Political pundits and those who keep up with current political events are fairly confident that the Democrats will hold a majority in the House of Representatives. Polls give Democrats a slight edge over the Republicans in the fight for the control of Congress headed into November. 

What might happen if Democrats lose the House majority?  And what if President Donald Trump wins reelection for a second term? You think the demonstrations were bad back in 2016?  Now that the Left has had a taste of destroying Democrat-run cities in nightly riots for months, they will exponentially increase that kind of destruction and mayhem if Trump wins, and it looks like he’s going to win, mostly due to said daily riots in Democrat-run cities.  People are fed up with the Democrats allowing lawlessness going on.

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, surmised that either outcome could mean House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) would give up another run as a member of the Democratic Party leadership in the House.

She’s as old as dirt, slurs her speech most days, and would be the only Speaker to lose a House majority twice.  Of course she’s not going to hang around be to told how things are going to be run by the new Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

“I think it depends on how the election turns out,” Rogers explained. “You know, she made a deal with the devil in the last cycle that if they let her be speaker for two more terms, she would retire. She’s 80 years old right now. She’ll be 82 in one more term, assuming they keep the majority. But, you know, these folks are very unreasonable. They’re very unhappy. And we had the same dilemma when we were in the majority with the Freedom Caucus. They could not be completely satisfied, and they were the reason we couldn’t pass legislation.”

“It was never good enough for them,” he continued. “But it’s the same problem Democrats are having with its left wing, which is far more liberal than Nancy Pelosi if you can believe that. That’s hard to imagine to me, but it’s true. The fact is, when the election is over, assuming Donald Trump is reelected, which I think he will be, she’s going to struggle to get them to honor the second half of that commitment to let her stay speaker. If we take the House back, she’s gone,” he continued. “I think she’ll go ahead and announce her retirement.”

Rogers added that if the Democrats lost control of the House, it may also mean the end for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) in leadership roles as victims of the fallout if Pelosi throws in the towel.  T

hink about this.  In 2018 the old school Democrat leadership were hit with their worst nightmare:  the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and the subsequent creation of “The Squad” which is a group of progressive Democrat women who have given Pelosi and the Democratic leadership in the House a very tough time in pushing a progressive agenda. 

The Marxists in the party are trying to take over, and the old school leaders may just give up and go home, thinking it’s just not worth it to try to save their way of doing things and would rather live out the rest of their lives to spend time with their families.

Nevertheless, Rogers said what may come in the place of those three may very well be “scary” to most Americans.

“If that happens, you’ll see a complete sea change,” he said. “I think Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn will all go ahead and announce their retirements because they’ll be overthrown and the new emerging leaders of that conference will be scary to most Americans, who are in the middle of the political spectrum.”

We saw many departures of Democrats back during the Gingrich revolution when the GOP for the first time in 40 years won majorities in both the House and the Senate in 1994.  Many Democrats left after losing their power.  They couldn’t handle being in the minority.  We can hope for the same to follow on November 3rd.


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