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There was a time when breaking the law wasn’t considered a smart choice. The consequences of committing most crimes outweighed the potential benefits. Even the big financial haul from robbing a bank might land someone in prison for most of their adult life.

The punishment simply wasn’t worth the risk. However, in today’s lax, liberally driven judicial system, there are crimes that apparently no longer warrant punishment. One of those high on the list is shoplifting and retail theft.

Facing negligible consequences for simply walking out the door with an armload of free merchandise, a new type of thief has been born. In light of what’s been broadcast across the TVs around the nation, this new-age thief suffers from a serious lack of sense.

In fact, one robber proved just how ignorant these store bandits can actually be. Thousands of these thieves are recorded on store surveillance cameras. However, most of them escape with a mother lode of stolen property. Few are arrested, and even fewer are prosecuted.

But most of them don’t slam into a glass window and knock themselves out. What happened to one store robber in Bellevue, Washington, proves there must be some sort of karma. This 17-year-old’s heist went very wrong for him.

As he fled from a Louis Vuitton store with an estimated $18,000 in stolen merchandise, this robber knocked himself cold. Prosecutors cannot release the name of the KO’d clown because he’s underage.

However, they do insist that he is part of a widespread retail crime ring operating in this area of Washington. Penny Pahl is the owner of a small business in Bellevue. Pahl wants to see some consequences for crimes that are essentially destroying his business.

Pahl asked, “If these guys are caught, they go to court, they go through the process, but what are the repercussions?” Unfortunately, because of leftist crime policies, there are often no repercussions. These criminals walk free.

The state of Washington’s crime epidemic is indicative of most Democrat-run big cities. Police forces are losing officers at a record pace. All the while, crime is spiking. In Washington, violent crime has increased by over 12 percent because of liberal policies.

Republican state representative Mark Schoesler believes something must be done. Schoesler thinks the government must prioritize the safety of business owners, not coddle the criminals. Most municipalities simply aren’t prosecuting any of these retail theft crimes.

Schoesler says, “To me, that says the state isn’t providing enough help for retailers, and local and state law enforcement agencies don’t have enough officers to effectively combat retail theft.” Liberal-run bureaucrats are doing nothing to protect law-abiding citizens.

Most of these elected elites live in gated communities. They’re not experiencing firsthand this dangerous spike in crime. Voters need to provide these clueless officials with a wake-up call. Citizens must vote these inept buffoons out of office before vigilante justice takes over.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • What can one say when the voters put these people in office. So can only assume this is what the people that live there wanted and hope they enjoy what they voted for. Soon the whole area will be another ghetto with no place to shop and then we will hear the people crying there is no place to shop.

  • There will come a time. Not sure when it will be, but hopefully soon. When good law abiding citizens take the law into their own hands and stop this madness.

  • Hmmmm, we are not allowed to call these lowlife pos black thieves what they really are so can we call them lowlife ghetto trash? Asking for a friend.



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