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A new poll has been released that shows what it is that Americans care about most and Democrats have a lot to be worried about.

A CBS News poll found that nearly two thirds of Americans said that the “national economy” was “bad,” which they blame on skyrocketing inflation rates and gas prices:

Higher prices are leading people to say they’re making cutbacks, especially on more discretionary items like entertainment and travel. (That may, of course, have a wider impact on the economy later.) About half are cutting back on food and groceries, and this is especially the case among those with lower incomes. … Biden gets his lowest approval ratings on the economy and inflation. And on gas prices specifically, most think he could be doing more to lower them. Nearly all Republicans share this view. They believe his policies are doing “a lot” to contribute to higher gas prices.

The other one-third of the people who didn’t agree are idiots or liars. There is absolutely no denying, and I mean NO denying that our economy is bad right now. Mortgage interest rates are skyrocketing, gas prices are out of this world, grocery prices are up. Everything now costs more than it did one year ago and we can only thank the Democrats and especially Joe Biden for adding fuel to the fire.

However, in the poll, the issues that people cared about the most were the economy and inflation. Then the next thing was crime, followed by the Russian/Ukrainian war, and then immigration. And wouldn’t you know it, Joe Biden does not have high marks on any of these issues according to the poll.

Why on earth people think we need to care so much about other countries rather than our own still confuses me though. What are they wanting? Are they wanting us to start World War III? because that’s exactly what would happen. There isn’t much that we can be doing besides watching and waiting for this to be over on May 9th.

So if you ask me what’s to happen this coming election, if it’s fair, Republicans will win easily.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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