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GOP Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona has spoken out vehemently against the weaponized Manhattan District Attorney’s office led by Alvin Bragg, who has been funded and selected to power by the liberal billionaire George Soros. Congressman Biggs has vowed to ensure that all federal funding is cut from this office, in order to restore impartiality to US courts.

Bragg sent a letter to House Republicans boasting about his indictment of Trump, accusing them “collaborat(ing) with Mr. Trump’s efforts to vilify and denigrate the integrity of elected state prosecutors and trial judges and made unfounded allegations that the Office’s investigation, conducted via an independent grand jury of average citizens serving New York State, is politically motivated.”

The actions taken by Bragg and Soros have been seen as highly controversial (and that’s putting it mildly) due to their potential constitutional implications. In response, Congressman Biggs released a statement describing their actions as a “corrupt bastardization of our justice system” that draws clear parallels with Nazi Germany’s seizure of power using sham elections and political persecutions. This has sparked fears among Americans over the growing influence of left-wing activists on the US legal system.

Rep. Biggs said in his official statement:

Never in my life have I seen America’s institutions as weaponized against conservatives as they are today.

A Leftist District Attorney funded and selected by George Soros has elevated a misdemeanor stemming from a minuscule accounting error into a felony due to his opposition to the former president’s politics.

Instead of focusing on the rampant crime in America’s largest city, this rogue District Attorney is abusing his power for political gain. He is further reinforcing that America maintains a two-tiered justice system towards conservatives.

Alvin Bragg committed prosecutorial misconduct by reportedly hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence from this grand jury. I will use every leverage I have to ensure that every single federal dollar is rescinded from this office and to restore impartiality in our courts.

George Soros and his hand-picked minion will long live in infamy for their corrupt bastardization of our justice system.

Biggs also promised, “I will use every leverage I have to defund every single federal dollar from this prosecuting office.”

Honestly, though…what are Democrats thinking by doing this? What are they expecting is going to happen? Are they trying to start a real insurrection? If they keep this stuff up, a group of people are finally going to say enough is enough.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I don’t know what to add to Rep. Andy Biggs’ letter. The problem is only getting larger with the Arizona election commission refusing to turn over the ballots in question dealing with the Governor’s election even though cleared by the Arizona Supreme Court. Now they will do their damndest to modify or “disappear” those records. Soros’ DA’s across the country are ignoring local laws and becoming judges themselves to decide who to arrest, whether to prosecute and how to sentence. The blows up the balance of power we have thrived on since 1776. Comparing the policies and broken budgets of blue states to the successfully run Red States is an oxymoron. It appears to be time for a separation into two countries, each governed by the laws agreed upon. My guess is that the blue states will finally recognize how absurd their laws and policies are.

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    • Separating into two countries will only work if the red country EXPELS ALL LEFTISTS! AND devotes itself to Yahweh (God).

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    • Soros is a former Nazi collaborator during the second world war and was paid with with the gold rings and jewelry of the Jews that he turned in to the SS. this man is a nazi in disguise and should be banned from doing any type of business in the United states.

      • Soros IS a jew! Make no mistake, all of what is going on is created by and executed by “jews”! At least 80% of all of the major corporations, politicians, media owners, and international banking cabal ARE JEWS! Even modern “Christianity” is controlled by the “jews”! All you need to do is ask yourself, IF JESUS WAS A JEW (as so many claim him to be), THEN WHY IS THERE CHRISTIANITY? HIS RELIGION WOULD BE JUDAISM!

  • When is enough, enough? Why did everyone wait for Trump to get indicted to now think about taking action?

    • Great! And now explain what the Republicans are going to do to counteract this
      overthrow of law and government by Democrats???????????

    • Be very careful where you go with that thought, please. If we sink to the Left’s level, we become them too. This is a spiritual conflict, even more than it’s political, & as ALWAYS, Yhwh God remains in control, regardless how it appears at the moment. We were warned about this LONG since, in His prophecies, so we should not be surprised to see it unfolding. This is a time to “stand (still) and see what the Lord will do”, not a time to go plowing ahead on feelings, & getting in Yhwh God’s way. Have you not read what He’s doing right before or eyes? If not, or you don’t remember, reread Daniel, & Revelation. This is a time to be “wise as serpents, but harmless as doves”, as Paul put it. If we try doing it in our wisdom & strength, we WILL fail, just as Trump did, for that reason! He didn’t”lose” to the cheating in ’20, any more than he did in ’16; he lost for not relying on Yhwh God’s ways & plan, & strength, & timing, & Yhwh God removed him from office. He will not be returned to that office. It’s not about what he wants, or what we might want either, for that matter, by about what Yhwh God wants, & has ordained to be.

      • Thanks, Sandra. As you advise, as Christians and conservative constitutionalists, we MUST be very careful in how we respond to the egregious criminal unconstitutional conduct of the seditionist socialist Democrats. Or dare I say, communist Democrats.

        We must not lose sight of the Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the Bible or the Republic is lost. Yet sadly, I believe we on the conservative side must consider dusting off the Declaration and taking it to heart with a vengeance. If that means, as Jefferson said, watering the Tree of Liberty, so be it.

        The only way I can see righting our ship of state is to restore the Constitution from an exegetical viewpoint. That’d mean returning to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. It might require a 40 to 50% reduction in the size of the government without even considering a reduction of the military in the initial phases.

