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Fanatical extremists love to knock the United States of America. These radical progressive leftists will latch on to any indiscretion in American history to browbeat our heritage. The U.S. is far from perfect.

Nevertheless, we are the greatest democratic republic in the history of the world. These uncompromising agitators are trying to yank down U.S. history and replace it with some sort of fictional utopia. They hate America’s history because they hate America.

Many proud Americans have grown increasingly more embittered by the constant lies and distortions of the truth. There are those as well, prominent people who appreciate the greatness of America despite her flaws. They are pushing back against the hatred.

One such rebuke came from the world-renowned musical artist Pitbull. Pitbull had a reply for those who keep spewing hatred towards the country they live in. He blasted the haters who completely ignore the inherent freedoms they are endowed.

Pitbull said these anti-American blowhards might take a short trip south off the coast of Florida to his homeland. Pitbull was born in Cuba. The flamboyant singer said those who feel such a hatred towards the United States should try spending a little time in his mother country.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper showed his disdain through a rather colorful, expletive-laden quote. He told haters to f*** themselves and to take their negative hatred down to Cuba and see how much they liked it.

Pitbull went on to voice his own appreciation for how evil communism truly is, and why Americans must be wary of the radical socialist agenda being driven down their throats. Pitbull, who will be 40-years-old this coming January, likened the Draconian orders being wielded to address COVID are akin to what Castro did in Cuba.

He insisted that Castro used lies to take over every aspect of Cuban life. Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, thinks that is exactly what U.S. bureaucrats are trying to do with their militaristic COVID mandates.

He went on to speak about his appreciation for the politicians, mostly conservative Republicans, who supported the Cuban people’s voice for freedom last summer. He insisted that what happened last summer mirrors is some ways what Americans are feeling today as they watch their own freedoms being systematically carved away. “So to everybody out there, stand up step up . . . and wake up because this about freedom and it’s about human right”.

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi


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