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On Tuesday, the woke and crazy Seattle City Council voted to override a veto by Mayor Jenny Durkan, of the Summer of Love fame, for a city budget that reduces the Seattle police department’s budget and redirects the money to community programs that will not provide you safety when you need a cop.

Protesters supported the City Council’s budget cut proposals last month after marching for months over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, a Democrat-run city.  Protesters were opposed to the mayor and the honorable former police chief, Carmen Best.

Former Seattle police chief Carmen Best
Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best – Creative Commons – Flickr

“Divestment from a broken policing model is not only the right thing to do … I believe it is the needed course of action,” Council President M. Lorena Gonzalez said. “We cannot look away from this and we can no longer accept the status quo if we truly believe that Black lives matter.”

M. Lorena Gonzalez - Seattle City Council president
M. Lorena Gonzalez – Seattle City Council president “Gonzalez-police-1” by Seattle City Council is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In vetoing the council’s passage of the bill, the mayor said she disagreed with losing a number of officers, and she didn’t like the plan to take officers off a squad that removes camps of homeless people.  She had also complained that the council had not discussed their plans with her or the police chief before taking action although at least one council member stated Tuesday that the police chief had been consulted.  But who knows?  They’re Democrats.

Best, the city’s first Black female police chief, retired earlier this month due to the proposed police cuts and the department’s response to protests. Think about that.  The police did their job to protect life and property, and the goofy City Council  She was a very good police chief who cared about her officers, and the lunacy of the City Council was just too much to take, and Best did not want to be in charge of a police force where the tools of doing the job to protect and serve were being stripped away from the officers.  I respect her decision and I wish her well.

City Council’s actions are going to cut close to four million dollars of the police department’s $400 million annual budget for this year. Is there an ex-post facto clause in the state’s Constitution?  Nobody knows the exact number of cops who will be let go (and even that decision became racial), but crazy council members have said it’s going to probably be several dozen.

Seattle now has a total of about 1,400 cops, and the reductions actually fell far short of calls from many Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxist protesters who demanded a 50% cut to the department. Some members of the City  Council had described the cuts as a “down payment” on future reductions.  Are you kidding me?  Ever see the movie Escape from New York?  That’s what Seattle is going to look like when the City Council is done.  The moron doesn’t even know what a down payment means.

On Tuesday, a large number of people who have no idea what they’re asking for demanded that the City Council overturn the mayor’s vetoes.  Many told the council, “If Black lives matter, prove it.”   Of course there were people who were against the cuts, but they feared being beaten to death by violent BLM activists.  Members of community businesses were spoke in favor of upholding the veto.   At least they had cajones.

When she was a US Attorney in Seattle, Durkan pushed for a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation that revealed officers were too eager to use force, leading to a 2012 consent decree with the federal government. Opinions by an unbiased monitor have discovered that adjustments made underneath that decree have led to a drop in how typically police use power.

Council member Dan Strauss mentioned “excessive and indiscriminate use of force” by police against Seattle residents exercising their First Amendment rights led the council to make the budget changes.  What a total lie.  The police did nothing against peaceful protesters.  They fought back against violent rioters and looters.  Cowardice fear of the radical leftist mob is what led to the budget cuts.

“The changes proposed in the 2020 rebalanced budget are not radical or earth shattering,” Strauss said. “They are reasonable and responsible first steps in a long course of to re-envision the way we handle public safety.”

Don’t you love it when a radical leftist politician makes an asinine statement that fits the very definition of gaslighting, and they give self-support for their own lunacy by declaring their statement is reasonable and responsible.  We’re talking about reducing the number of police that will have horrible consequences for the residents these clowns in Seattle City Council have sworn to protect?


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