        To be very blunt, due to the sedition and the deprivation of rights under the color of law, it might require the trial, conviction, AND execution of a number of radical leftist politicians and fellow traveler enablers. Of course, Due Process would have to be scrupulously followed.

        But at this point of our moribund once democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC with a formerly exegetically interpreted Constitution and a formerly free market Capitalist economy, only drastic, perhaps DRACONIAN action will save the Light on a Hill.

        Again, thanks.

        • And you are just as stuuuuupid as Sandra! “… our moribund once democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC …”???? This nation is not and never was a “democratic” republic (a democracy), and the Constitution establishes it as “republican”.

      • You’re an idiot! YHWH (God) is not going to lift a hand to fix anything, that is why he gave us prophesy. You modern day “Christians” are fools who don’t even understand that ALL of the revisions of the translated bibles since the 1700s have been changed by jewry through the catholic church, so you are following satan. You actually think that “God” removed Trump? Well then, moron, explain WHY “God” allowed 0homo and bidung in office? Why is “God” allowing all of this perversion and corruption, as well as the persecution of a belief in Yahweh and Yeshua (Christ)? The reason is it shows that what he said is true – that many will be deceived and few will enter the narrow gate.

        Modern Christianity is popular, but not biblical, and biblical Christianity is NOT popular.

  • The Republican party better grow a spine and start doing to the dems what the dems are doing to them or else they will cease to exist. Too much talk and no action to back it up.

      • See my comments to both Sandra L Smith and Mark above. Returning to the Constitution in an exegetical interpretation with draconian consequences is the only way to save the Republic.

    • I must respectfully disagree. If we conservatives respond in like manner to the seditionist socialist Democrats, all is lost. This once former Republic will turn into a chaotic tyranny.

      • STUUUUUUUUPID! What do you think the people have been doing for decades? We’ve allowed politicians, the media, and clergy of the religious cults (including fake Christianity) to con us into thinking we must be pacifistic. This republic IS lost and we already have chaotic tyranny, and will soon follow exactly what Yahweh (God) told us would happen in the end times prophesy.

  • The time for clever comments and soundbytes is long past. Republicans better start walking the walk and not just talking the talk. For months they told us they would be ready to go the day they took power in the House of Representatives. That was 3 months ago and not a damn thing has changed.

  • I truly pray that the Dems and some Republicans wake up, and wake up fast, because we are now witnessing the real possibility not only of our freedoms lost and controlled, but also feel if these people get away with what they’re doing to Trump, they will do the same with all of us, including those that think they won’t do it to them because they are in the same party. We truly are in a spiritual war and Satan has a hold on those that have only thoughts about themselves and no one else. That kind of hold can hurt many and eventually will hurt the ones that did the hurting.

    • Yahweh (God) told us in prophesy that evil would succeed in the end times. That is what triggers the return of Yeshua (Christ) to remove the true believers and Yahweh’s wrath will destroy the rest. If people would study and research scripture using the original Hebrew and Greek, they would find how the churches are the deceivers. They have made “you” believe that everyone on earth can be saved if they believe, but that is 100% incorrect! Those of the lineage of Cain are the children of satan/the synagogue of satan and cannot EVER be saved, nor can the “beasts” which are the negros because they are NOT from the lineage of Abraham (through Adam). Churches push this garbage because it means MONEY in their tithing plates. EVERYONE who worships Yahweh on Sunday rather than Saturday, is following a path of destruction.

  • Rep Biggs has spunk and its a start, but why stop there, stop all Federal Funding to all DA’s office’s across America then watch the Communist Democrats cry out that its unconstitutional.
    Then the Republicans can argue back saying Communist Democrats don’t follow the constitution or the rule of law and see where that goes.

  • Since Alvin Bragg took bribe money from George Soros, he should have his law
    license taken away and put in jail.

  • Bone headed Democrats are pushing our country into ruin. Theft of the 2020 election is a foregone conclusion from even many Democrats. Politicization of our many government agencies is proven. Two tiered justice system by favored Democrat hacks. America may never recover from this most corrupt and incompetent administration in history. Biden couldn’t run a Lionel train let alone a major country.

  • I don’t care what’s it going to take but we need every top legal mind to get this POS Bragg off this personal vicious attack against president Trump, this lunatic has a hatred against Trump since the day Trump came down the escalator he has put everything aside including going after REAL criminals all to get at Trump. Isn’t there anyone with the balls to go after Bragg and get him disbarred ? DO SOMETHING don’t allow this democratic Kangaroo court to prevent Trump for running in 2024 haven’t we the best legal people to end this damn tyranny in our country against a former president , this is bordering on Nazism that took place in Germany we cannot allow this to continue.

  • DA Alvin Bragg MUST BE PUNISHED in every way possible for his vendetta against Trump. Such CLEAR and OBVIOUS POLITICAL PERSECUTION MUST NOT GO ON UNACCOUNTABLY! Likewise for the DOJ and FBI!

  • It’s time to Bragg what he deserves a total colonoscopy. It’s time to look into all his shady life doings guarantee you will find corrupt deals all around his life. This guy is a crook start with his bank account records and his investments. Follow the money and you will see what kind of Democrat prick he really is.
    He should be in jail with the rest of the crook criminals. Just another Soros puppet who on the take.

  • the the Republicans had better get off their rear ends and fight tooth and nail to protect President Trump. this DA Bragg has taken money from George Soros. I
    don’t know if it’s legal or not, but it not, it should be. He campaigned strickly on
    getting President Trump and THIS IS ILEGAL.



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