposed interest rate hike by the FED will pad the pockets of these nameless beneficiaries even more. This is all part of a bigger scheme. This type of uncontrolled spending is what got the U.S. economy in such a dangerous place to begin with.

Handing over millions every day is going to make it worse. But that’s the plan. Guaranteed, none of these so-called “lucky beneficiaries” is going to experience the pains of a recession, or worse. This is a corrupt plan to rewrite the world order: “Those who have and those who don’t.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Where are the ball-less republicans on this? The government has zero accountability. With payroll deductions, how can a tax boycott be established?

  • I think it’s time to rise up and take up arms, The Communist Democrats are selling America to the Chinese Communist party! And then there’s Bill Gates who’s buying up Hundreds of thousands of farmland acreage, thousands of cattle found dead, Sheep found dead by drowning, George Sorros funding all the domestic terrorism.! And November is still 4-months away. The Communist Democrats have plenty of time to rig the elections while patriots are doing nothing there’s still Dumb ass voters, voting in Communist Democrats and Rinos. America will soon be a Communist nation.! Thanks alot Commifornia, New Jerk, Pennsuckvania, Washassington, Illiberalnoise, may all you Communist die a painful death..

  • Is it ever going to stop? I don’t know how much longer our country can handle the crooked government!! If any of the demorats in Congress had any pride at all, they would have impeached this, wantabe dictator!!! We will not let you get away with the cheating again, you are going to be watched, like you have never been, we will not let you steal another election.

  • Republican’s don’t have a mechanism to stop them, they wouldn’t know how to use it if they did. We are in the mess because of the gutless republican’s. When republicans controlled both houses and the white house democrats had no problem stopping the republicans from doing what they wanted. So what is keeping the GOP from doing the same thing? Really nothing except they seem lost with the exception of about 5 of them.

  • You should investigate ” Black Rock.”

    A man called me about buying my property. He said he would give me what I wanted for it. I asked him if was with “Black Rock” and he said yes, so I told him my property is not for sale. By the way, I had not advertised to sale my property.

    • Good job! Better to be careful. We paid off our house 15 years ago, and we’ve always kept a close eye on all our finances.
      Between letters and phone calls, over the past eight months, we have gotten about 10 offers (all different) to buy our house.
      A couple weeks ago, I decided to get a title lock service, so I will be notified if anyone tries to transfer ownership or take out a mortgage.



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