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Adam Schiff, who is by far the most polarizing partisan representative, is a fierce opponent of President Trump and a proponent of many outrageous conspiracy theories. He had been using his position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to leak information to the press in an effort to damage the reputation of the President and other Republicans. Now with Democrats out of power in the House, Schiff has hinted at possibly running for US Senate when Dianne Feinstein retires.

During an interview over the weekend, Adam Schiff said that he was seriously considering running for the Senate when Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is now 89 years old, eventually retires. In 2021, Feinstein filed the necessary paperwork to run for re-election in 2024, indicating that she may still be planning on staying on in her post. I think you and I would agree that what would really be best is if both of these liberals nuts leave office and don’t come back.

Schiff said, “Well, I’m not usually asked the question in that form. You know, look, I am getting a lot of encouragement to run for the Senate from people in California and colleagues here in Congress. If Senator Feinstein retires, then I will give it very serious consideration. You know, at this point, I think we’re waiting to see what Senator Feinstein has to say about her plans, but yes, it is something I’m giving serious consideration to.”

Adam Schiff’s potential candidacy for US Senate is concerning. His past behavior while leading the House Intelligence Committee and his willingness to leak information in order to smear President Trump and other Republicans is troubling. If elected as Senator, there is a legitimate fear that he could continue to push certain agendas without any regard for facts or even democracy itself, which would only lead to further division within Congress.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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  • I don’t know how anybody can trust Schiff. To me he always has a facial expression like “the cat that ate the canary”.

  • We know the people in his district are totally nuts but is that true of the entire state? Schiff is a liar and a leaker who has yet to show us the “conclusive proof” of Trump-Russia collusion!!

    • “Land of fruits & nuts” voted for Feinstein, Newsome, etc. So, what is the definition of insanity?

    • He’s my liar so Ill vote for him. Its simple. Stage a coup against President Trump?? Ill vote for him. Kill babies just out of the womb? Right, I’ll vote for him. Who are these people?

    • I hope the Republican majority goes after him with all of the power that they have. This lowlife needs to be in prison.

  • No one since Joe Biden has been wrong on so many issues, so corrupt, so compromised, and in the pocket of our enemies. Unfortunately, in the Democrat Party, that means at some point they’ll have him running to be President.

    • EXACTLY!!! A 4×8 cell in the rat infested basement of Leavenworth and a walk in the yard only once every quarter

  • Adam Schiff is the most dishonest politician that this country has ever had. I have no idea how he can win re-election legally over and over again unless the elections are rigged or his constituents are the stupidest people in this country. This man should be in prison for treason ten times over.

    • Feinstein is as corrupt as Shitft. She found? a letter (composed by?) that would kill a Supreme ct nominee. Just pulled it out at the last moment. Huh?

  • He is a piece of shit and a horrible liar. Always starting something, never seems to attack the insider trading that Nancy and paul did, or any of the many other things that are taking place in Congress or Senate. They need to work for the people of America instead of filling thier pockets for themselves. I do not care for this administration, bunch of cheating thugs. They do not care about legal Americans, they use us for slaves. We work ,pay taxes and they are constantly upBitch for them someday. Hope I live long enough to see it.

    • It took twenty years for our government to fall so far and we the voters allowed them to do it by not paying attention. The evil sneaky habit of stealing states right one by one every year. We the voters treated them like play boys and move stars and now they think they are playboys and movie stars. Drain the swamp. Cut the escalating pensions. Pass term limits. Return states rights to the states. Banish K street to a city in Podunk. Fire all the lawyers. Seems every failed or hot shot lawyer becomes a politician because that’s where the money is. Ask Biden. It wasn’t enough for Joe, he tapped China and Ukraine.

  • the only thing this creep should be running for, is the hole to hide in when trump gets reelected president.

  • Pls,Please, Do us all a favor and both of you quit! Both of you are two anchors on every Americans neck . Both of you are prime candidates as to why we need term limits asap!

  • Please tell me how/why he has gotten away with all of his libels/slanders over the years! Why has he not been impeached by the GOP?

  • Schiff is the only one that believes his lies! I wonder just how much drugs he uses in his life! This FIRST CLASS FOOL really believes all the lies and stories he makes up in his own head! What’s even worse are the MIND LESS FOOLS THAT BELIEVE HIM! THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS COME TO NO WONDER WE ARE SINKING SO FAST!

  • Trump made his own bed without any democrat’s help. Sorry but I felt your article was was par for the republican standard, which sorry to say I didn’t get anything from it!!

  • Schiff will be lucky if he doesn’t find himself hanging from the freeway overpass wondering how it happened to him! But I am sure if Feinstein quits she will make sure she gives him her Chinees spy driver! That would just show how corrupt California is! Those have to be the absolute dumbest people on the planet! Soon they will all be wearing a big sign that say’s screw me!

  • When the Republicans do a real investigation on the J6 Committee and reveal the lies and shenanigans committed by this lying treasonous politician, Americans want to see some accountability like impeachment and/or jail time for this disgraceful individual.

  • From one old scag to another. WTF is wrong in Crapifornia that they keep electing the worst of the worst?

  • The sad part is the fools that elected Dianne Feinstein will do the same thing with Shifty Schiff. They apparently like useless politicians that do nothing but help themselves to the taxpayer’s money.

  • Schiff is endemic of the Democrat party, they cancelled religion some time ago so therefore they have no morals or integrity to their soul. Lying straight faced to a camera comes naturally as there is no penalty for doing so. Look at Biden another shining example, the country is dissolving from his bizarre lies and actions, truly stunning and yet the media makes him out to be a saint. Troubled times ahead folks.

  • If you look like a weasel, act like a weasel you must be a weasel!!! Going to be nice when the truth is exposed and they are exterminated as treasonous traders!!

  • Schiff makes Feinstein appear angelic. A terrible move for our nation regarding the replacement of Feinstein with Schiff needs no explanation. He has shown his treacherous, lying and deceitful self over and over again.

  • Bolshevik Schiff will probably land himself a job on Cnn as a political commentator. CNN only hires the best. The best pathological liars money can buy.

  • Question: Did Schiff ever tell his House colleagues that he had hard evidence that Trump did certain things while on the Chamber floors or in statements in the House? Or was it only to us citizens via the press? If so, could that be seen as lying to Congress? I mean he never produced that person that was the ‘proof’. Would it be a criminal offense if he did so? Or at least force him to reveal who his ‘proof’ was?

    This squirrel of a human being needs to be disbarred and locked out of ANY position in government. He’s not fit to clean the bathrooms in the local dog pound.



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