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Oregon Governor Kate Brown warned the Proud Boys that they had better not commit violence during their Saturday demonstration. But violence did break out Saturday not and it entailed a whole heap of violence. But it is also violence that started long after the Proud Boys had left town. Funny how thatm happened.

The police were able to recover weapons even as they were being pelted with rocks and fireworks. They just don’t make peaceful riots like they used to. But it’s okay. Brown will just blame it on Trump anyway. But she does have one group she refuses to blame for the riots. The rioters. They are off limits.

On Saturday night, did I mention the Proud Boys weren’t there?, the rioters threw whatever they could find at the officers fighting to maintain order. They peacefully threw rocks, fireworks and other objects at the oppressive police. Can you imagine?

They insisted that the rioters obey the law. How dare they? Gov Brown has had the ACLU appeal to her to appoint a special prosecutor to send the police to prison for defending themselves, which was a direct violation of her orders. But they wilfully disobeyed.

The rioters also used slingshots to fire ball bearings at the officers. Peacefully of course. There has been no report on the number of arrests but the odds are there will be zero charges anyway thanks to DA Mike Schmidt. As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make?”

From The Daily Caller

“Officers attempted to disengage and leave the area multiple times in an effort to de-escalate, but each time as they retreated, individuals in the crowd threw projectiles at officers and re-entered the street,” the department wrote. “Officers made additional arrests.”

Cops reportedly recovered a drone in a traffic stop, as officers warned rioters to discontinue their gathering, MCSO wrote. Law enforcement also seized a baton and a can of bear spray after arresting a demonstrator, according to the release. (RELATED: Portland Rioters Set Police Union Building Ablaze, Over A Dozen Arrested)

Portland was also the site of a rally by the Proud Boys, a right-wing group, and a state of emergency was declared ahead of their Saturday visit, according to The New York Times.

Brown had declared a state of emergency before the Proud Boys showed up. But, ironically, the riots didn’t begin until they left. How unusual. The mo0ral of this story is it’s ok to riot as long as you do it peacefully.


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