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Many people are still being imprisoned illegally in the aftermath of the events of January 6th, 2021.

Ray Epps was the subject of some fairly intriguing information revealed by one of the protesters who is still being imprisoned against his will.

In an open letter, he discusses Ray Epps, the events he witnessed, and even the fact that Ray Epps recruited him. Check out some of these excerpts from the letter he penned while in jail:

I encountered Ray Epps, the real de facto leader of January 6th 2021, multiple times while in D.C. I had coincidental contact with Ray Epps throughout the day and people who appeared to be working in concert with Ray Epps. Other than Capitol Police attacking peaceful protesters without provocation or warning, Ray Epps was more responsible for the for initiating the events that happened at the Capitol than anyone else. He is seen on video January 5th encouraging other patriots to go inside the Capitol which is the very inception of the whole idea to actually go inside. However, he is still not indicted or spent one day in jail. I’m actually the one labeled as the de facto leader of January 6th by the government and Chief Judge Howell of the DC Circuit.   

Here is a brief account of the morning of January 6th 2021. Some details are left out as I still face trial.  

On the morning of January 6th my mother, friend, and I were walking down Constitution Avenue toward Ellipse Park. I was talking into my megaphone something about Joe Biden when I was waived down by who I now know as Ray Epps. We walked over to Ray Epps and associates who were wearing military colors. He was yelling, “We are marching over to the Capitol at 1:00pm whether Trump is done speaking or not and we are going inside.”   

When we were close to Ray Epps he put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, “You have a bullhorn! You have a loud voice to get the word out!” Trying to place responsibility on me Ray Epps said, “You need to tell people the plans. At 1:00pm we are going inside the Capitol whether Trump is done speaking or not.” Ray Epps said, “We are leaving from here and we will walk that way to the Capitol and through the front door.” That was near the corner of what I believe is Constitution Avenue and Ellipse Park.  


I can tell you Ray Epps was inciting the crowd all day. Ray Epps was yelling to the crowd “Push forward” on the West Terrace. I heard Ray Epps on multiple occasions saying “We are going inside”, even after peaceful protesters were met with police force on the West Terrace.   


I remember walking back into the crowd to find my mother and hearing Ray Epps yelling “keep going, push forward” and still pushing the idea that we were “going inside”. He even said, “We knew this would happen, this is why we showed up.” He was pushing the same metal sign in the same way that the DOJ has used to charge me with felony assault. (We were trying to push it upright, not to harm anyone.) Never did I expect the events to unfold as they did that day. Yet cool, calm, and collected Ray Epps was still there directing others to “remember the plan”. The plan that he and his corrupt cronies had in place on a very specific timeline, seemingly in order to stop the truth from coming out on the house floor as representatives started to contest the election. Imagine if our representatives had time to present the evidence in a constitutional debate on the house floor in front of millions on national television. I knew something was off. It was an ominous feeling I know shared by many patriots that day.   

Now in my opinion I would say to take all of this with a grain of salt. Not because I think Ray Epps wasn’t a key individual in all of the mess that took place on January 6th, but because so much time has elapsed since all of that happened and that this story is just now coming out. I realize that there may be certain circumstances that would have prevented this information from coming out and just to reiterate, I’m not doubting the story. I’m just naturally a skeptical person to begin with.

We all have to admit that this is incredibly suspicious. All of these men that are still being held at DC Gitmo, many of which committed no crimes at all, but Ray Epps who is seen on video calling for storming the Capitol is walking free without any repercussions whatsoever for his involvement.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Is the United States a POLICE STATE? If not it will be very soon! We have more Political Prisoners that any country in the world.
    The IRS is arming 87,000 NEW agents, for why? Sit on your ass and do nothing you will soon see.

  • Very similar situation here in Michigan. A group of men were coerced by FBI undercover agents to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They went to court and were found NOT GUILTY of the crime due to entrapment by the feds.

    The next Congress (hopefully a GOP led one with BIG BRASS ONES) will defund the FBI and dismantle the DOJ. If the DOJ starts crying for operating funds, pull the funds from the IRS by firing the 87,000 new recruits and selling their weapons and ammo to the public.

    They can also defund the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Education – two departments created by Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s which, to date, now cost the tax payers over $100 BILLION annually.

  • Ray Epps working for the Federal Bureau of Insurrections supported by Pelosi,Soros,and other violent and vile Democrats

  • Given what we DID see of that day, I would say this is highly probable, but agree we don’t have independent confirmation to say it DID happen as presented. “Probable” iscause for investigation, certainly, but for some “reason” to which we are not privy, Epps gas not been detained, or investigated. Likely, he was a plant, operating on orders from upper echelons of the left, but that “truth” is unlikely to come out easily, or soon.

  • The Democrat Party should rename itself the NAZI Party because that is what they are! Think about it! The FBI has become the S.S. Storm Troopers! The Press is the Propaganda Arm of the Democrat Party! They have infected every Branch, Department and Agency of Our Government and Weaponized It!
    They are a Clear and Present Danger to Our Republic! We the People need to purge Our Government of these Subversives NOW!

  • The assessment cited by Vienniea, is exactly the truth, the NAZI’s are never going away, just quiet until they build back their strength, and then take over. They must be eliminated one at a time if necessary until the thinking has been removed. They are a bad group for America, the USA will be finished if We The People do not take charge.



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