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During the last two years, a deadly virus has turned the world upside down. Millions of people have died. Thousands of businesses have been destroyed. Family hardships have been innumerable. Children have borne a horrible burden.

However, in some respect, COVID-19 has produced a few silver linings. Our children were forced into remote learning at home. Stripped of the essential need for in-person learning, children suffered miserably.

Nevertheless, from the ashes of the destructive consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns and school closures comes a welcome revelation. Parents have been forced to become a more integral part of the child’s education.

What happened was these now “engaged and enraged parents” see through the injustice that is being perpetrated on their children. The woke culture has taken over the classroom. American children are being indoctrinated by the woke left.

It is a corrupt ambition to change the way our society thinks. Children were being forced to study lesson plans that promote division in our country. Children are being divided into social classes and by race. Our kids were being used as pawns in a deceitful game.

The intention was to transform our great democracy into a communist nation. If not for being “unmasked by COVID-19”, the radical progressive left would have probably continued to brainwash our children. Not any longer.

The curtain’s been ripped back. Parents across the U.S. are outraged, none more so than one aggravated father. During one school board meeting, a dad tore into his local school board. He began his rant by telling the board how disgusted he was with their performance.

“Let me tell you right now you sad little betas, you are seen as weak minuscule men. And I tell my [unintelligible] men like you, those aren’t men. You will be weak, minuscule men the rest of your lives, and I’m not going to let you influence the boys in this community to be little cucks. You understand? This is a city of men, not betas, not gender-identified people. There are men and there are women and there are betas and there are alphas and this omicron crap is a joke.”

“Take the mask off, take a deep breath, go do some yoga … this is psychological damage. And I know you’re looking at me bro cause you know what I’m saying is truth. You know it, and you’re going to go home and sleep on this and it’s going to bother you. And I’ll be back in two weeks, bro. I’ll be back every two weeks cause I own my own business, I homeschool my kids, and I can do that because no one else signs my checks. We sign their checks and you best bet that I’m going to run a boatload of people against you guys. There ain’t gonna be no easy peasy election next time. … you guys are toast. I don’t care what you did in your community because this is enough. You can go do all the good you want but when you poison my kids’ mind, it’s done. You’ve crossed the line. So I’m letting you know, we’re pissed and it’s enough.”

You MUST watch this video:

Certainly, he is not alone. After seeing how teachers’ unions and school administrators have been manipulating classroom curriculum, parents like this dad are showing up at board meetings like never before. They are voicing their anger. They’ve had enough.

Children’s minds are being poisoned with socialist propaganda. The objective is to create a generation of people who are constantly afraid. Children are being brainwashed to live in fear as they grow into adults. It’s about the power of mind control.

Communities of parents across America are standing up for their children. They are exposing the internal corruption within the school boards. School board members are being recalled and chastised with the power of the vote for their deceitful culpability in this charade.

While the powerful left-controlled teachers’ unions are hugely responsible, school boards across the country have been complicit. However, because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, parents now are well aware of what’s going on. They are furious.

Because of a virus, there are going to be a ton of bad things the world must recover from. However, there are going to be some silver linings from this dark cloud. The world can act and honor the memory of those who unnecessarily died.

Our own nation is becoming more aware of how terrible health decisions gave the virus a stronger hold. Furthermore, we’ve watched corrupt bureaucrats take advantage of a devastating crisis. There have used a deadly virus to force compliance and exercise control.

However, COVID-19 has also exposed things. It’s revealed the corruption in our school systems. It’s ignited a battle between awakened parents and corrupt, complicit school boards. With more parents like this angry dad taking action, American parents will win.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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