Sen. Mitt Romney is once again making headlines for his actions that go against his Republican colleagues. This time, Romney has condemned the Republican-controlled House for launching investigations into Hunter Biden. In an interview with The Bulwark, Romney stated that he believes these investigations are a waste of time and resources.

But Romney’s comments are hypocritical, considering his own connection to Hunter Biden. It was previously revealed that Romney’s top advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, was on the board of Burisma Holdings while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board. This alone should make Romney hesitant to criticize investigations into Hunter Biden.

In May of 2021, Romney was one of six Republican Senators to vote in favor of the bill that created the January 6 Committee, which was tasked with investigating the events of the Capitol riots. This shows that Romney is all for investigations, as long as they don’t involve individuals with whom he has a connection.

Romney’s comments come after Republican members of the Oversight and Reform Committee vowed to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings involving his father, Joe Biden. In response to these upcoming House investigations, Hunter Biden is reportedly planning to go on the offensive and is preparing to sue Fox News, Eric Trump, and Rudy Giuliani for defamation.

It’s clear that Romney is no longer the face of the Republican party, and that the party has been transformed for the better by President Trump. Romney’s actions and words show that he is more interested in protecting his own interests and connections than in standing with his fellow Republicans.

He’s also willing to criticize investigations into his own political allies and even use his power in the Senate to launch investigations of those he disagrees with. Ultimately, Romney’s actions show that he is out of touch with Republican voters and should no longer be taken seriously by members of the GOP.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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          • This is the only time I believe in banning, that’s for people who use a site for SPAM. I don’t understand why they are allowed on a news site.

    • Romney’s kids were ALSO involved with foreign business dealings, as were P{elosi’s and others. They’re all in this game, and this is why they don’t want to start any investigations lest it slip into their area.

      • Romney is just another Rat in a Rats Nest called Our Government! During his debate with Obama he let that Black Rat “off the hook” and might have caused Obama to lose reelection? I will take Trump any day compared to the likes of Romney.

        • I agree with you. I am surprised to read that Marco Rubio is on the same list for Bill Gates money. I’ve had my doubts of him and this just cements them. I hope when the House changes in January, that the rinos are voted out. It is a necessary cleaning, because they only do harm to the real conservatives and what they are trying to accomplish.

          • Mimi, U need to know Rubio’s background. Rubio, a closet r.i.n.o, was handpicked from obscurity in the FL house & elevated to speaker of the FL State house with the backing of then governor Jeb Bush (r.i.n.o. ).
            He was specifically picked for that position to groom him to run for the US senate when another Bush family boot licking r.i.n.o by the name of Mel Martinez would retire.

        • Vennia, Romney is from UTAH but come from Pennsylvania where he lived with his Mommy and Papa. I ‘be heard that he took his Daddy’s Money and Ran with it. And this is and well known that he is where he is Today. Utah , needs to recall this Scam Bag of lies. Romney has done nothing and he will keep it that way for UTAH. So , UTAH wake Up and Recall.

    • Mitt is a traitor dog and a corrupt politician why Utah citizens would vote for him again is insane he voted with the socialist communist party of the democratic party every time who wants to transform America into a socialist communist state like China why because he did not like Trump which was and will be again a great president who loves America and the American people

  • Mutt is a slimeball. He needs to be investigated as I have no doubt he is involved with very shady dealings.
    He is very well known for his dirty tactics, with Bain Capital, that destroyed thousands of jobs in order to put the monies of dissolved companies into his pocket.

    • Yep. Our very successful company but small was sold to outlaws from Dade with Romney in charge at Bain Capital which they used to milk the company into bankruptcy and they then sold it off and the next company brought in a real CEO who took it back to an over a billion a year business.

  • That’s right Mitt, don’t spend time in getting to the truth AND the extent of the crime family corruption….looks like the Burisma stain is on some other people’s clothes, right there, little Mitt???? Oh, where do you send your ‘clothes’ for cleaning??

  • Romney is the ultimate piece of shit. Utah republicans must be real proud of this corrupt turd. Eventually investigations will reveal Romney’s criminal activities in Ukraine and elsewhere. Romney is Joe Biden with an (r) after his name.

