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Everyone knows about the drams going on with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He certainly deserves what’s coming to him, and honestly, he deserves much worse.

They’ve already let him off the hook for killing thousands of people in nursing homes with his policies that basically sent a COVID bomb into the facilities to infect and kill as many around as was able.

Now, they’re going to try and get him off of the hook for these sexual harassment allegations that the New York Attorney General has confirmed.

Enter Rose McGowan.

She may be a die-hard liberal, but at least she’s not as big of a hypocrite as the others.

Following the announcement from the New York Attorney General on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment allegations, McGowan called out some of the Hollywood elites, the Time’s Up movement, and several liberals including Joe Biden.

But what was really amusing was that she also called out…the lizard people.

Yes, the lizard people. You read that correctly. McGowan said on Instagram and Twitter,

“Remember when Hollywood actresses and paid-off activists wore stupid black dresses at the Oscars? That was sponsored by Time’s Up who were meant to help abuse victims. I told the world they are a lie 3+ years ago. I was mocked & harassed by so many who want to believe the illusion. Wake up. Hard truths are inconvenient & uncomfortable. So what, suck it up. Milano, TimesUp, fake performatives and profiteers. Alyssa’s statement at the time was gaslighting in full effect. She said of my truth-telling “Hurt people hurt people.” No, Alyssa, it’s lizard people like you, SDK Knickerbocker, Gov Cuomo, the Pres, Tina Chen who hurt people. Your time is up. Exit stage left.”

In case you’re not aware, the reason why she is calling out the Time’s Up movement is because the co-founders actually helped Gov. Cuomo draft a letter which attacked one of his accusers, Lindsey Boylan.

According to the New York Attorney General, “The letter denied the legitimacy of Ms. Boylan’s allegations, impugned her credibility, and attacked her claims as politically motivated (including with theories about connections with supporters of President Trump and a politician with an alleged interest in running for Governor).”

Honestly, McGowan has a good reason for being mad at the Time’s Up movement. This is a movement/organization that is supposed to be against sexual harassment. Instead, they’re actually helping a man who has been sexually harassing women for years. What happened to “believing women” and “#MeToo”? I guess they don’t need that anymore.


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