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Joe Biden lies every time he opens his mouth, so the job of picking his six worst is a daunting task. But, nonetheless, Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart has undertaken the assignment. She is just much more polite than I am, as she calls his lies ‘misleading claims.’

  1. Biden Falsely Claimed He Marched in the Civil Rights Movement in 1987. In 1987, during the primaries, Joe Biden made the claim that he marched in the civil rights protests. If he did, he was marching for the other side. Even though his own advisers reminded him time and time again that he did not take part in the protests, he continues to lie about it.

2. Joe Biden Falsely Claimed He Saved Millions of Lives from Ebola. During the South Carolina debate, Biden made the absurd claim that he saved millions of lives during the Ebola scare.

Biden said:

“What we did with Ebola—I was part of making sure that pandemic did not get to the United States, saved millions of lives. And what we did, we set up, I helped set up that office in the presidency, in the president’s office, on diseases that are pandemic diseases.” 

“We increased the budget of the CDC. I increased the NIH budget. We should—and our president today—and he’s wiped all that out. I did it. We stopped it.”

Biden kept calling Ebola a pandemic. It was never a pandemic. A pandemic is a disease that has infected the entire world. But only 2 cases of Ebola were contracted in the United States. They both died. So how did he save millions of lives? Ebola killed a total of 11,323 worldwide. 98% of those deaths were in Africa.

3. Biden Falsely Claimed He Created “Shovel-Ready Jobs”. Biden delivered a speech in New Castle, Delaware in 2020 in which he claimed that he had been in charge of the 800 billion dollars plus stimulus package but that was deemed a complete failure.

Biden said:

When we usually talk about job packages, there’s a big push on ‘shovel-ready jobs. I’m the guy, as you may remember [who] managed the Recovery Act of 800-plus billion dollars. I always focused on ‘shovel-ready jobs,’ what we could do immediately, to get the money out in communities.

In 2010 Obama admitted that there were no shovel ready jobs.

4  Biden Falsely Claimed He Defeated ISIS. Joe Biden claimed during a debate that he brought together 68 countries to defeat ISIS before Trump even became president. The following map shows the size of ISIS during the Obama/Biden administration in light brown. The territory they held as of 2018 is in dark brown.

Islamic State and the crisis in Iraq and Syria in maps - BBC News

By late 2019, ISIS was virtually wiped out, but during the Biden years, ISIS was still going strong. Biden must think his supporters are stupid, Well, they are. Otherwise they would be voting for Trump.

Biden said:

“I was part of the coalition that put together 68 counties to deal with stateless terror as well as failed states. Not us alone, 68 other countries, that’s how we were able to defeat and end the caliphate [of ] ISIS.”

5 Biden Falsely Claimed over 120 Million Dead from the Coronavirus. Way back in July, Joe Biden claimed that there were 120 million dead Americans from the pandemic. That is 1,000 times more than were actually dead at the time.

6 Biden Falsely Claimed His Deceased Son Was the U.S. Attorney General.

Biden delivered remarks at a CNN town hall event where he claimed his deceased son Beau Biden was the attorney general of the United States.

Only problem is, that position was held by the likes of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch during the Obama administration. Beau Biden served as Delaware’s attorney general.

“My son—my deceased son—was the Attorney General of the United States and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in
one of the largest office’s [sic] in the country in Philadelphia,” Biden said.

For more of Biden’s misleading claims contained in The Quotable Joe, you can purchase the book here.


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