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As Americans unravel the insanity surrounding another series of mass shootings, the gun rights debate intensifies once again.

Much of the contentiousness surrounding these arguments stem from the liberal left’s immediate attack on lawful gun ownership.

In typical liberal fashion, Democrats immediately attack the gun, not the crazed shooter. Millions of law-abiding Americans own firearms, but the majority are not out shooting into crowds, killing innocent people. Millions of Americans own guns legally and use them properly.

It’s not about the guns; it’s about the mentally unstable people who kill people with guns. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun it is. If a lunatic is intent on killing people, the type of firearm will not prevent them from following through with their intentions.

One such exaggerated response came from Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh. The Democrat insists that military-style firearms “pose grave risks to public safety, as recent mass shootings in other states have made clear.” What about handgun violence across America?

Like the majority of the liberal left, Frosh thinks that guns themselves kill people. They do not. Crazy people, most of whom should not own a firearm, kill people.

Since one landmark ruling on a case from New York, The U.S. Supreme Court continues to uphold the Second Amendment.

In a June 23 ruling, the Supreme Court recognized that it’s a constitutional right to carry firearms for public self-defense.

Another series of rulings further supported this opinion. The Court’s decisions are based on the foundation that the Second Amendment is more than just a right.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly specifies, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The key point here is “shall not be infringed.”

As Justice Clarence Thomas wrote, “It makes no sense to recognize Americans’ right to defend themselves in their homes while denying them the ability to defend themselves outside their homes.” Thomas insisted that “confrontation can surely take place outside the home.”

The Supreme Court’s rulings state that these laws cross a legal line and constitute infringement. The Hawaii requirement to show cause was struck down as unconstitutional. Hawaii requires lawful gun owners keep their weapons at their business, home, or sojourn.

To receive a legal concealed-carry permit, the applicant had to prove they “feared injury to themselves or to their property.” The law for open carry permits is equally murky. The law reads, “where the urgency or the need has been sufficiently indicated.”

Again, the Court’s rulings strike down laws that clearly “infringe” on gun ownership rights. A law-abiding citizen does not need to prove they have a “need to own and carry a firearm.”

It’s their right. Any law that curtails that right is an infringement. The court ruled correctly.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Hawaii, Maryland and New York were mentioned in the article.
    However, the article’s headline states that the SCOTUS overturned an unconstitutional ruling from a fourth state. So, which state was the last one on this particular list?

    Kudos to the SCOTUS!

    • Now Deleware and especially New Jersey are requiring permits like Chicago Police Dept. to buy ammo, but they are going beyond the CPD rules and maintaining lists of wholesellers, retailers, and buyers. And the amounts and types involved at each point of transfer

  • fentanyl kills a lot more people than ARs every year why aren’t they screaming about removing protections for the drug manufacturers?

    • Communist China makes the precursor chemicals for the cartels.

      Congress/DHS/FBI was bribed to ignore the threat.

      • Because the Congress is a point of major use of all illicit drugs nd abuse of alcohol,Next would be the Sec Svc, then Senate, then FBI, then DEA

    • If you have been following the news, you would have learned that it is NOT our pharmaceutical manufacturers behind this fentynal epidemic! It is foreign countries like China running this across our open borders! You want to end it? End that dumbassocratic representative for your state! And in 2024 vote RED no matter what! Get that trash out of the WH and Congress that supports this!

  • Every law abiding citizen should be allowed to own and use a gun for self defense. The problem is not guns-it’s is mentally unstable people who belong in prison or in the cemetery as well as leftist prosecutors who refuse to prosecute not to mention a large and dangerous Negro population in our cities that obeys no laws period. We need to reduce the Negro birthrate by mandatory birth control and defeat the Democratic party this fall.

    • Rather racist there Fred. Planned Parenthood providing abortions was established for that very use, contrary to what most Americans believe. Biggest problem with the Black AND the Brown communities is they are still acting as if they are slaves and refuse to co-operate with LEO investigations but are the first to complain when one of their own attackes them and/or their family

    • Democrats have historically been the party of violence and racism from before the Civil War. They refused to arrest and prosecute those involved in the violent protests of 2020! Dumbassocratic controlled states have released violent criminals into the population and established NO CASH BAIL further releasing criminals back onto the streets. Your antiquated use of NEGRO is totally off base. The Black Communities have a cultural problem of inbred violence dating back to Africa! Their communities are racked by Black on Black violence. They also have the highest rates of Black on White and other minorities crime! It is inbred cultural morals that cannot change. Forget such asinine statements as reducing their populations by any means! Planned Parenthood was originally established to provide low income women with information and medical help to avoid pregnancy! They provided mamograms for cancer detection, condoms, intrauterine birth control devices. genetic counseling, and finally abortions. Only abortion has been focused on to eliminate Planned Parenthood. So stuff your racist Black eradication motives!

  • The only permit you need to bear arms is one you do not have to buy or carry on your person.

    It is called the US Constitution.

  • Anyone ever heard of F*lse Fl*gs? Anyone believe JFK, MLK, RFK, 9/11, sch. incidents, plandemic scam, official narratives perpetrated? Turn TV off, and WAKE UP! Their plan is to grab your pop pops and then you!

  • The 2nd A Democrats fear the most! They do understand that it gives We, the People, the rights to remove them from the existing corrupt government regime and their attempts to take total control over America! They have every right now to fear the People!

  • And it is about time We The People wake up and weed the system of anyone who does not agree with Freedom for all.

  • I cannot fathom the hypocrisy whereupon the same people who scream and stomp their feet about gun control will also scream and stomp their feet demanding the right to murder unborn children, and gladly do so millions of times.



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