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There are clear problems with the US assisting Ukraine in its fight against Russia and Vladimir Putin.

One of the most glaring problems is that we are assisting Russia’s adversary, and as a result, we have become adversaries. “Any friend of my enemy is my enemy,” you might have heard. That’s also how Russia’s tyrant Vladimir Putin sees the situation.

For the first time, Russia has issued a warning to western cities that if the rockets that the US is sending to Ukraine touch Russian territory, things would get ugly.

Top Putin ally and former president Dmitry Medvedev delivered the ominous caution.

“If, God forbid, these weapons are used against Russian territory, then our armed forces will have no other choice but to strike decision-making centers,” Medvedev warned.

The missiles that we are providing Ukraine have the ability to travel only 50 miles, so they can’t really attack Russia with them. They are likely more worried about defending their own land, not attacking Russia. Doing something like that would send the rest of the Russian army to Ukraine to obliterate it from the map.

My biggest thought is what are we getting out of this deal? How is the United States benefiting from sending Ukraine hundreds of billions of dollars and weapons? I have just a couple of thoughts on the matter.

The first one is the gamble idea. Maybe there is some sort of agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine that if/when they get finished with this war, a large portion of their GDP will then come into the U.S. I’ve always heard that war is a big money maker. I’m not exactly sure how that is, but it must be.

The other thought that I’ve had has to do with Joe Biden and his corruption in Ukraine. Remember, that Joe Biden committed a quid pro quo regarding releasing money to Ukraine in exchange for the country firing a certain prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company. I’d be willing to bet that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy knows all about this arrangement and is using it as blackmail to force Biden’s hand.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • BIDEN Needs to go !! RESIGN JERK ! U R Ruining our country and way of life ! Getover this BS of all electric Crap U cant do it OVERNIGHT Dumb A— ! What a Dimentia riden IDIOT !! He’s the worst we’ve ever had and I will never call him My President ! I’d rather have PUTIN !! Or HITLER !

    • Amen Bro! This is the most corrupt, incompetent administration, and bunch of idiots the world has ever seen from the USA! China owns da bidens, the rest of the clowns, and herr fauci.
      God save us! The corrupt politicians won’t; they are in it for themselves and the destruction of this once great country!

    • The only problem with Biden not remaining the President is who will take his place. Remember the second in command is Kamela with all her intelligence followed by the old bat herself, Pelosi. It could all go from awful to pure hell.

    • BINGO! This is Barry’s 3rd term. J. couldn’t run a popsicle stand. J. appears to be either a clone, or body double. I’ve seen portraits of him years ago and he had bright blue eyes, the imposter has dark brown eyes. And, there are reports the imposter uses Ubr for transportation, had no armed security, and carries his own suitcase. Think about that one? WAKE UP, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS IN UKE, AND SHOULDN’T RISH A NUKE WAR OVER IT. Think to fold the cards.

      • I agree with everything you said EXCEPT the Ukraine remark. You never let a bully push you around no matter what he threatens you with. NEVER!!!!!!!!! He isn’t going to do what he purports he will do because he doesn’t want to die!!! He is so afraid of dying he spent 2 plus years underground during the height of the COVID. He is a bad man with no backbone but he respects our backbone even less. Send the Ukraine’s whatever they ask for and more and let them end him.

    • But he works for the Chinese Communist Party not you. The only way out is to destroy the Nazis in Beijing.

  • Don’t forget Obama’s CIA instigated the Russia/Ukraine crisis.

    Obama and his muslim buddies gonna kick back and watch Christian Europe destroy itself and bury the pieces later, ……….as planned.

  • Mutually assured destruction will ensure that Moscow and other major Russian cities are toast, Vlad baby…

  • In hindsight, from the beginning we should have assured Russia that Ukraine would not become part of NATO giving them a neutral country on their border. Now we have a dilemma. Do we allow them to blackmail us with the threat of nuclear warfare whenever they decide to invade a country? Let’s hope it ends at Ukraine or I fear a nuclear war is inevitable. Putin should still be tried for war crimes no matter what the outcome.

    • No,
      No hindsight required.
      This rogue regime invaded Georgia and Crimea and so Ukraine absolutely needed NATA security.
      The West has never invaded Russia. The opposite absolutely has occurred.