  • Romney kisses the Democrats back side, he needs to become a Democrat and let the3 Republicans get someone in there that they can trust and is for the Republican agendas.

  • Hey. I’m pretty sure that a clear majority of people reading this would consider a vote for Mitt Romney to be a waste of time and energy, but somehow he’s still out there grifting. Why does anyone pay any attention to Mitt anymore? He’s definitely a backstabbing RINO and only represents himself!

  • Do to this worthless trator what The Great “Vlad the Impaler” did to the Muslim hoards. Then, if that doesn’t work “Off with his head!” And…………. if that doesn’t work then give him the task of cleaning out the anal orifice’s of the elephants at the zoo with his worthless tounge! Enough said!!!

    • If Utah elections were held tomorrow, Romney would be re-elected. I’d bet on it.
      We have the same problem here in SC with Graham. Can’t live with them but can’t get rid of them. Democrats are not the only ones that screw us.

  • WILLARD supported the opponent (DIMM pretending to be independent) of Mike Lee in the 2022 election! That shows you he has ZERO integrity. The leaders of LDS should excommunicate him!

  • Why does the republican party not do anything to traitors like Romney?
    Here is the reason we are always on the losing end!

    • Racist too. According to the piece he said when he thought he was not being recorded. Can’t remember the exact phrase. A bjg black mark on the Mormon Religion.

  • Romney is a class act RINO, a lightweight with ZERO political clout desperate for some recognition, much like Liz Cheney consumed with HATE for Trump and the American people whom they pretend to represent and people see right through him.
    He will not be missed.

  • I wish Romney would get the Hell out of Utah. He’s an embarrassment to Utah and the Church I’m a member of. Judge not least You be judged. I’ll take the Judgement I will get for believing what I just said.

  • John Kerry’s son, Mitt Romney’s son and Hunter Biden are all involved in the Burisma energy bribery/payoff crimes.

  • From what I’ve learned in recent months/years, one of Romney’s sons was involved with Epstein’s trafficking “network” that involved a very dark incident…the details would shock almost anyone IMHO, it’s also one of the reasons ol’ Mitt has basically become a traitor to the Republican party/cause.


  • There are no words to express my self-condemnation at having voted for piss-ant mittens in 2012 against obola. mittens would’ve been at least as bad as our phony Kenyan prince of rats was and maybe worse. I pray for the hasty demise of this recreant filth!

  • It seems the Republican party has it’s share of rats, Romney is only one of them. The biggest one of importance is McConnell he is one who is in a position and does do lot of anti work that other Republicans try to do. They dislike Trump they would rather throw the whole party under the bus for selfish reasons. That is why they get nothing done and it will happen again.

  • Hey i just hope that the citizens of his state will stand up and vote this guy out in 2024. He is a Rhino and i am so sorry to admit that i voted for him in his presidential run. I was a fool but now wiser to who people are before i vote.

  • He didn’t think it was to much time and money for all the investigating of Trump. Wonder what’s in it for him? The old saying follow the money.

  • Romney is a worthless RINO, worse than any demonicrat. He has proven what a commie dirt bag he is over and over. There is no doubt as to his true colors.

  • It still boggles my mind on how these politicians can be voted into power with having no interests into the every day living of the people in there state or local government. They are the most hypocritical and dishonest towards the people that elect them as they move forward for there own satisfaction.

  • mitt romney has always been a criminal to his core

    now he gotta go to jail and it would be very awesome for him

    to receive his death sentence as immediately as possible

    ?CHRISTrumpC.Owens and all our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen?

  • Romney is a Socialist. I just don’t understand why we the people of Utah don’t remove him. He is not GOP. He is a “scab” that is in the position with Republican party to run interference for the Democrats.

  • Mitt Romney IMHO is about as hypocritical as can be. He’s a man with no solutions. He mostly just slams other people like the backstabber that he has become. I could be considered to be pro-life but could understand why abortion can be considered useful in cases like his. He’ll never go any further than he has so far. However, I don’t have a clue how he’s gotten where he is at present.

