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There was a lot of doubt surrounding many of the mandates that originated from the COVID pandemic. As the pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans wanes, the truth is becoming clear. Most of the mandates were bureaucratic power grabs by fearful politicians.

It’s now become obvious. One of the most questionable guidelines was forcing children to wear masks. Not only were kids only minimally susceptible to COVID-19 in the first place, masking them was useless. Masks, unless you wore a WWI gas mask, were worthless.

Masks didn’t prevent the spread of the virus. A mask didn’t keep you from getting COVID-19. Children were weak spreaders of the virus and were minimally susceptible. Mandatory masks for all children were an even crazier idea than masks for adults.

From early in the pandemic, masks were little more than political theater. It’s sad, because these masks have damaged our children. The full extent of this damage created by hiding human emotions and curtailing emotional development may not be fully realized for decades.

But there’s another side to these crazy mask mandates, especially those placed on small children. Everyone across the planet has been essentially forced to cover up their faces. But why would that be such a big deal?

We go back to the psychological effects caused by the removal of visible facial signals. People use facial expressions to convey an endless number of emotions. Kids learn valuable social skills by looking at one another. That was stolen during COVID.

Much more has been stolen as well. In some places, because there’s no poorly tested, government-mandated medicine yet available for kids, officials think kids should be masked. So, children under five years old must wear a mask, despite all the reasons not to wear one.

New York Mayor Eric Adams continues to advocate for this senseless, ritualistic form of child abuse. It’s both unnecessary and a form of child abuse. Another form of child abuse is putting a toddler “under the bright lights” interrogation style.

In fact, that is exactly what it is. In California, another state full of tyrannical liberal leaders, officials took it a step further. California is attacking preschoolers like an inquisition. The California Department of Social Services recently raided a San Diego preschool.

The Aspen Leaf Preschool informed parents that masks for their children were optional. That’s the way it is in most places around the country. It’s also the only common-sense approach. If a parent wants their child to wear a mask, fine. That’s the parent’s choice.

But that’s not how the California DSS thinks. They went into the Aspen Leaf facility and began to interrogate children. These kids were cornered and forced to answer questions about who told them they didn’t need to wear a mask. There are laws against this type of action.

The laws strictly prevent anyone, for any reason, from interrogating a minor without parental consent. But these liberal tyrants do whatever they want. It’s no different from seeing an elected official order a mask mandate and then getting caught parading around without one on.

This raid on toddlers happened back in January. The investigators cited Aspen Leaf with a Type-A violation. Under California’s rigid COVID-19 restrictions, Type-A violations can be grounds for closing a business permanently.

Aspen Leaf was forced to comply. That’s all it’s ever been about; compliance. Aspen Leaf suddenly reversed their mask guidelines. The children now had to wear a mask regardless of whether the parents wanted them to or not.

Thankfully, most of these senseless mask mandates are dying a gradual death. Children in California won’t have to wear a mask after March 11. Most of the nation has already made the “scientific” right decision. But like their leaders, Californians are a little slow to wake up.

However, this issue goes beyond an argument about mask mandates. This is a state-run agency raiding a preschool to enforce rules. How far will these government control freaks go? When will Americans draw the line? What will the next reason be for encroaching on freedom?

This is more dangerous than one might think. The next step is a Marxist-style society where the government can do what they want to whomever they like. If Americans continue to allow these types of things to happen, we will soon regret it. We’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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