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Even though it wasn’t supposed to be mentioned yet, a Supreme Court Justice has announced that he will soon be retiring from the highest court in the land.

Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he will be retiring from the Supreme Court and the Democrats are wasting no time.

This is a move that was expected honestly, because if his retirement is to come at any point in the near future, he would want to do it now while a Democrat is in the White House so that another liberal can get put on the panel.

Now, liberals are all calling for Biden to appoint a black woman to the Court.

In fact, I’m almost certain that this is exactly what Joe Biden will do. Either he’ll do as he said, or he’ll just break another promise. Democrats are already criticizing him for making promises that he’s not delivering on just so he could get elected.

What I have a hard time understanding is why they think that this is so surprising. This is an absolutely fundamental strategy that Democrats use in order to trick liberals into voting for them in the first place.

One of his biggest promises was that he would get rid of “you-know-what” that is killing people, but since taking office, he’s done nothing to make things better in that regard.

But putting black woman on the Supreme Court is one of those ridiculous promises that he made while on the campaign trail.

Nevermind putting someone in the seat who is just qualified for the job regardless of gender or race. He just wants to be racist and put someone in the spot whether their fit or not. I’m not saying that there isn’t a black woman fit for the job, but his statement is so stupid and inconsistent.

We do have a black man in the court, so the black population does have representation. We also have women, so women have representation. But he want a black woman. Well, what about Asians? What about Native Americans? What about the LGBTQ community? This is a very slippery slope here.


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