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President Trump is a fighter. He does not take the insulting attacks from the liberal left lying down. He presses back, sometimes by exercising his legal rights in court. Recently, the Trump team won two huge New York City lawsuits on the same day.

The radical liberal left has been attacking Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Their assaults on his personal character and integrity have never ceased. The bullhorn for their lies is the crooked mainstream media.

Each time the left bombards the most successful president in U.S. history, he stands as the winner. A huge reason the former president continues to be vindicated is that virtually every claim made by the liberal left is nothing but cockamamie lies.

When we stand firm for truth, truth will eventually win. The fake news media boasted prior to the 2016 Presidential Election that there was no way Donald Trump could win. We all know how that turned out.

Trump hammered down the Hillary Clinton-connived Russian collusion hoax, and beat back to feeble attempts to impeach him without cause. It took a fraudulent election, fueled by media deception, to block him from a second term.

President Trump even took down the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. In a lawsuit Avenatti filed for porn star Stormy Daniels, Trump’s legal team flipped the script and won $293,000 in damages from Daniels. Avenatti was eventually unmasked as the criminal he is.

Every time the radical left tries to take down Donald Trump, they lose. Recently, Trump knocked two more bogus legal claims to the canvas. One former contestant from Trump’s popular show, “The Apprentice”, lost her fake claims of sexual assault against the former president.

Summer Zervos falsely accused Trump of unwanted advances. The facts of the case proved her assertions to be bogus attempts to extort money. Therefore, Trump attorneys insisted she had no choice but to drop her lawsuit as the truth behind her story began to unravel.

On the same day, Trump won another big legal battle. This time he beat his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen has been proven to be a dirty trickster, let alone a bad lawyer. His legal plea for nearly $2 million in back pay from the Trump Organization was shot down as well.

Mr. Trump gets disappointed when these bogus attempts to slander his name happen. Most are just that, bogus claims in an effort to cast him in a bad light. Others are little more than gold-digging attempts to extort money from him.

The former president added that it is “so sad when things like this can happen, but so incredibly important to fight for the truth and justice.” In a single day in New York City, justice prevailed. If history is indicative of what’s to come, expect more big victories for President Trump.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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