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Political activists and partisan hacks have infested America’s sources for news. Journalists are supposed to be entrusted with providing an unbiased account of what’s happening in the world. However, today’s new-age journalist is charged with pushing a liberal narrative.

Not all journalists have adulterated themselves to become nothing more than political operatives. But far too many have. These left-wing radicals are like a festering boil. They have contaminated what is a critical part of our democracy.

Without the unbiased reporting of information, Americans are left to decipher the truth. It’s virtually impossible for an everyday person to do. So, these leftist hacks, masquerading as journalists, use lies and deception to manipulate the script.

They’re brainwashing Americans. Journalistic integrity is virtually nonexistent. One such journalistic scumbag writes for Reuters. Nathan Layne says he’s a journalist. He is not. Layne is a liberal political hack. His Twitter feed proves it time and time again.

Layne incessantly posts articles that attack any American who supports honest and fair elections. He verbally assaults anyone or any organization that’s striving to close loopholes in the voting process, loopholes that will open the door to rampant election fraud.

Layne’s attacks are always against popular conservatives. Matt DePerno is a popular GOP candidate for Michigan Attorney General. Many believe DePerno is poised to defeat the corrupt Democrat AG, Dana Nessel.

So instead of promoting productive debate and exchange of ideas between two political candidates, Layne slanders and lies about the individual he disagrees with. It’s the liberal way of doing things these days. Take a look at Joe Biden’s strategy.

On multiple occasions, Biden has stood in front of the American people, chastising half the nation as being radical extremists. The only thing they’ve done is disagree with Joe Biden’s radical socialist policies. They don’t like what Biden has done to our country.

For that reason, these Americans are labeled as extremists and threats to our democracy. Nathan Layne is nothing more than a water boy for the leftist clan. Recently, Layne targeted a prominent Michigan group battling to ensure voter integrity in the Wolverine State.

MC4EI is an all-volunteer election integrity group. The dedicated group of election investigators has produced hours of startling video, including supporting documents, proving election fraud really did happen during the 2020 election.

But what does the so-called journalist Nathan Layne do? Does he engage in realistic conversation to assess the evidence? No, Nathan Layne slanders MC4EI and makes bogus claims about financial improprieties.

Layne made direct contact with various MC4EI volunteers, demanding their tax returns. These are private American citizens. Layne has no right to even ask for this type of personal information. But it’s exactly how the crooked Democrat Party works.

Through news agencies such as Reuters, corrupt liberals are intimidating conservative Americans with baseless threats. When patriotic citizens get too close to the truth, they’re attacked and slandered. It’s disgusting. The mainstream media is using hired political hacks.

They are disguised as “journalists” to subdue open discourse. True journalists are a dying breed. Thankfully, there are a few dedicated people who refuse to be compromised by radical beliefs. Unlike the Nathan Layne’s of the world, these men and women are “true journalists.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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