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The moment Vladimir Putin chose to invade Ukraine, the world should have realized the seriousness of the situation. Some Eastern European countries did immediately voice their sincere concern.

However, the United States, under the feckless leadership of Joe Biden, downplayed the buildup of Russian troops along the Ukraine border. Biden further muddied the waters by talking about some kind of “minor incursion”.

Towards the end of last year, more than 100,000 Russian troops became encamped on the border. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should have expected what was about to happen. All most world leaders did was to threaten a myriad of supposedly crippling sanctions.

Why they waited so long to take harsh action against Putin’s threads still baffles many. However, no one acted. Putin invaded. Now, the entire world is faced with the harsh reality of a potential global military conflict.

More countries are now worried about possible Russian aggression. The world has watched a sovereign country get leveled, one building at a time. What is happening in Ukraine is heart-wrenching.

Regardless of any inherent will to fight for their freedom, they are clearly over-matched. The inevitable will happen. It’s only a matter of time. In some respects, the more resistance the Ukrainian people exert, the worse the calamity could become.

However, anyone who doubted that Vladimir Putin was a deranged dictator should no longer question that possibility. Putin’s original motivation was to restore Ukraine under Russian rule. He also stressed over the thought of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO.

Regardless of which motivating factor is believed to be authentic, a harsher reality about Putin is spewing to the surface. Putin is a narcissistic authoritarian. Some say he has lost his mental faculties.

Watching things transpire in Eastern Europe confirms that the true possibility the latter is real. To further support an idea that Putin is a tyrant gone mad, he’s even turning on the Russian people. Recent remarks by Putin point to him actually threatening his own citizens.

But why would this surprise people? These types of radical dictators are prone to sacrificing anyone and everyone to maintain power. No one should be shocked by what’s happening in Ukraine. During recent remarks, Putin repeated claims that neo-Nazis are ruling Ukraine.

It’s somewhat astonishing that the free world has not reacted as if they were dealing with a madman gone insane. The evidence is becoming increasingly obvious. This man has a long history of being a shrewd tactician.

Putin is a former KGB agent from the original Soviet Union. He does not make idle threats. Certainly, he exercises all aspects of his propaganda war. But world leaders need to appreciate that this man has an agenda.

That agenda will not be limited to a single invasion of Ukraine. Putin will purge dissenters within his own borders. Putin has continued to falsely claim that “countries have ignored ongoing genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas region.” He is sitting the table for a world war.

For what reason, would a madman care if anything else resulted from his aggression? There is a potential trap being set for those too foolish to take the bait. Vladimir Putin doesn’t care about Ukrainians. He doesn’t care about Polish people or anyone outside his inner circle.

Putin is a dictator who has stepped across a line. He is a ruthless tyrant. Vladimir Putin is a threat to the world. Our leaders need to keep in mind; he is a madman with a nuclear arsenal rivaled by only one other nation. He is dangerous and must be treated as such.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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