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Texas has been all over the news recently thanks to the crybaby Democrats who fled the state instead of just doing their job.

Those in the Texas Senate aren’t easing up though. They’re laser-focused on getting the things done that Texans and Americans need.

The Democrats tried to hold up a vote on an election integrity bill by holding a 15-hour long filibuster. After she finally finished wasting her time by rambling on about nonsense, they voted and immediately demonstrated that she was on the wrong side of freedom.

After an attempt by the Democrats to prevent a forensic audit from taking place in Texas, the Texas Senate voted in favor of the audit by an 18-11 margin.

This is great news! Of course, it’s just hanging again because of the Texas House Democrats having gone AWOL. But soon enough, they’ll come back, they’ll be arrested seeing that there are 52 warrants out for their arrests, and eventually a vote will be made and it will be passed.

Everyone knows about the massive forensic audit going on still in Maricopa County, Arizona, but that’s just one county. This audit, if passed by the Texas House of Representatives, will be the first of its kind because it will be state-wide.

There shouldn’t be any problem getting the Texas House to also vote in favor of the bill as well since they are largely made up of Republicans as well.

This vote wasn’t just about the audit either, but it was also part of the election integrity bill.

The Daily Mail reported,

The Texas Senate has passed a bill with new voting restrictions on Thursday morning, after a Democratic Texas lawmaker finished a roughly 15-hour filibuster where she had to speak constantly and not lean on her desk, eat, drink or use the restroom in protest of the state’s Republican-backed legislation.

Lawmakers in Texas’s upper house voted 18-11 in favor of the bill aimed at enhancing election security.

Debate on the measure began Wednesday evening before State Senator Carol Alvarado began speaking continuously and wrapped just before 9 a.m. local time on Thursday.

The Democrats think that this bill will make it harder to vote as though everything should just magically be easy. Some things are going to be a little harder if it’s going to be safer.

My house is harder to get into because I deadbolt the door. Jobs I’ve worked at are harder to get into because I needed a special badge to get onto the property. These come with security. The end goal of elections isn’t how easy it is to vote that make them the best, it’s how secure they are.


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