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The January 6 commission, reportedly conducting an investigation into what happened at the Capitol that day, is a sham. But what’s happening to the American citizens caught up in the chaos of that fateful day in 2020 is the real story.

Our own federal government has turned its own citizens into political prisoners. However, many of the imprisoned January 6 protesters are being treated far worse than any foreign political prisoner, including terrorists.

With complete control of Capitol Hill, Democrats are turning on their political opponents. Conservatives are a threat to their monopolized control of the U.S. government. Far-left progressive Democrats envision a single-party authoritarian state.

In America, the opposition to these ambitions is the millions of citizens who still believe in our cherished form of democracy. The majority of Americans do not want to live in a communist country. They feel strongly about it.

Millions watched as the Democrats helped orchestrate one of the biggest election frauds in our nation’s history. Democrat operatives strategically used different methods to cheat. They targeted the most important swing states.

They accomplished their mission. Cheating during the 2020 election was so widespread that it got Joe Biden elected. Americans were angry. Thousands took to Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2020, to protest the “big steal”.

Through a host of suspicious events, the protest turned chaotic. Hundreds of American citizens were lured into walking into their nation’s Capitol Building. Most believed it was their constitutional right. Many said they were encouraged to enter the Capitol.

However, a measured level of violence ensued. Amid the chaos, hundreds were arrested. Most of these citizens still remain imprisoned. The majority are charged with misdemeanor offenses. Nevertheless, they are being held as if they were suspected terrorists.

To the Democrat Party, they are. Liberals hate conservatives because they stand in their way of total power. Liberal policies have failed for most of the last six or seven decades. They keep telling Americans that all they need is another chance.

They’ve run out of convincing statements to trick voters into believing they care in the least about their problems. Democrats do not. Now, they are forced to forcibly control their political opponents. That is what is happening to the citizens being held at the “D.C. Gitmo”.

Those Americans caught up in the January 6 protests are being held without bond in conditions worse than prisons in Third-World countries. Things are deplorable. It’s being done on purpose to make those who disagree with the liberal ideologues suffer.

One J6 political prisoner managed to produce a video of the conditions. Brandon Fellows has been held at the facility for nearly a year. The 27-year-old insists that Capitol Police ushered him into the Capitol on January 6.

Nevertheless, Fellows is being held in a terrorist-type prison. He decided to make a video showing the uncivilized conditions that J6 prisoners are subjected to. It’s disgusting. In one video, Fellows shows what appears to be black mold growing around his sink.

The sink is his only source of drinking water. It gets worse. Another video shows cockroaches crawling around the same type of sink. Most prisoners regularly report problems with nausea and diarrhea.

Horrible stomach cramps are common as well. This would be a direct symptom of contaminated drinking water. Such conditions can kill you. Maybe that’s the liberals’ objective. Nevertheless, Fellows continued to discuss how horrific conditions are inside the “Gulac”.

Furthermore, non-convicted J6 prisoners do not have access to any of the jail’s standard facilities. They are separated from the convicted prison population. J6 prisoners do not have access to the cafeteria, and cannot use the gym.

They are not permitted to apply for jailhouse jobs or use classroom facilities. Those patriots imprisoned on charges stemming from the January 6 protests cannot go outdoors, get a haircut, or attend any religious services. Prisoners are frequently locked down in solitaire.

They rarely get any fresh air. One video shows what appears to be dried human feces on the floor. The conditions are deplorable. As well, Fellows suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. He is not receiving any compassionate treatment to help him deal with this debilitating disease.

It’s as if the facility is purposefully making Fellows and the other prisoners as miserable as possible. We believe it’s being done on purpose. This is exactly what Marxist totalitarian governments do to their political prisoners.

They abuse and torture them. The conditions in these third world-like holes are atrocious. However, this is not how a proud democracy treats any prisoner, even terrorists. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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