Stacey Abrams’ relationship with the Democratic Party has ended. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the party is ready to move on from Abrams after her aide blamed others for her eight-point loss in the recent election. The aide’s comments were described as a “delusional rant” by a Democratic consultant.

The consultant also said that Abrams seemed more concerned with approval from the Manhattan cocktail circuit, while Warnock was focused on the people of Georgia. Therefore, state Democrats are ready to move on from Abrams.

Since losing the governor’s race to Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams has avoided the spotlight. However, her top aide, Lauren Groh-Wargo, posted a lengthy rant on social media just as the Democratic Party was celebrating the victory of U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock in the runoff election.

Groh-Wargo’s rant claimed that Abrams was a political martyr whose efforts paved the way for Warnock’s victory. This came as a surprise to the Democratic Party, who are now ready to move on from Abrams.

The AJC reported,

Many Democrats privately grumbled about the timing and tone of the tweets, in which Groh-Wargo cast Abrams as a martyr whose work set the stage for Warnock’s victory.

“What @staceyabrams created to lift up voters of color, defend democracy & help other leaders became a launching pad for some & her millstone- weighing down her numbers & costing her the election of 2022,” Groh-Wargo wrote.

She also credited Abrams with helping to recruit Warnock to compete in the 2020 special election for U.S. Senate. Abrams had passed on a bid despite the urging of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other party officials, helping to clear the field for Warnock before he announced in January 2020.

Abrams and Warnock, longtime personal friends, ran vastly different campaigns this cycle. Abrams embraced Joe Biden and emphasized support for liberal policies, while Warnock steered clear of the president and highlighted his work across bipartisan lines to appeal to swing voters.


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    they will drag the goon out of moth balls sooner or later!

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  • Stacy Abrams. A person of color who uses color to gain anything possible without work. An underachiever who couldn’t even pass affirmative action remedial school programs.

      • Kevin, as far as I know white is a color!!!!! I am more beige myself but skin color doesn’t matter to me, I subscribe to the Martin Luther King school of what matters is conduct of character and abrams has shown she is as dark and ugly on the inside as she is on the outside!!!!! A “martyr”??????? That is beyond ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agree with Y’all here! That useless load of trash was as I recall sitting surrounded with a group of elementary school children all up close; and while every child had a mask on this beast had no mask because it was too good a publicity stunt which is all she used to be doing!
    She was and would be a tyrant and only one of those elitists that says do as I say not as I do!
    It’s called a Bigot and she has that covered in more ways than one!



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