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The Obama/Biden administration allowed Hunter Biden to work on the board of Burisma even after they discovered how crooked the Ukrainian company was.  Do you really believe the Biden/Harris administration would crack down on him? I don’t think so, but they might ask to be cut in. Documents have been found that prove it.

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe served as a board member of Burisma from April 2014 to April 2019. He was hired right after he was thrown out of the military for being on dope. Burisma paid him $83,333 a month or just about one million a year.  The State Department found that Burisma had paid seven million in bribes to Ukrainian prosecutors.

According to State Department memos, US officials became concerned about the bribes in January of 2015. That was just a few short months after Hunter joined Burisma’s board.  Despite that, the administration allowed him to continue to rake in the big money from the Ukrainian gas company. That was just after Ukrainian and British investigations of the company.

At the time that Hunter joined Burisma, Joe Biden was in charge of diplomacy between the United States and Ukraine, but Joe seemed unconcerned about the conflict of interest. He didn’t even seem concerned about the bribes. He didn’t care as long as his son raked in those big bucks. But Hunter made an even more lucrative deal with the communist China government.

On Monday, Just the News reported:

Just eight months after Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter joined the board of Burisma Holdings. [in April 2014]. U.S. officials in Kiev developed evidence. That the Ukrainian gas company may have paid a $7 million bribe to the local prosecutors. The same prosecutors investigating the firm for corruption, according to interviews and State Department memos.

The [bribe] anecdote, is buried in five-year-old diplomatic files. It provides a fresh illustration of the awkward, uncomfortable conflict of interest State officials perceived.  They tried to fight pervasive corruption in Ukraine under Joe Biden’s leadership.  While the vice president’s son collected large payments as a board member for an energy firm widely viewed as corrupt.

Just like the State Department the GOP in the Senate has expressed their concern about the conflict of interest of Joe Biden’s. Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) are said to be wrapping up their investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden’s involvement in the scandal. But, even knowing that Hunter was allowed to continue.

But, the question that needs to be asked is why the Obama/Biden administration allowed this behavior to continue. Or maybe not. True, the situation was corrupt but being Democrats they would never have to pay the price. being a Democrat means never having to confess your crimes, but even if you did, you’d be entitled to get away with it.

In his deposition, George Kent, a top State official mentioned in the memos released on Monday testified.  He said that the State Department warned the Obama administration that Burisma was corrupt but that the vice president’s office showed no concern. Kent also warned that Hunter’s job at Burisma created a conflict of interest, but again he was ignored.

In early 2018, the former VP boasted about threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to Ukraine. It was a quid pro quo deal. Ukraine would have to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma but that he would release the money if they did. Ukraine desperately needed the money. They could have gone bankrupt otherwise. But, they went for the deal and Hunter was home free.

The mainstream media was aware of all of this.  But they buried it. Just like they do with every other Democratic scandal. That’s why they get away with so much. The media is no longer the advocate of the people. They are the propaganda wing of the Democratic party. That is why Hillary never went to prison and why they want to send President Trump there.

If Biden gets elected, all of these documents will disappear. Buried with Jimmy Hoffa forever.

Hunter Biden still maintains contact with the communist government in China, which will continue to earn him money for years to come. he owns a share of the multibillion-dollar business. Joe Biden says Hunter will not sign any new deals with our enemies. But will he continue with the old ones? Will the media care? Will anybody care? Somehow, I don’t think so. You can also bet no one will be charged with Spygate crimes.

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