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It took just minutes for liberal Dems to fire up their Twitter feeds with salivating posts about a seemingly deranged right-wing nut job who had parked a bomb-loaded truck outside the Library of Congress on Thursday.

The man said he was ready to “blow up two city blocks” if he couldn’t speak directly to Joe Biden.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen and it wasn’t even able to happen because his bomb wasn’t a bomb.

Democrats jumped all over the incident and said that it was yet another example of “an unhinged MAGA kook” planning the next “big insurrection.”

It all fell flat just a few hours later. As it turns out, this guy didn’t have a bomb at all –- just some inoperable piece of junk. He had claimed that “someone in the military” built the bomb for him. Well, not exactly. The DC cops said there was no dangerous device, and the man surrendered without a struggle a short time later.

The man said,

“Them snipers come in, they start shootin this window out? This bomb’s going off cuz it was built by Y’ALL’s people. By the people Y’ALL had in the military. Y’all were the ones to train the man that build it. He blowed his legs off buildin’ em. So this thing’s right.”

One could almost hear the collective sigh of despair from all the liberals who were hoping for a spinnable event that was barely any kind of event at all.

That guy in the truck might have been a little crazy, but as usual, it was not the apocalyptic event the left hoped it would be.

However, some of the other things he said are enough to raise flags, perhaps even false flags.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard of an upcoming FEMA exercise and even told a friend of mine that if there were something big to have happened, it might have been a false flag. Well, here are my thoughts on that.

That week was when all the stuff went down in Afghanistan, so it makes me wonder if they didn’t push out the “exercise” until the following week, which would have been last week. Maybe this was all staged. We haven’t seen any real false flags lately, but it looks like they might be back.


Take a look at some of the video that he made during all of this and I think you’ll find it odd. I don’t know whether he’s really a patsy, if he’s crazy, or if he thought that he was really going to do something big there that day.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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