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The progressive left wants America to be transformed into some kind of utopian, socialist society. First, socialism is not, and has never been, some sort of utopia. It is a system of government that subdues the masses in favor of an elite group of self-entitled rulers.

Virtually every socialistic society in the world has crumbled. Every single one, including the handful of dictatorial, communistic countries that survive today, oppresses the majority of its citizens. It is not a form of governance that believes in freedom.

On the contrary, social equity, a model ideology of socialism, cannot be realized without total government control. That is the complete opposite of a democratic republic. A democracy is a way of “self-governance” by the people.

It is the ideology that the United States of America was founded upon. The American model of democracy has produced the most successful civilization in modern history. So, why would any American want to be transformed into a failed political ideology?

The truth is that they don’t. Even survivors of socialist and communistic upheaval strongly caution Americans against the idea. Lily Tang Williams survived China’s communist Cultural Revolution. She has experienced first-hand how fast freedom erodes.

Williams immigrated to the United States in 1988. Thirty-four years later, she’s a congressional candidate for the 2nd District in New Hampshire. All Americans should heed her words. Williams insists that the progressive left’s “equity, all-inclusive agenda” is a guise for socialism.

It is the first stage of “wealth redistribution.” The middle class must be obliterated. Citizens are either part of a select ruling elite class or impoverished peasants. Williams said, “Now I notice socialist policies, and today, everybody is talking about equity, equity.”

She continues, “How can you have equity, which is equal outcome, which I heard in China before, without the government using force to redistribute wealth?” Williams is a woman with direct experience of the evils of Marxism. It’s why she got into politics.

Because of what Williams believes to be a disturbing trend, she feels compelled to join the fight against a liberal government that’s working to destroy Americans’ constitutional rights. Williams insists that a huge part of the problem is within America’s educational systems.

The notion that schools, from elementary classrooms to universities, is trying to force “equity” on everyone is absurd. It’s not a coincidence. The radical left seized control of the educational system in the U.S. years ago. They use it to indoctrinate young people. It’s the communist way.

They also promote identity politics and violent Marxist tactics. Lily Tang Williams has witnessed with her own eyes how communism operates. Once the ideology is entrenched, Americans will have to fight to get their freedoms back. The fight will be bloody.

Williams herself had to devise a strategy to get out of China and get to America. Her mission to leave China required her to fake a love for the Chinese Communist Party. She had to trick a professor into giving her permission to quit her teaching job in China.

This was the only way she could study in an American graduate program in Texas. After tricking the CCP into believing she was loyal, Williams was allowed to go to the United States. She even had to sign a paper promising she would come back.

Williams knew that the hatred Chinese people have for America is a learned hatred. China teaches its youth to hate the United States. But she insists that it is all jealousy. The Chinese are taught to hate what they don’t have. The threat posed by the radical progressive left is real.

They rarely hide it anymore. These anti-Americans are doing exactly what the Chinese did, teaching us to hate the United States. Americans must listen to people like Lily Tang Williams, or we’ll all wake up someday, hating each other.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • We should listen about what Lily said because ALL OF IT is true. I, too, came from a communist and I am a witness of her comments.

    Communism is diguised as “Socialism” which is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery (Winston Churchill)

  • The first part of socialism is to brainwash the ignorant! That is the media’s job! And as we can easily see today in America! We can tell it is working when they all echo the exact same words and have no idea what they are saying! That is why the catch fraise is the same on every channel they watch. The left blames the right for everything they are doing and the ignorant swallow every word they are tossed. Even when the left is screwing their own party the people can’t see it! Cause the media tells them it is not the Democrats destroying everything and they are to dumb to see it is exactly the Democrats doing 100% of the damage. Like when the Democrats release all the criminals and wonder why crime goes up!

  • This is why we the American poeple must stand up and take control of our country.Open your eye’s everything that we buy at the store is made in China now nothing is made in America.if we don’t stand up we are going to loose our freedom what littlewe have left.We must cut our government in half .We pay way to much in taxes & to much of our tax dollars are being stole by those in our government.the spend our money anyway they want to vote them selfs raises and gives them a full paycheck for the rest of their lifes while they take more and more of our S.S. away from us.We must take China our of our Country and hold accountable for the virus they unleased on the world



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