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Liberal, big government ideology is destroying America. Americans are watching as radically progressive Democrats push policies that are ruining the country. Voters are angry. However, despite their stupid policies, liberal progressives are not stupid.

They’ve mastered the art of deception. The first scheme was to manipulate elections. They cheat. That’s how a feeble old man became president. Joe Biden cheated. But conservative lawmakers are steadily passing legislation, making it harder for Democrats to cheat.

As Biden’s approval ratings plummet to some of the worst numbers in U.S. history, Democrats are scrambling for a way to cheat the system. The new liberal scam is a twist on the old “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” But that’s only part of their crooked strategy.

These radical liberals have no intention of advocating for conservative policies. Democrats are purposefully changing the party affiliation on the ballot to Republican. They’re never going to support conservative policies. It’s a ploy to get elected.

This is deception. This is cheating. Once again, as soon as Americans realize that progressive policies do not work; liberal Democrats concoct a way to deceive voters. Back in June, an audio of a phone conversation from Democrat US Senate candidate Krystle Matthews.

Project Veritas released the leaked audio. The conversation was between Matthews and an inmate at Perry Correctional Institution. Matthews, a left-wing Democrat, was calling for what she referred to as “secret sleepers.”

The objective of these secret Democrats was to infiltrate the South Carolina Republican Party with radical liberals. These candidates held the same left-wing progressive ideas. They were simply changing the D on their election ballot to an R to trick voters.

These cheats are pretending to be conservative Republicans just to get elected. It is a scam. This type of purposeful deception should be illegal. However, there are presently no provisions to stop such a scam.

The only way to prevent these crooks from scamming the election system is to call them out on policy issues. It must also be strongly noted that they have recently supported the same radical policies as the left-wing Democrat Party.

When voters see these names on the ballot as Republicans, they must be fully aware of the scam. Voters must also be aware of the policies these cheats support if they do manage to get elected.

The evidence of radical liberals scamming their way into legislators can be traced to the policies that are being enacted. Missouri, Ohio, Wyoming, Georgia, and Arizona have state legislators where conservative Republicans supposedly hold a healthy majority.

Nevertheless, there are suspiciously liberal policies being proposed, and some are eventually passed. Voters must call out these officials for what they are; radical liberals who are cheating the system. But isn’t that just typical liberalism?

These radicals are perfectly aware of what their insane policies are doing to the country. They’re also wise enough to sense how angry voters have become. If you can’t win as a radical progressive, change your D to an R. It appears to be that simple.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • All those Democrats are slated for GITMO and do not yet know it. Let them commit more crimes so the can be executed. Good ridance!

  • Why are there “presently no provisions to stop such a scam” as lying on a ballot as to party affiliation?? Lying is lying. I realize that it is part of the far Left’s philosophy. ‘By Any Means Necessary,’ Saul Alinsky noted it in his manual, ‘Rules for Radicals’. Lie, cheat, steal. Kill, even. ‘Whatever It Takes.’ Because ‘there is no right nor wrong but thinking makes it so’. What is right is whatever advances your agenda and what is wrong is whatever impedes it. Everything is relative; there are no absolutes, in their belief system. But still, lying is lying. The Republicans need to check on these sorts of scams, and blow the whistle on them. Enough is enough.

    • There’s someone else in the bible doing the same thing – steal, deceive and destroy. It seems satan must be a democrat.

    • who is going to redress your being abused? the DOJ? The FBI? The corrupt appointed judge? YOU are NOT free in Amerika!! wake up. The red states need to leave this evil empire….. get an instant 40-50% tax cut no fed regulation

  • I think it is time to call the RNC really the DNC! The RNC should and could very easily call out and demand Democrats pretending to be Republicans are NOT an Also look who the RINO RNC is funding against TRUE REPUBLICANS. Frankly this whole BS in the corrupt RNC who sits back and allows known RINOS to be funded and supported because RINOS like McConnell and Pence who seem to control the RNC want payback for their criminal actions being found out by Trump! This BS has to be brought out and any one who tries to cheat under the guise of a Republican should be shamed publicly! What is MOST important is do NOT give money directly to the RNC!

    • we need to secede from the abuse again. 1776? 1861? what the hell happened in 2008. The slaves bailed out the rich bankers? cowards, stooges, fools

  • There’s a lot of chatter on the Internet in comments sections indicating that more voters than ever are now aware of RINOS and that RINO means “republicans in name only.”  And many are now doing their homework, BEFORE they vote.  I’m sure the democrats are noticing this and are taking action to qualify in a positive light in order to, as the article says, deceive us, before the next election.  If the democrats “aren’t stupid” they wouldn’t be underestimating us.  If the democrats aren’t fools, they’d realize neither are we. They can fool some of the people some of the time, but they can’t fool all of the -people all of the time.

    • If it comes down to casting a vote for a RINO or a Demwit you must cast a vote for the RINO. If you don’t vote at all you will be voting for the Demwit. Better to have a RINO in the position than a confirmed Demwit.

  • They have been doing this for decades. Lying and Cheating is part of their DNA! There is No Such Thing as a Good Democrat and they need to be treated as such!

  • make it “harder to cheat”? So there is a level of cheating that is OK? no society has played patty cake with communist and regained their freedom. they must die

  • That’s why conservative lawmakers should be know by voters BEFORE the election . There should be an extensive background check on all the new faces of candidates NOW, so voters will be able to make wise decisions . Our country has suffered enough damage every time the dems squirm their way into positions of power, and it’s high time their corruption is finally ended.

    • Unfortunately, this is a “Catch-22.” If we vote against a RINO, we either vote FOR a Democrat or, not voting at all, technically give a half-vote to a Democrat. There will come a day when the RINOs get so unbearable, voters will introduce a viable additional party that will stand a chance of winning. A step in this direction will be getting rid of Mitch McConnell (and others). The RINOs have become so firmly imbedded in the party, it’s going to take some doing, but eventually it’ll have to be done!

  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You mean that you finaly figured out how the SOCIALISTS took over the DEMOCRATIC PARTY way-way-way back in the 1970’s! I can’t beleive that poor little old (84 years) me is the only one who knows this!

  • We need to see these actual ballots. They need to be published on every outlet available. Proof of this will validate all of the corruption. PLEASE show the ballots!

    • One good thing about the deep Blue State of NJ is that we get a preliminary ballot looking exactly like the voter terminal we also must sign next to our name which we must register with the local election board.



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