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While our children are still in kindergarten, schools want to teach them about sex, transgenderism, and racism. If that’s the way that they want to play it, then we’re going to fight back and undo the damage.

The comments of one teacher, Kristan Whann, went viral lately after she stated that if they’re intended to teach kids about them, then they can learn that God didn’t make any faults when he created them.

“I should be able to teach them about Jesus and how God created them a boy or a girl on purpose and for a purpose. If you have the freedom to teach my child that they might be confused about their gender, then I should also have the liberty to teach your child that God did not make a mistake when he created them. I think it’s time we even out the playing ground,” Whann says.

She’s got it right, doesn’t she? If liberals are allowed to force their religion on our children, we should be able to tell them about ours. It should be that way anyway, given that there is a God and that there is no such thing as a boy who is also a girl. That is nothing more than a fairy tale.

Teachers shouldn’t be teaching students about this issue in the first place, but anything contentious that they do teach should be presented evenly on all sides and then truth should fall where it may.

We are a homeschooling family and a Christian family. I plan on teaching my children both sides of the coin on a range of matters. I believe in a younger earth, but I can understand the arguments for an earth that is older than what I believe.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to jump to billions of years old, but I do believe that it’s possible that it’s older than 6000-10000 years. I’m just not convinced that it is. I think there are WAY too many problems with evolution, but I’ll teach my children why instead of just telling them I’m right and that’s that.

The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just homeschool your children or send them to a good private school. This is nothing new.

‘ve been saying this for years. The best and fastest way to stop the government-run public education system from indoctrinating our children and brainwashing them is by not allowing them to do it in the first place. Take them out of that toxic environment.

We’re not called to send our children out to be missionaries at public schools. As parents, we’re called to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Sorry to step on some toes here, but sending them to a place where they are brought up on neo-Darwinian evolution and celebrating gender dysphoria is not achieving this goal.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I agree, but how are you going to get the left to go along with this? They only want their side to be taught and refuse to listen any other view. They’re single minded in the left direction and won’t compromise. They don’t believe in compromise. It’s “my way” or the highway for them. I’ll pray that you can make headway with this idea, but home schooling is probably the best idea if you don’t want your children taught all the left’s liberal and insane garbage

    • Either that or remove there BS from the school corriculum or we get to teach our children about why we are born as a girl and boy no middle genda.

  • I agree with everything, but the earth only being 6000 to 10000 years old. That’s like thinking the World is really flat. ???

  • Here is another way to look at the creation story. We don’t know exactly when the Old Testament was written but what we do know is that there came a point where many of Adam’s children had stopped believing in the true and living God and many groups who surrounded the believers had developed some really odd stories about how they came to be. The basic story line was that Gods with very human qualities had created man to be their slaves. The creation story as contained in the Bible is in stark contrast to that of the people’s around the believers as it states God created man in his own image make and female” we are children of God, with a divine destiny. When you read the Old Testament you see time and time again that God loves his children and wants them to chose HIM as their God. He asks them to keep his commandments and offer to HIM a broken heart and a contrite spirit. When they do so, he will bless them, protect them and help them.

    You are correct, God did make a mistake when he created us male & female and we have missions to fulfill in our divinely assigned gender roles.

  • Top Ten Proofs by Bob Dutko will convince you that the Earth is about 6000 years old if you are a logical person.

  • Why this topic even exist tells us just how dangerous the woke Leftist group is to our country. We the MAJORITY need to be the adults in the room and push these people out the door. This foolishness needs to be stopped and stopped now. Take a note on how to handle this from Florida’s Governor. If a teacher is caught teaching this topic they have broken the law and will be dismissed.



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