      • I beg to differ. The West reneged on a deal to keep Ukraine, smack on Russia’s front doorstep, neutral. NATO is supposed to be only defensive in nature; it has been threatening Russia by moving surreptitiously east. Putin has had a lot of patience. It obviously wore thin, and especially when he found that the West had bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The prevailing winds could blow those pathogens directly into Russia. Do the math, as they say.

        • NATO is run by corrupt tyrants and despot! The UN needs to get off our soil and be completely reorganized. It’s being used to push the NWO and they are looking to reduce the population on earth to more easily control people and food production, if the sheeple of America ever gives up it weapons this world of freedom will be completely destroyed and will take the world back a thousand years to where all humans are slaves again!

    • Putin is not going to use nuclear weapons. It is a scare tactic. He very well knows that the US nuclear weapons will hit the target 95+percent of the time. Russia’s are not that dependable. It’s all a bluff and threat because he knows this administration is weak and will back down.

      • Stevo, Putin is Putin. Psychopaths here want nuke war 4 their Depop agenda. Are you even willing to risk nuke war? Think do you want your kids incinerated for BHO, JB, HB’s cash cow UKE?

  • Biden and Harris should be arrested by the Military and tried for Treason by a Tribuneral, then go after Pelosi and Schumer and Obama and Sorros. Putin has nothing to gain or lose since he dieing from a serious illness.

  • Shame on fools who buy this nonsense. Putin comes up with threats bo matter what is done.

    The Ukraine should have immediately been admitted to NATO. Then, tell Putin he was going to be whooped if he moved across the border. He can’t even deal with Ukraine. The last thing he would need is to try and take on the entire west. Weakness provides the means for aggression and he is doing it to a tee…..

    • U R missing the point-WE HAVE NO BUSINESS THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Don’t you remember Dickie, Geo. Jr. taking out 7 countries in 5 years, over 19 fake hijackers. Big Boyz making huge $$$ by selling milit stuff. Just like a CEO of a corp. said CV jabs, masks, tests were/are the biggest money maker ever. $$$$$

  • Yes, Zelensky likely has “all the goods” on Biden. I don’t really understand this though, when I realize that most people should already know what Joe has done with the Ukraine and quid pro quo. They tried to just about lynch Trump over a phone call, but it’s a free pass for Joe?

    • There is literally no ‘understanding’ of this Biden administration. The hidden people controlling Joe have ideals that aren’t possible today, and are attempting to enact those ideals no matter the pain to the people.
      These ‘hidden people’ are the polar opposite of what conservatism and libertarianism means.

  • It is evident that The mental patient’s (Biden) involvement will get the U.S.A. On the s*it list of Russia. The truly sad part is that the mental patient has no clue, nor does he care. We NEED to get this administration OUT OF POWER IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

  • I hope the people that voted for Biden appreciate the higher cost of living and threats of war, they deserve whatever happens. They were so full of hatred of Trump that they’d take Satan if he was the only Democrat candidate.

  • And, after all, who is ultimately to blame? I humbly submit that dubious distinction belongs to EVERY IDIOT and MORON who slammed the MAGA man in favor of the Fk America Man.

  • Oh! Please do. If Putin wants to strike the U.S., Putin should just vaporize D.C. make ground zero the W/H and leave the rest of the U.S. Alone. That’s one way top get rid of this inherently corrupt government.

  • Considering that he & Trump talked abt it, yes, he is aware. Further OAN’s Chanel Rion did quite an extensive investigative piece on exactly that, early in Zalenskyy’s term, including in country interviews, & an interview with that fired former prosecutor, at his hospital in Austria, where he was being treated for a subsequent poisoning attempt on his life. I have no doubt he got full reports on all of that.

  • Do not poke the bear. Do the American people want nuclear war over UKE? I think not we have no business there. That’s JB, BHO’s piggy bank to launder $$$, and make Biological weapons. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT NUCLEAR WAR, PERIOD. And don’t believe the propaganda thrown at us. WAKE UP!

  • Russia has military, monetary and trade support from Communist China, Belarus, Iran and Chechnya.

    Yet the same support from the west to Ukraine is threatened with direct attack from Putin.

    Paranoid Evil Hypocrites make the best Dyktaitors!



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