  • Romney is a self centered weakling. This position is simply an extension of his usual self righteous cowardice. Like before, he’ll publish a letter stating he is standing on his “religious beliefs.”
    He operates much the same as the hypocrites Jesus talked about. They used trumpets to call attention to their “religious” acts.

  • Romney’s kids were ALSO involved with foreign business dealings, as were P{elosi’s and others. They’re all in this game, and this is why they don’t want to start any investigations lest it slip into their area.

  • Why do the citizens keep voting him back into office or maybe he cheats just like his democrat friends. anyway I hope they get to the bottom of this Biden bullshit and throw both of the Biden’s in prison along with anyone else.

  • Romney is nothing but a turn coat and should be removed from office he does not do justice to the office he holds and has no backbone and has not done what he was sent to Washington for he has lost my respect and should got out

  • why doesn’t this CS just switch party to demoncrap, he ALWAYS votes with them, he is nothing but a RINO that needs the cheney treatment

  • Romney is nothing more than a by-product of yesterday’s Republican dreams! Good riddance to another RINO that doesn’t stand for unity in the party or the people.

  • Romney sold us all out clear back when he ran for President against Obama. He quit trying to win, and I think he was paid to get out of Obama’s way.
    I don’t trust anything he is involved in or does. He is a RINO and worthless. He will also be the reason his niece will end up losing her job. She is NOT helping conservative Republicans win.

  • Romney is a flake and thinks more of himself than anybody else. he is NOT a conservative, he hates Trump, he sides with libs most of the time. Always has, always will. He’s also very
    bitter that he never got to the presidency.

  • He’s always been a Rino. I think he wants to run for President in 2024. ´◡`❁)☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:k! Goody two shoes!

  • I haven’t trusted Romney since he took a dive in the 3nd debate with Obama. I hope the investigation shows all the corruption it can find. All those rich brats of elected officials should be held accountable.

  • Everyone kept harassing President Trump the whole 4years he was in office and still today they are trying to blame him for everything under the sun .I think it’s just to keep him from running for President again.Nobody did anything about Obama when he sent all that money to Iran and are not doing anything to biden Jr or Kamala Harris and let’s not forget biden sr sending money to everyone in the world while our country suffers because of him.he is letting china move their army into America and they are calling them police.why are they here they have no jurisdiction over our people so they need to be made to leave.I could go on but my thumb can’t take all I have to say about the way our country is being used.

  • Mitt is a carpetbagger for shifting from Mass. to Utah
    because he knew, being a Mormon he had a better chance to being elected as senator there. He is also a back stabber for what he did to Trump after begging campaign funds from him when he was running for president. Mitt Romney is totally untrustworthy!!

  • Romney has never been a trustworthy person no matter what he has been doing or is currently doing. Let him explain why he is so rich and how he gets his money. He is old school corruption.

  • Romney is a transparent cretin who always places his self interest before the country and its citizens. It’s a sad fact that voters in this country have morphed into ignorant lemmings who continue to vote D or R without recognition of the fact these politicians have destroyed America. There is no coming back from the irreparable harm they’ve done. America is a sad shell of itself and the only direction its headed is further down.

  • Romney is a snake in the grass. Hopefully the people of Utah will realize their mistake in electing him and vote him out in his next primary. Romney and his ilk is why we are changing to independent.

  • Here are the 18 disgusting uni-party “RINO” senators that voted with Democrats…FOR the unfunded Lame-Duck, $1.7T omnibus bill:

    *Roy Blunt (MO) – Did not run in 2022; John Boozman (AK) – Term ends in 2027; *Shelley Capito (WV) – Term ends 2027; *Susan Collins (ME) – Term ends 2027; *John Cornyn (TX) – Term ends 2027; Tom Cotton (AK) – Term ends 2027; *Lindsey Graham (SC) – Term ends 2027; Jim Inhofe (OK) – Term ends 2027; *Mitch McConnell (KY) – Term ends 2027; Jerry Moran (KS) – Term ends 2023; *Lisa Murkowski (AK) – Term ends 2023; Rob Portman (OH) – Term ends 2023; *Mitt Romney (UT) – Term ends 2025; *Mike Rounds (SD) – Term ends 2027; *Richard Shelby (AL) – Did not run in 2022; John Thune (SD) – Term ends 2023; Roger Wicker (MS) – Term ends 2025; and, *Todd Young (IN) – Term ends 2027.

