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The audacity of the liberal ideology is often astounding. Most heard the disparaging words of a candidate for Virginia Governor. Terry McAuliffe said that parents needed to step aside when it came to decisions and choices about their children’s education.

McAuliffe’s insane notion inspired voters to overwhelming rebuke this insane insinuation. Well, it appears another school administration took things a step farther. In the Kettle Moraine School District in Wales, Wisconsin, school officials changed a child’s gender.

There was no consultation with the 12-year-old’s parents. Evidently, the young girl was having confusing thoughts about her gender. That isn’t surprising, since the woke mob has ignited transgender into some sort of status symbol.

Young children can be confused about a multitude of things. It’s a time in their lives when they are growing rapidly, maturing, and everything around them is changing. For certain, it’s even scarier when crazy societal pressures are heaped on top of peer pressure.

Thankfully, the parents of this young girl are standing up against the insolence of these school officials. One foundation of their lawsuit insists that the school was determined to change the sex of this girl without even counseling or otherwise consulting her parents.

The lawsuit alleges the therapist actually tried to persuade the girl to identify as a boy. This girl explained how a therapist at the center said once she confirmed she was a boy, everything would be easier. The girl was told it’s easier to make such choices when you’re young.

Like many students being coerced into changing their gender identity, the girl was cautioned not to tell her parents. This is the most egregious aspect of these disturbing stories. The senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, Kate Anderson, put it succinctly.

Anderson assailed these school policies as disdainful. “These policies are so dangerous because they’re allowing schools to encourage students to begin transitioning into a gender identity that isn’t in accord with their biological sex, and then not inform their parents,” she said.

The prevalence of these alarming trends, situations where schools overstep parental boundaries, is shocking. It is being spurred by the wave of woke indoctrination to steal the minds of our children. Thankfully, parents are standing up to these radical ideas.

As much as political ideology will play a role in the future of our nation, it will be the parents who take back our country. Tyrants like Joe Biden, and the rest of his leftist liberals, can push legislation and try to impose Draconian mandates. However, when they enrage America’s mom’s and dad’s, they will be in for a fight they won’t win.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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