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The mystery surrounding how Bob Saget died has been an on and off situation. Initially, from how his body was discovered, he was believed to have had a heart attack. Saget was found flat on his back with one arm across his chest.

Most people assumed that this was the logical cause of death. However, initial autopsy reports sent up red flags that cardiac arrest was not what killed “America’s Dad”. The mystery became so consuming that world-renowned pathologists requested to perform subsequent autopsies.

What was discovered has baffled virtually everyone. Bob Saget died from one or more horrific blows to his skull. The head trauma that killed him was equal to being smacked by a baseball bat or falling from multiple stories.

But how did he end up on his back? Most experts couldn’t imagine how someone could have withstood such an impact to the skull and managed to regain consciousness. But apparently, that’s exactly what Saget did.

Furniture and fixtures around his Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel room were ruled out. If Saget had hit his head on any of these types of hard, fixed objects, there would be some degree of laceration. There wasn’t.

But even more bewildering is a report suggesting that Saget hit his head on the headboard or the bedroom floor. The headboard is padded, and the floor of his room is carpet. It doesn’t seem logical that either surface would produce the magnitude of the head trauma Saget experienced.

Chairs and couches in the room were thickly padded, so they were ruled out as well. There was absolutely nothing in the hotel room capable of causing the type of head trauma that killed Saget. Saget sustained roughly seven points of trauma.

There was a linear fracture at the base of his skull. That was in the back. It clearly removes any doubt about where the fateful blow occurred on Saget’s head. The other points of trauma resulted from brain shift, causing residual hemorrhaging.

A traumatic blow to the back of his head killed Saget. But again, nothing in his immediate vicinity is hard enough to cause sufficient impact. However, a look at images from the bathroom might explain the unexplainable. It is difficult to imagine that no one has introduced these possibilities.

If Saget had maneuvered himself, even in a daze, from some point in his room, why couldn’t he have made it a few more feet? He did not sustain the blow on his head where his body was discovered. However, there’s a hard bathtub and an extremely hard floor in the hotel bathroom.

The edge of a walk-in shower would produce an equally devastating blow if he fell backwards in that room. It’s bizarre that no one mentions this possibility. Despite all the advancements in forensic technology, we may never know the exact manner in which Bob Saget died.

But one would think that we should. There are clues and indications pointing towards various possibilities, but no definitive determination has been made. It may never be. But one thing is true; his death was an untimely tragedy. America’s Dad was taken far too young.


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