    [ * One of the 19 disgusting RINO senators that also voted FOR Biden’s massive, unfunded $1 Trillion “infrastructure” bill that only allocated 10% of the spending therein for infrastructure. No one in either group is worthy of re-election if they run for re-election. Period! ]

  • Romney, Cheney, McConnell, are just a few of the reasons why I will NOT send $$$$ to the RNCC I am still a conservative (republican) but my conscience will not allow me to give money to a group that I do not trust

  • Well why are they leaving out the fact that Romney’s own son was also over there and so was Pelosi’s son! That is why they are fighting to stop Trump so the real criminals are not caught! I wonder how much they stole? That they forgot to include in their taxes? What were they doing that Joe Biden didn’t want the Ukraine president telling Trump? I think we need to uncover just who did what ! Like the phony colonel klink Vidman. And those in the FBI that try to stop anything need to be jailed!

    • Some of those Deep State critters are in violation of the Hatch Act that puts legal limits on Government employees’ political activities. An example of this would be an FBI employee telling Twitter or some other company to de-platform, ban, or otherwise limit access. Did someone in the Government tell the Social Media to shut down President Trump? Inquiring minds in the House Committees would like to know.

    • Sorry, we can’t impeach a low-life critter in the Senate but we can un-elect him in 2024. Call his office from time to time when he screws up. There will be no shortage of opportunities.

  • Any member of Congress who interferes with Biden’s crime family investigation is putting their own name on the list of potential criminals. It’s unlikely Mit Romney would be bothered by his accomplice being implicated in the Burisma scandal unless he was involved himself.

  • KICK ROMNEY OUT !!!!! He is NO GOOD for our Country…… Send him to Russia so he can’t do his DIRTY work … and to think…I voted for him for President back when…..WOW looks like I was the DUMB one back then…!!!!

  • March 2024 Utah Precinct Caucus: Show up.
    If you get to be a Delegate to the Republican Convention: GO.
    If you get handed a Primary Petition: Don’t fill it in but do ask the carrier if he is a Utah Resident.
    Hopefully, he won’t be on either ballot but don’t vote for him in either case.
    If someone proposes ranked choice voting, vote NO. That’s how Sen. Murkowski [RINO-AK] got reelected.

  • mitty the poo poo is a scumbag devildemocommiecrat with an R behind his name, a JUDAS republican, a TRAITOR to the Constitution, America, and We the People!!!!! I have the same question for Utah voters as those in Kentucky, are you stupid, evil, or do you relish the idea of living under communist dictators??????????

  • Romney is NWO trash who talks nothing but trash. One has to wonder about Utah since they keep electing the criminal clown.

  • So what, they continue to allow him to run as a republican and that has been the problem with the GOP for a long time. This is the reason the GOP has so many rhino’s in their party. As long as they could win and wanted to be called a republican it was allowed just so the GOP could count them in the party. So they continue to kill their own party by allowing this to go on.

  • Romney, just like his daughter, should be kicked out of the Republican Party. The Republicans need to get rid of anyone who works against the Republican platform, especially if a blatant conflict of interest, such as his relationship to Burisma, can be shown.

  • Romney is trying to stop anybody from looking again! Cause he and his son and Pelosi and her son are all as guilty as Joe and Hunter Biden. As they were all in the Ukraine doing the same scam! Funny just like when we looked at their Russian dilution we found it wasn’t Trump but rather corrupt Hillary a Democrat! Jan 6 was really Pelosi that refused and planed that scam! Funny we saw they didn’t want anybody looking at the 2020 election as now we have found massive cheating by Democrats including the corrupt courts!

  • Romney is up for re-election next cycle in 2024.
    He needs to get primaried and defeated just the way Liz Cheney was this year.



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