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Millions of Americans continue to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election Nevertheless, there is a growing sense that everyone should just move on. President Trump is not one of those who believes we should just forget about the whole crooked mess.

Apparently, neither does the Texas Republican Party. The Texas GOP has passed a resolution insisting that Joe Biden “was not legitimately elected.” This new resolution contends that “substantial” election fraud happened throughout key metropolitan areas of the country.

The Texas GOP released the following statement: “We believe that the 2020 election violated Articles 1 and 2 of the U.S. Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways.”

They strongly believe that election fraud specifically targeted important, key swing states. Members of the Texas GOP believe there is indisputable evidence that the Democrats focused their cheating on significant metropolitan areas to secure enough illegal votes to win.

Democrat Party operatives had a strong influence in almost every major metropolitan area in the United States. Liberal Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally invested millions into manipulating local election boards. Precincts in key swing states were full of fraud.

Because of what the Texas GOP believes to be overwhelming evidence, they state, “We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.”

The passing of the resolution was triggered when the delegates watched a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s startling documentary, 2000 Mules. 2000 Mules uses hundreds of hours of surveillance video to show dozens upon dozens of blatant instances of voter fraud.

The Texas GOP resolution was passed on June 18. The vote occurred during a voting session on the party’s platform and legislative priorities. Texas Republicans endorsed other conservatively popular agenda items as well.

They endorsed a platform that includes: abolishing abortion; preserving Second Amendment gun rights; stopping schools from teaching a Marxist ideology and critical race theory; and banning gender modification for young children.

The Texas Republican Party pleaded for the help of fellow conservatives. GOP representatives stated, “We strongly urge all Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and to show up to vote in November 2022.” The voices of the Texas GOP are crying out to “Save America.”

Marxist radicals are pushing the U.S. to the brink of socialism. Everything, from the border, to inflation, to skyrocketing crime, is being done on purpose. They are trying to destroy America. We cannot allow it to happen. Americans must heed the call from Texas!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Showing up to vote wont help, from what i have read and seen on on the net the democrats in all the key states had the polling machines rigged and connected to the internet and destroyed all the evidence by wiping the vote info violating the rules. Mail in ballots without fold crease marks that you get when you fold a ballot and put it in the envelope. And let us not forget the democrat late nigh ballot counting after everyone else is sent home and bringing ballots in to be counted in the back door at night. These are just the tip of the iceberg there is so much more malfeasance that went on if i wrote about it i would be here for a while.

    • Personal preferences and prejudices vs. doctrinal standards and principals. This is the fight that conservatives and Republicans (not RINOs) are in with the Dems and the progressives. I too am afraid that more elections will be rigged by the Dems to keep the Dems in power. Anyone who hates America and wants to turn it into a hellhole should move to Communist China, Venezuela, Cuba or Somalia. I think they would be much happier in one of those places. And I will volunteer my time to help them pack. ?

    • We can not give up. With that said, you should live in California. I am tired of hearing about it being a “Blue State”. It is a State with illegal voting procedures. Do you think anyone in their right mind would vote for some of the crap that come out of here?

  • Now, it makes perfect sense!

    I couldn’t figure out why the two biggest Democrat political figures would both announce their intentions towards the 2024 Elections, a whole year before most would normally make such an announcement.
    They both had to have known ahead of time that the Texas GOP was going make this information public.
    For Biden, it’s just his usual mean arrogance and defiance since he is aware of his tanking polling data.
    For Hillary, she first saw how easy it was to install a complete idiot like Biden.
    But, she now sees that the, “basket of deplorables”, has proven to be even more clever than she ever thought she could have been. She doesn’t want to risk getting busted again for cheating.

  • The 2000 miles have been exposed, now arrest, book, prosecute, sentence for Sedition, Treason. Hung by the neck until dead in the public square and all those involved front and back.

    • I agree totally, these bastards in Washington BELIVE there beyond reproach and too often they get a slap in the hand, step down or a liberal judge throws out key evidence like most recent indictment’s.
      I personally believe our military should clean house and try them all involved for treason and punishment death publicly!
      I also believe 100 % they , Fauci and Obama were behind the man made Covit-19 virus and conspired with China to do so. Common sense tells you all the things this country, the world Endured back to back just wasn’t plausible!

  • Well you would have to be a real brainwashed idiot to think the other idiot that hid in his basement and could not draw a crow of a hundred won anything! And who really voted for what Biden did to the country? Who is really that stupid?? You certainly never see any of them claiming what a great job he is doing! Unless you are from Mexico, South America, central America, China, Iran, Russia, or Afghanistan! They love picking the idiots pocket!

