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Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman will never be confused for a conservative. Silverman strongly supports gay rights and is a self-proclaimed environmentalist. Ahead of the 2012 Presidential Election, Silverman produced a series of funny videos to support Barack Obama.

Make no mistake about it, Sarah Silverman is a liberal. However, she also seems to have a far greater degree of common sense than many who hold similar progressive beliefs. Recently, the leftist comedian took issue with one specific MSNBC host.

Silverman fired back at some of the senseless banter that spews from the mouth of MSNBC’s Joy Reid. The popular comedian suggested that Reid should take the time to read about things before she opens her mouth; making a fool of herself.

Like millions of Americans, Silverman finds good reason for why people call Reid and her clown of cohorts MSNBC the leaders in “fake news”. In early December, liberal eccentrics such as Joy Reid went after an announcement issued by Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The conservative governor, a thorn in the side for the liberal-left’s agenda, announced plans to resurrect the Florida State Guard. The guard will be a civilian group entrusted with helping handle emergencies in the Sunshine State. Twenty-two other states have similar civilian forces.

Automatically, radical liberals took the bait. Reid launched a racist-targeted attack on DeSantis without an ounce of understanding of what she was blabbing about. Obviously, Reid didn’t read the story. This the typical “modus operandi” for the cynical MSNBC host.

As usual, she made a fool of herself and her network. Not that it takes much effort to do either. Silverman took offense with Reid. She tweeted, “Please read the article before you post this stuff, you’re a news outlet. The truth has to matter.”

The outspoken comedian went even further on her podcast. Silverman is very disappointed that people within her own political party cannot speak out against one another. She bemoaned that, “We can’t even critique anyone in your own party without punishment.”

No one is ever going to mistake Sarah Silverman for a “Make America Great Again” supporter. Her political views are far from anything conservative. She’s a liberal. However, that’s okay. This is America. Silverman has that right; we all do.

Nevertheless, at least she has enough common sense to see through the charade from many on the liberal left. Sarah Silverman is also brazen enough to call them out on their B.S. While they often support some crazy ideologies, at least it appears a few liberals have some sense.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Sarah Silverman


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