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In the last week of the year, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover Ghislaine Maxwell and co-conspirator for sex trafficking was dealt a verdict in her trial.

She was found guilty on five counts and is facing the rest of her life in prison. It will be next year before she is sentenced, but I’m sure Epstein’s buddies are scared at this point.

This week, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lover and partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on five of six charges brought against her for sex trafficking.

Immediately following the verdict, someone else is back in the public eye. That person is Prince Andrew.

It really seems like Maxwell may just be the first domino to fall in this long list of criminals and Prince Andrew is the first that it looks like they are going after.

On Wednesday of this week following the conviction, two New York judges ordered that an agreement be released that existed between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre in which she accused Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager.

Prince Andrew was fighting against the release of this document, but it was to no avail. It must now be made public by January 3, 2022, which is just next week. So it is then that we should find out what exactly he was involved in. I think we all already know what he was involved in, he just wanted to keep it under wraps.

Here is one thing that I wonder though. Does Prince Andrew has the mentality of “If I go down, you’re going with me.”? He is royalty and it’s not as though he is some hardened criminal or street thug. He isn’t tough.

I certainly hope that this is the case and that between him and Maxwell, they leak the names of everyone who was ever involved and that they all get what they deserve. We know that there were people involved in this trafficking because they weren’t all just for Epstein. Why else would so many people fly out to Epstein’s island? Especially Bill Clinton who was a frequent flyer.


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