    • Well said James. The leftist cabal were the ones making havoc on the vote while Pedo Joe perhaps was still down in his basement taking showers with his daughter. Any 3rd grader can do the math on that scenario and see the election was rigged and stolen.

      • I’d say we already ARE “really in trouble,” with an unelected, ILLEGAL USURPER in the White House serving as a senile sock puppet proxy for the America-hating Obama, giving him that illegal and unconstitutional third term he was so hellbent on having to finish destroying this country. The Demmunists are pushing and shoving like hell to propel us into full-blown Communism. I have no doubt the elections will be rigged this year and in 2024. You can BET those conniving SCUM are NOT going to voluntarily give up the power they STOLE.

  • How’s it said…..”to find men with any real b***s……..just go to Texas.” Perhaps so, but that guy in Florida (DeSantis) is givin’em a bit of hell too. This is what leadership does folks…..real leadership “does” in spite of dissenting opinions…they top the hill before his troops do and take most of the fire.” They not sit around and wait for dissenters to finish their diatribe then make attempts to win the battle. Trump was out winning all the while the left were doing nothing but jacking their jaws over something. He rode herd right over them. We, I think now folks, have seen enough of what and who the left is and what they are all about. It’s time to get your battle gear on, and go out and win no matter what.

  • You all just can except the fact that he lost and was willing to do anything to undermine our democracy. Trumps crusade has nothing to do for the common good but all about stoking his ego. Wake up people

    • The point is he did NOT win it; STEALING is not “winning”! There were not enough registered voters in the US for him to have won, if all the Trump votes & those for other candidates were subtracted from the total. Simple math. As pointed out above, all the cheat “ballots” unlawfully counted are what put him over, but that is NOT “winning”…

    • No, we just can’t accept the fact that the conniving Demmunists put a senile, mentally incompetent, unelected FRAUD in our White House with a rigged election so that Obama could use him as a proxy to get that third term he was hellbent on having, and now he and they are busy turning us into Venezuela, where they eat their pets because they are starving! Is that what you Leftist LOONS really want? Because that is where “your” power-mad “Party” is taking us!

  • TEXAS is the first of, hopefully, many more States that will protect honest elections in AMERICA. Marxism in all its forms hate honest elections.

  • It is not just Texas, here in Arizona, they are thinking about over turning the election. We have found so much fraud, that there is no way the demorats could have won. Arizona was the state that put him over the top, so what would happen if we over turned the election?

  • How much proof do we need to get it? Are 100,000 more ballots than voters mean anything? Does taping over the windows so you can not see what is going on make you wonder even a bit? 2000 mules, did anyone see that? Stuffing thousands of ballots in Suckerburgs drop boxes look ok to you in the dark of night?
    Should America be home to the weak? It seems so!

  • Makes me want to move to Texas. Since they consider brain dead illegitimate can they close the border.

    • Working on it; the wall is going up here, again. There are also agreements among our & our closest 3 neighboring Mexican states’ governors to mitigate the flow to all our benefits. Funny thing… THEY don’t like the invasions either! So they’re happy to work together to deal with them.
      For the leftist poster, YES the Constitution allows for states to defend their borders! In the 1790s -1850s, it’d take days, 1 way for a rider to carry a plea for help to Washington, or Philly, & more days to get help back, much too long to wait in an invasion.

  • I fear they didn’t go quite far enough. Not only was Joseph Robinette Biden Jr NOT legitimately elected (OAN ran a simple math equation: take the number of acknowledged Trump votes, & the numbers of votes for any others, subtract from the total number of registered voters. Not only was that not 81 million, it was insufficient to defeat Trump. But the real problem is the man who has consistently presented as Biden is NOT him. The 2 are similar, but the smiles differ, the eye spacing & set is different & the easiest to see & prove is the ears, love size & attachment are very different. This man had stood in for Biden occasionally prior to the election, but since the episode falling up the USAF 1 boarding ramp, a yr ago March, the imposter is all the public has seen. Sadly, like the real Biden, the impostor is also heavily decompensated. But the truth be told, we do not know if Biden is still alive even, let alone where he is.

  • I thought I read somewhere that Trump got so many votes and Biden got so many vote and between the two was more than the people that were registered voters and you can not get me to believe Biden won

  • Proud of Texas! Millions of us who
    voted for President Trump believe
    the election was illegal. One day
    I pray the truth will prevail.

  • Thank God for these brave patriots, everyone in the world knows the election was stolen via mail in ballots.

  • I ask anyone to explain the following in our last Presidential election.

    “Simple Truths: Trump got 74 million votes and there are only 133 million registered voters in the USA,”. “Even if everyone who’s registered actually voted, there would only be 59 million votes left for Biden. So how the did Biden get 22 Million more votes than “ALL” registered Voters ??? Am I the only one that see’s the Fraud ???



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