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BOMBSHELL: Biden’s Department of Defense Had Kabul Bomber in Sights, DENIED Permission to Fire

The United States Air Force may have had “eyes on target” on August 26, the day when a suicide bomber rushed the crowded Abbey Gate of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan.

According to a news report recently broadcast by Univision, a Reaper drone operator could have fired a missile to neutralize the attacker, but authorization did not come down from the White House.

The information obtained by Univision comes from an interview with Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, a former Deputy Secretary of Defense who is still active in intelligence circles. Mr. Pardo-Maurer explained that the public warnings voiced by the White House with regard to an imminent terrorist attack were taken very seriously by everyone except Taliban leaders.

Red State reported,

How do we know this report likely is true? Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby refused to talk about it and railed against leaking intelligence.

But Pardo-Maurer went further in his interview. He said not only did they know where and when it would happen, but that they had a Predator drone lock on the bomber, but that “they” refused to grant permission to take the guy out. “[Permission] was requested and was denied,” he said. Why? “Because we are in this process of negotiating with the Taliban who aren’t even in control of their own government or their own people.”

So is he really saying what it sounds like he’s saying? Because it sounds like he’s saying that we had the shot to take this guy out but they were afraid of angering the Taliban if they took the shot. Yikes. So not only had we outsourced our security to the Taliban. But we wouldn’t even properly protect our own people because it might disturb the enemy. We are truly living in a bizarre reality at this point with the Biden team.

In the end, failure to fire the missile came down to not being able to get clearance from the Taliban.

Five days after the attack, which killed a Navy sailor, an Army soldier, 11 Marines, and 170 Afghan civilians, Americans want answers about how Taliban militias were able to overrun Kabul and usurp government powers so quickly.

The White House is also being pressure to provide more information about the chaotic evacuation and how crucial intelligence signals may have been ignored or downplayed in favor of ceding control to the Taliban.


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